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Stowa Flieger Klassik Sport Review

At the point when I think Stowa , my brain promptly leaps to the Flieger . It is without a doubt the watch that Stowa is most popular for, and under the steerage of Jorge Schauer the acclaimed German firm has done reliably well with its numerous takes on this style. Over the most recent few years, Stowa has gradually made a few increases to its cataloge, presenting watches like the TO1 TESTAF , TO2, and the Flieger GMT with the expectation of contemporizing both the style and usefulness of the flieger lines.

This past summer Stowa unobtrusively revealed another flieger assortment named the Flieger Klassik Sport . Where watches like the TO2 and TO1 denoted an extreme plan takeoff for the brand, the Klassik Flieger Sport took things straightforward. By keeping the general look of the exemplary flieger, and matching it with a more strong and sportier case, Stowa made a watch a large number of us have been sitting tight for. Today, we go active with a watch from my own collection–the Flieger Klassik Sport A-dial without date and logo.  Let’s take a nearer look.


Stowa Flieger Klassik Sport Review

Case 316L Brushed Stainless Steel Movement Top-Grade ETA 2824 with Custom Rotor Dial Matte Black Lume C3 SuperLuminova Lens Domed Sapphire w/AR Strap Rubber Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 43 x 51mm Thickness 12.8mm Lug Width 24mm Crown 7 Warranty Price $1175

Dial and Case

The dial and handset of the Flieger Klassik Sport are lifted directly from the exemplary arrangement. With regards to that, Stowa actually offers a sterile dial (with or without date), a logo dial (likewise with or without date), a B-dial, and a dark Ikarus dial. As we’ve come to anticipate from the brand, the hours and minutes hands are temperature-blued steel. Since thermally treated hands are a lot harder and more costly to create than hands that are just painted or artificially shaded, they’re typically saved for better quality watches. The result, notwithstanding, is that temperature-blued hands are undeniably more fascinating outwardly, and matchless as far as both tone and radiance. Under specific lights they look dark, that is until they get the light and turn an immersed blue.

The dial is a stunning matte dark with magnificent printing and liberally applied C3 Super Lumi-Nova that gives the markers a right around 3-D quality. It’s a straightforward dial, without a doubt, yet I would contend that basic dials are much harder to pull off in light of the fact that there is definitely no space for blunder. The execution here is flawless.

Now, let’s get to the case. It comes in at a width of 43mm, a tallness of 12.8mm, a haul to-drag size of 51mm, and a carry width of an astounding 24mm. I know various you previously thinking, “this thing is a supper plate!” And trust me, as a card-conveying individual from the more modest watches-are-better club, I completely comprehend the opinion. All things considered, trust me when I say that this is certainly not a larger than average watch. Indeed, there is unquestionably some additional wrist presence, yet it doesn’t wear like 43mm watch. Be that as it may, more on this later.

One of the main things I saw when the watch was declared was the overall tallness and thickness of the bezel. I at first however it looked too huge and crude, and somewhat messed up with regards to the width of the dial. Luckily, this is an insight exacerbated by straight lit item photography which just gives the bezel the presence of being thicker than it genuinely is. In the metal, the bezel has a lofty incline, which at last aides split it up outwardly. In profile, the bezel possibly looks enormous when the watch is off the wrist; when worn it looks impeccably balanced.  Esthetics aside, the additional stature of the bezel really fills a practical need. It accommodates the additional thick domed sapphire gem sitting on of the case, which considers altogether better water and pressing factor opposition. The precious stone additionally has an amazing antireflective covering, one that is far superior to what I’ve seen from the exemplary series.

The tempered steel case is really comprised of two sections: the combined mid case and bezel, and the screw down case back. In general, the case completing is phenomenal, with brushing that is both fine and exact. It is basically a similar case as the one on the TO2, with the lone recognizable distinction being the crown. The TO2 highlights a push-pull precious stone crown fit for 200 meters of water-obstruction. The Klassik Sport supplanted it with a lot less complex screw-down gathering, generally 7mm in breadth and furthermore appraised to 200m. There is a fairly recognizable hole between the case and the crown when tightened, however it won’t impact water obstruction as all the O-rings are completely engaged.

