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SIHH 2012 – the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

By now it ought to be no mystery any longer that Audemars Piguet redid the Royal Oak assortment and I’ve previously shared my energy about the Royal Oak Jumbo . Another one that, in my humble opinion, looks totally heavenly, is the new Royal Oak Chronograph. 

The new Royal Oak Chronograph is 2 mm bigger than its archetype, that deliberate 39 mm in diameter. While I for the most part cheer for scaling back, I was astounded to feel how unfathomably comfortable the RO Chrono is and how amazing the fit is.

Last year I attempted a friend’s Royal Oak Jumbo for a week and my decision was that it just was not my sort of watch. He additionally has a RO Chrono, that looks sublime, yet once more, not my decision. So envision my surprise while attempting the new Royal Oak Jumbo and the new Royal Oak Chronograph. At the point when I put it on my wrist, it resembled everything became all-good. The width, thickness, the wristband and fasten, and the better ‘hobail’ design on the dial. Maybe every little detail that marginally bothered me, had been improved.

The greatest improvement is the dial. The old dial’s 12 o’clock marker is a triangle with super luminova and any remaining hour markers are very thick markers, likewise with applied super luminova. On the new dial the 12 o’clock marker has been supplanted by a twofold applied stick marker and any remaining hour markers are presently more slender and more. Some way or another this give the new Royal Oak Chronograph a more refined look.

Another large improvement and something that kept me away from purchasing the past RO Chrono, is the ‘hobnail’ design on the dial. The ‘hobnails’ are somewhat more modest than previously, however it looks very different. Also, albeit the tapisserie design is more modest, Audemars Piguet calls it ‘grande tapisserie’. The explanation behind this is most likely that the significantly better example of the new Royal Oak Jumbo  and the original  Royal Oak Jumbo from 1972  is called ‘petit tapisserie’.

Audemars Piguet presently makes all Royal Oak dials in-house, utilizing the chronicled machines to apply a ‘ramolayé’ or jumped decoration technique.

The width has increased from 39 mm to 41 mm. Normally I’m for downsizing size, anyway the 41 mm Royal Oak case with its stunning incorporated wristband fits great. So no complaints, its great! Another thing that Looks and feels incredible is the new arrangement catch, that currently comes with a locking push-button.

Inside is still the Audemars Piguet type 2385, a programmed chronograph development. Sadly it’s not obvious in light of the fact that the RO Chrono doesn’t have a display caseback.

The Royal Oak Chronograph is accessible in treated steel and 18k pink gold. At the SIHH I’ve seen white and dark dials and I wouldn’t be astonished if Audemars Piguet will deliver the odd Limited Edition every now and then 😉

The steel adaptation of the RO Chronograph retails at € 19.290 (counting charge). The 18k pink gold form starts at CHF 38.600 (excl VAT) on a leather gator lash and with 18k gold deployant fasten; the variant on 18k pink gold wristband costs CHF 60K.

More information… at the Audemars Piguet site .