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Speake-Marin Dong Son Limited Edition

It seems like Peter Speake-Marin never stands by. He just made the Dong Son watches, restricted to 18 pieces, for his Vietnamese merchant. Only 2 months in the wake of dispatching the reestablished Speake-Marin Serpent Calendar and the over-great Renaissance Tourbillon Minute Repeater .

The Dong Son is an exceptionally commissioned watch, highlighting a 18 carat red gold dial with a scratched theme propelled by Dong Son bronze drums, a Vietnamese social fortune. I think an exceptional restricted version, as I can’t think about another watch with a carved red gold dial.

Vietnam has an extraordinary social variety, from Sapa in the north, where a few ethnic clans live, to the exceptionally south. Accoriding to Wikipedia there are no under 54 ethnic clans. Throughout the long term, this wonderful nation has been overwhelmed by numerous others and it hasn’t experience extensive stretches of piece.

It’s incredible to see that Speake-Marin in a joint effort with his Vietnamese shipper have picked an old and average Vietnamese curio as motivation. Dong Son drums are bronze drums created from 600 BC until the third century AD. The Dong Son culture, who delivered these drums, lived in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam and these drums are one of the culture’s best instances of metalworking.

The drums are projected in bronze utilizing the lost wax strategy. As per Wikipedia the Dong Son drums were obviously both instruments and clique objects. They were brightened with mathematical examples, scenes of day by day life, war, creatures, birds and boats.

Engraved in the left half of the red gold mark Speake-Marin drum-like case is “DONG SON – L.E. OF 18”.

In expansion to the mark Piccadilly case, the Dong Son has other mark Speake-Marin trademark like the precious stone formed crown and the secret winding rotor. The Dong Son watch includes the new, programmed winding Eros 1 development with five-day power hold. This is the very development that can be found in the as of late delivered Speake-Marin Serpent Calendar .

The Eros 1 development is a Technotime-based mechanical programmed type with five-day power save. It is done and amassed under Speake-Marin fabricate severe quality principles. The scaffolds, gear train, setting switch spring, mainplate and rotor are all circle grained, spotted, straight grained and hand cleaned. “The works” so to talk 🙂

At the hour of composing there’s no data about the cost, yet I’m sure you can get more data at the MILUXE Exclusive Boutique in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The specific location can be found here at the Speake-Marin site .

This article was composed by Frank Geelen, chief editorial manager of Monochrome Watches .