My just critical issue with the case is the logo etching on the crown. As you can see from the photographs, the scratching looks somewhat screwy and incomplete. It’s absolutely a minor flaw, yet it’s additionally not something I’ve come to anticipate from Stowa. Given that my watch is an early sequential, I would be interested to check whether later creation runs have since amended the issue. By and by, the logo has not reduced my satisfaction in this watch in the smallest, yet I envision it may if you’re less forgiving.


The screw down case back highlights a huge sapphire survey window showing a profoundly enriched top-grade ETA-2824 with a custom rotor by Stowa. This higher level development comes with various improved components, to be specific the stun insurance, springs, and equilibrium wheel. Fundamentally, it is equivalent to a chronometer-appraised 2824, just without the authority COSC accreditation. It additionally includes more prominent completing than its fundamental and elabore partners, and incorporates Geneva Stripes, perlage, blued screws, and a high quality rotor with an etching impersonating those found looking into the issue backs of authentic fliegers. Subsequent to wearing the watch routinely for as far back as two months, I discovered it to be particularly precise at roughly +2 seconds a day.


Straps and Wearability

The Flieger Klassik Sport comes combined with a 24mm regular elastic lash and press button deployant clasp.  The elastic tie is a strange decision on the pilot’s watch, however given that it is proposed to be an inside and out watch a waterproof tie bodes well. The regular elastic is comfortable on the wrist and doesn’t pull on hair, and highlights a smooth outdoors with a waffle-like example underneath.  Sizing is straightforward; you just remove the additional material at the finishes where the catch appends. There are additionally a few focuses for miniature change on the catch, so play with that and measure twice prior to chopping down to your favored size.

As recently referenced, the haul width comes in at 24mm. The tie is definitely not an exact fit against the case and there is a little hole between the carries and the tie. It’s not excessively outrageous, but rather it is something unquestionably significant. What’s more, to kind of piggyback off that point, I do imagine that the case would have been better off with a 22mm carry width. 24 simply appears to be a touch wide against a 43mm case, particularly on the off chance that you consider that the 40mm case has 20mm hauls. Once more, in no way, shape or form a major issue, yet rather an impractical musing.

Now, I am going to do a complete 180 on the more modest is-better gospel frequently lectured across watchdom; 43mm is an incredible size for this watch, and I wouldn’t need it any more modest. Before you consume me at the stake, listen to me. I’ve previously talked about how the case and bezel configuration temper the general size. At 51mm the drag to-haul length is additionally somewhat tricky, on the grounds that it doesn’t represent the descending curve of the carries which permits the case to embrace the wrist. The general impact is that the watch wears fairly like its more modest 40mm sibling without forfeiting presence. Thusly, it chips away at a wide scope of wrists, including some that you probably won’t anticipate given the measurements. A valid example: photographs here show the watch on my 6.75-inch wrist. Not awful, right?


The Flieger Klassik Sport is an incredible expansion to Stowa’s steadily developing list. One of my #1 watches is (or rather, was) my sans logo 40mm flieger. I adored its effortlessness, and few watches could coordinate its intrinsic excellence and decipherability. In any case, perhaps the greatest shortcoming was the situation. I was constantly disillusioned with its fairly frail water-opposition. Certainly, it’s a pilot’s watch and not a jumper, but rather I’m not a pilot. I simply need a watch that I can wear to the sea shore without stressing over it getting destroyed. So the Flieger Klassik Sport offers that center ground, and I was glad to exchange up.

The Flieger Klassik Sport is accessible Stowa.de for €1270 ($1396.48), or €1067.23 ($1173.52) without VAT.