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Tempest Commodore Review


Tempest Commodore Review

Case: Titanium Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Black, blue, green or full Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Titanium arm band Water Res.: 500m Dimensions: 45 x 49 mm Thickness: 14.5 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Weight: 143g (brand’s measure) Crown: screwdown Warranty: 2 years, restricted Price: $598 – $700


The Tempest Commodore’s strong titanium case is enormous with current points and a 500M water opposition, for which each watch is separately tried. Estimating 45 x 49 x 14.5mm it’s without a doubt a huge watch, yet on account of the titanium and some cunning math, it doesn’t appear to be larger than average. From over, the plan is rakish and manly, with wide sloped carries that cut in, a gigantic bezel, and a cool, sharp crown monitors. The dim titanium has a silk finish that is rich yet tough. Peering down the case, you can see that the extents and plan of the case areas is very interesting.

The mid case really tightens up towards the bezel, being more modest than 45mm at the base. This several things. In the first place, it just makes the plan more outwardly fascinating than piece slides would have been, adding some streamlined points. Second, it helps the general look, making the plan more agreeable than 45mm would appear. It’s likewise a pleasant detail from an assembling point of view, having a machined looked.

From this point you can likewise see that a large part of the tallness of the watch comes from the bezel, which is about 4.6mm tall. The bezel includes wide grasps, instead of the common coin-edge or teeth. They are very simple to grasp and feel great in the hand. I envision similar would be valid with jumping gloves too. The large teeth have an engaging rough tasteful also, each got done with slanted edges. The architect utilized this component to move through different parts of the watch, like the arm band, to make a pleasant solidarity of design.

The bezel includes a 120-click uni-directional bezel. It takes care of business with a nice snap, however it has a hint of back play. All things considered, it appears to fix up well with the markers. All the more strangely, the bezel embed is shine dark artistic. I was extremely glad to see them utilize this material, as it works with the advanced subject of the watch, is profoundly scratch safe and adds value.

They say subtleties have the effect, and the Commodore demonstrates this with two extraordinary components. The first is the crown monitor. From over the look sufficiently basic, covering the crown if there should arise an occurrence of a coincidental smack. From the side, you can see it’s significantly more intriguing. The gatekeeper appears to really be its own piece, slicing through the side of the case. The calculation is then exceptionally rakish, reacting to the points of the mid-case, however doing there own thing.

The other is the delightfully etched case back. The strong titanium case back is screwdown and highlights saving subtleties on the watch, simply the fundamentals. In the middle, notwithstanding, is an exceptionally nitty gritty etching of an anchor. While I’ve seen decent etchings occasionally (not regularly enough) it is really uncommon to see a profoundly machined piece of craftsmanship like this on a case back.


The Dial of the Commodore comes in two plan and four tones for a sum of eight choices. The two plans are pleasantly not quite the same as one another, one is mathematical, with a more inconspicuous, yet at the same time forceful feel. The other has huge 12, 3, 6 and 9 numerals with a 24 hour reference for a more exceptional, military plan. The two plans really have a comparable relationship as the Sinn 556i and 556a. Both are sandwich dials with the significant shapes cut out. It’s accessible in dark, blue or green, all of which include a lumed sublayer, or full-lume/white which has a dark sublayer.

The mathematical dial is strong, yet perfect; keeping up the general current feel of the watch, yet not deceiving the exemplary plunge stylish. The trim through square shapes are proportional getting bigger at 3, 6 and 9, and multiplying at 12, giving it somewhat of a cross-hair feel. Between them are white lines for the individual minutes/seconds. At 4.5 is a calculated date window showing the white on dark content date wheel (valid for all tones with the exception of the full-lume).

The mathematical dial removes a stage from plunge watches and into military plans. The enormous 12, 3, 6 and 9 numerals rule the dial, and have an extremely adapted look do their “stencil” plan. There are vertical lines going through the “eyes” of the numbers to keep them in politeness. It’s a cool look that would be invented in any setting other than that of a sandwich dial. As referenced, there is additionally the option of 13-23hrs, given a second clear military reference.

Just under 12 is a splendid orange Tempest logo, which is such a cross shape, with “TEMPEST” only underneath in white. Over 6 is “Commodore” in a serif italic typeface, under which is the profundity rating, 500m/1650ft. All the content is reasonably measured and the sort of data one hopes to discover on a jump watch. The glimmer of fluorescent orange in the logo is  likewise a decent touch.

The bezel embed has a genuinely exemplary jump plan. All in lume, there is a “V” at the root followed by markers for the initial 15, at that point numerals each 10 substituted by little squares. It’s straightforward, yet it works. It’s clean in a cutting edge way, yet there is a touch vintage too in its more controlled approach.

The Commodore highlights blocky, tightening hour and moment hands with lume fillings that are part. They are not difficult to peruse and work with the two dials plans. The seconds hand is a fluorescent orange (coordinating the logo) that making it stick out. I do like the splendid orange second hand also, however I keep thinking about whether an orange minutes, PloProf style, may have been more logical.

