May 27, 2021 0 Comments Replica Magic

Sneak peak… S.U.F. – Sarpaneva Uhren Fabrik

Sarpaneva has had a unimaginably bustling summer. So again news from Helsinki…. a sneak peak… The S.U.F. Flying Finn is SARPANEVA’s most up to date watch.

Sarpaneva Uhren Fabrik or S.U.F. is Sarpaneva’s other watch line. Under this name he has been making watches for certain years now. Simply think about the Komentaja . Now here’s a sneak pinnacle of SARPANEVA’ s most up to date S.U.F. The official public statement will follow soon I was told. The Flying Finn looks tough and energetic and accessible in a few tone combinations.

The Flying Finn has the for SARPANEVA so run of the mill scalloped bezel. There will be little versions of various shading combinations. The choices are for a tempered steel case or black DLC precious stone covered case, distinctive tone for the dial. Whenever seen black, red and brown… yet who knows… more may follow 🙂

One thing that’s totally cool with this in part open dial, is that the development can be black DLC jewel covered too. Enough choices to pick from…

The value begins at € 2.300,- (ex VAT)… anyway little releases per shading, so be fast!

When more news is know i’ll let you know!!