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Take my breath away! IWC booth at SIHH 2012

It’s likely nothing unexpected that the brands uncovering at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, or short SIHH, are competitors. What is possibly not too known is that during this show the greatest competition isn’t about watches. It’s about the corner!

In 1986, a movie transformed a renowned entertainer into an overall genius. Tom Cruise was assuming the part of a youthful and skilled military pilot joining the world class Navy warrior Weapon School situated in Miramar , north of San Diego, in California. This school is world popular under its epithet: Top Gun!

If you at any point find the opportunity to direct a fly airplane, this is extraordinary, no it’s terrific. On the off chance that you can fly an american cutting edge fly airplane, this is totally marvelous. Presently envision the not many pilots who will fly the best in class airplanes, take off from a plane carrying warship for missions no more modest than ensuring the Nation, and again land on that little drifting island paying little mind to the ocean state or time. It is elusive anything that would give anybody a greater adrenaline rush.

Now prepare for the following test. What about a company who might acquire a plane carrying warship a landlocked nation, to submerge their fans and clients into the very ‘Miramarian’ climate of Top Gun. That’s precisely what IWC did this year!

The fortunate individuals who made it to SIHH this year presumably totally moved their breath removed while finding the corner of the brand. I without a doubt did.

The USS F.A. Jones is an amazingly practical proliferation of not just the flight deck of a cutting edge plane carrying warship yet in addition within the boat, from the officers instructions rooms to the pilot storage space and the flight deck control room. There was one entirely observable overhaul: the bar of the USS F.A. Jones at the SIHH was serving champagne and other rewards and tidbits, which are presumably not effectively accessible installed a plane carrying warship in operation.


One could meet gentlemen in fly-suits or visit with exquisite grinning women all fashionable for the ocassion.

Besides watches, the fundamental fascination was an exceptionally practical pilot test program. Reasonable is putting it mildly as one would really sit in a cockpit with all the stuff of a genuine airplane including the launch seat.

Instead of a head-up presentation, an enormous level screen would allow you to fail to remember where you are right away and you would wind up completely centered around handling a multi-million-dollar machine securely on the deck of the USS F.A. Jones. A test system mentor would attempt to limit your mix-ups, while your presentation is shown on exceptionally huge screen for the joy of individuals lining to take your seat.

If there is one guideline in fairs, it tends to be summed up by : “impress the press”. Almost certainly that IWC scored high as can be with the introduction of the new results of 2012 out of a room that seemed as though the war room at the Pentagon.

In the entire stall, no exertion was saved, no alternate ways were taken, to cause you to feel that you were a group part of a battle ship on a mission. Everything felt right, down to the last detail.

Finally, this is about watches, and once more, the theme of the naval force jetfighters and plane carrying warship could be found in each window. A smart superposition of sandblasted glass gave the inclination that we were looking at the watches through a head-up display.

If we required a sign for the focal point of IWC for the coming years, it is all in this noteworthy stall, powerfull flying machine, adrenaline siphoned encounters. Clasp your 5 point seat strap, approval, and… the sky is the limit!