Regarding the shading choices, the dark is exemplary and direct, while different tones blend things up a piece. The blue reaches from an indigo to a more pale tone. It’s the most calming of the tones, subduing the more forceful components of the watch. The green dial is a lively woods shade, almost emerald. Unquestionably a difference in speed, yet a decent one. It functions admirably with the numeral dial, adding to the military feel. The full-lume/white dial is the most outrageous and astounding. The utilization of a sandwich development with a dark sublayer has an alternate impact, some way or another expanding the apparent differentiation. I sincerely didn’t hope to like it without a doubt, yet in person its truly striking, changing the watch.

There’s nothing more disillusioning than when you get a boss jump watch that looks and feels incredible, just to discover the lume is inadequate. That was not the circumstance here. I was extremely glad to see the lume on the entirety of the models was outstanding. It shines brilliant, particularly on all fours, yet the dial isn’t a long ways behind. The lume is recorded as Lumi Bright on their site, however is by all accounts very much like C3.

Straps and Wearability 

Continuing with the subject of incredible plan and execution, the wristband is phenomenal. It’s a 22mm strong titanium 3-interface style that tightens to 20mm at the catch and has strong endlinks. It’s thick, sculptural, overbuilt and highlights an extraordinary fasten. The plan is forceful, maybe more so than different components of the watch, with an articulated edge that runs along the middle connection. The 4.5mm thick community interface angles on its edge, adding some striking calculation. This reaches out into the bezel holds, as referenced previously, integrating the plan. Despite the fact that the plan plays off of the exemplary Oyster style, it takes it in it’s own noteworthy heading. What’s more, on the grounds that it’s strong titanium, it keeps a genuinely light weight.

The catch is then a savage deployant with an underlying sliding jump expansion additionally made of titanium. There are two arrangements of catches on it, one to open it you push in, and one that expands the expansion by pulling back on. I love this sort of plan as, for those of utilization who are generally above ocean level, it permits you to marginally slacken the wristband if needed.

On the wrist, the watch is huge, yet wears well. There’s no questioning it’s enormous, bigger than I normally would go for, however the extents work and the lightweight makes it more comfortable. The drag to-carry doesn’t over stretch, and the watch shapes well to the wrist, so it fits on top of the wrist appropriately. On the off chance that you’re wrist is 7+” I think you’ll be alright.

More critically, it looks incredible. It has solid, manly lines, circulating on forceful. The sharp points, reinforcement like arm band and dim titanium merge impeccably for a rough, present day sport watch. My own leanings are more towards the vintage, however I discovered this a delight to wear. What’s more, in spite of its size, it doesn’t yell for consideration, or appear to be a major watch for being enormous, which is consistently a plus.

Depending on which dial plan and shading chosen, I figure the watch could work contrastingly with garments. The mathematical dials are more quelled, maybe being better for the individuals who plan on wearing this constantly, to the workplace, etc… The numeral dial is punchier, more in your face, coming across more lively. That one, I’d consider to be the more easygoing of the two. In any case, pants, boots, some substantial fabric and you’re great to go.

A Comparison for Comparison’s Sake

Looking at the crude specs, the Commodore has a few likenesses to a well known watch that costs commonly more; the Tudor Pelagos. Presently, the Pelagos is made by Rolex and is, frankly, perhaps the most beautiful and very much made current watches to drop in at some point (there is one in the w&w family, and it’s difficult to reward its legitimate proprietor). While the Tempest is not the slightest bit a respect, and keeping in mind that magnificently made, can’t truly compete with Rolex’s capacities (few can, only a reality), its likenesses make it a reasonable likeness sorts. The way that they are outwardly very various makes this seriously compelling, as the two of them offer their own style.

Looking at what they do share for all intents and purpose, both are strong titanium with titanium wristbands, both have artistic bezels, both have 500m cases and both are very present day. The Commodore is $598 – $700 and the Tudor, new, is about $4,000. A major contrast. All things considered, the Tudor’s got its extravagant catch, maybe the best bezel system ever, lume like laser-pillars and edges so sharp you can shave with them. Inside, the Tempest has the decent, yet modest Miyota 9015, while the Tudor has the gradually becoming-wiped out ETA 2824-2… one that has been liked by Tudor/Rolex.

So, I’m not saying, in the event that you can’t manage the cost of the Tudor, the Tempest is almost the equivalent for significantly less. In any case, in the event that you are truly into the Pelagos and can’t bear the cost of it, I think you’ll find that Commodore gives some of what makes it an incredible current watch for a portion of the expense. Also, on the off chance that you like the Pelagos on the grounds that it’s titanium, 500m, and so forth, yet don’t like the looks or think a watch like that ought not cost $4k (contentions can be made), the Commodore will present to you those things at an incredible worth. Only nourishment for thought.


I think the Tempest Commodore will get on amazingly. It’s got so much pulling out all the stops and an extraordinary cost for sure. The case will blow your mind and at any rate one of the numerous dials choices will most likely be interesting to you. On the off chance that the huge size doesn’t stage you, and you’re a jump watch fellow, a fanatic of titanium or searching for something current and energetic to add to your assortment, the Commodore has got you covered.

If it doesn’t, I trust you can concur that the subtleties and estimation of this watch show that Tempest is a brand to watch out for. This watch shows more guarantee than numerous I’ve seen from prepared top picks over the most recent couple of years. Ideally the following one will come down somewhat in size, maybe to 40-42, for the individuals who max out in that range. I’m previously anticipating it.