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Side-by-Side: Sinn 556i, Archimede Outdoor Protect and Damasko DA36

Within the most recent few months I’ve had the delight of looking into the Sinn 556i and the Archimede Outdoor Protect . We additionally have an audit of the Damasko DA36 Black underway. Every one of the three are “entry-level” German-made device watches with deft cases worked for dynamic ways of life that are still office fitting. One is a religion top choice, being very much respected by all who own or handle it, one has kind of gone under the radar, yet is expected its day in the sun, and the last has a solid clique following. Two are a smidgen more costly, the other a difficult to-beat esteem. One is a touch more sharp, one somewhat dull and the other kind of in the middle. For entertainment only, I figured we could take a gander at these watches next to each other, taking a gander at where they are comparable and where they differ.


Oddly, the Sinn 556i and Archimede watches come in at the somewhat explicit 38.5mm, notwithstanding having totally different plans. For one thing, on the off chance that you at any point need proof that observe just should be 38.5mm to take care of business, these two watches will get the job done. They are both enormous enough to have presence and look manly, yet they are sufficiently little to be light-footed and unassuming, all while donning 200m water obstruction. These aren’t ostentatious watches using any and all means, yet they aren’t ailing in looks by the same token. The Damasko DA36 is a touch bigger at 40mm, having a smidgen a greater amount of a forceful build.

Design shrewd, the 556i has an exemplary pilot’s plan with slim hauls and a pleasantly proportioned bezel. It’s a safe yet immortal plan that is executed flawlessly. Edges are sharp and the silk finish, while possibly simple to scratch, has a wonderful sheen.

The Outdoor has a barrel case with hooded hauls that is through and through astounding. It’s an astute plan with fascinating features that give it a cutting edge feel, and keep it from catching landscape. While the plan wont be as speaking to everybody, I ended up loving it a ton. It’s sufficiently distinctive to make the watch interesting, however not look strange.

Oddly, the Archimede Outdoor Protect highlights a solidified steel case, with a 1200 vickers surface while the 556i doesn’t. This is unusual as that innovation is ordinarily connected with Sinn’s Tegimenting measure. Regardless of whether Archimede contracted SUG (Sinn’s case producer) to do this or they found another way is muddled, however what is clear is that, at the value, Archimede beat Sinn at its own game.

The DA36 has a comparative shape as the 556i, yet is somewhat bigger at 40mm. What separates this case (and Damasko as a brand) is the tech included. In the first place, it has a without nickel ice solidified steel case with a rating of 710 vickers, which is accessible in PVD (appeared) or dot impacted. While “softer” than Sinn/Archimedes 1200 vickers (which are all a lot harder than standard treated steel) it is solidified right through. Apparently, with a hard effect the surface-solidified prepares can “egg-shell” or kind of break along the surface.

This is most likely just in extraordinary conditions that would risk the watch as entire notwithstanding. Whichever way you are getting something extremely impenetrable to scratching, which is the greatest advantage. Inside the solidified steel case, there is a soft iron enemy of attractive enclosure protecting the development up to 80,000 A/m.

The DA36 likewise has Damasko’s licensed crown framework, which includes a screw in cylinder for simple substitution, Viton gaskets and perpetual grease through an extraordinary oil cell. Yes, the crown alone has more tech than most watches out there, and since it’s made of solidified steel, it’s more strong regardless. However, regardless of this overbuilt framework, the DA36 is appraised to 100M.


The 556i is known for its moderate way to deal with the pilot’s dial with exclusively the utilization of white straight markers on a sparkle dark surface. It’s a striking plan that figures out how to come off as both specialized and provocative. As a game watch it keeps up high perceivability, as an easygoing watch, it’s got style to save. There is a pilot form also called the 556a at a similar cost, which has a 12, 3, 6, 9 format on a matte surface, yet the 556i stands apart with its extraordinary starkness.

The Outdoor has to a greater extent an absolutely useful plan, yet for certain smart highlights. The dial is profound, accessible in matte dark or full-lume, and has the two numerals and rectangular markers. What it needs style, per say, it compensates for in clarity. This isn’t a dial you need to see twice to peruse. Particularly since it has a tall section ring with markers imprinted within, a detail I’ve never seen. They let you read the moment at even exceptionally low angles.

The DA36 is direct with an exemplary pilot roused format with huge numerals, clear markings and a major strong triangle at 12. Adding some character are line of sight that run from 12-6 and 3-9, an off-focus day-date, and a tennis-ball yellow seconds hand. I’d place the DA36 in the range from the 556i to the Outdoor, being less polished than the previous, yet more energizing than the latter.

As far as dials are concerned, the Outdoor may be more successful in a functioning climate, while the 556i and DA36 will get more compliments in the office. The Outdoor is so matter of truth, so deliberate that it does not have a touch of moxy, however it’s not an ugly dial; it’s simply all business. The 556i, however unmistakable and negligible, requests to both military and realistic style. It’s controlled and practically strange. The DA36 has the work of art, yet tame allure of a Flieger with a couple of present day turns that make it more sophisticated.

It’s likewise significant that the Outdoor has the best lume of the gathering by an enormous edge. The BGW9 on it is all around applied and shines splendid. Both the 556i and DA36 are shockingly ailing in this office. (The Damasko DA37 is a full-lume form of the DA36. I would expect the DA37 out plays out the 36, so if lume is a major issue there is an option)


The 556i highlights an ETA 2824-2 of either elaboré or Top evaluation that is noticeable through a sapphire showcase back. The Outdoor highlights a Sellita SW 200-1 and the DA36 has an ETA 2836-2, neither of which highlight show backs however there is a possibility for the Outdoor that runs an extra $90. These 2824-2 and SW 200-1 developments are basically compatible, by plan, with the SW 200-1 being consistently used to supplant ETA 2824-2’s as they become more diligently to acquire. Sinn also utilizes Sellitas in a portion of their models, and I wouldn’t be astounded if the 556’s get them soon. Along these lines, there isn’t a very remarkable distinction here, in either watch you are getting an excellent Swiss-made programmed. The Sinn may be a higher evaluation though.

The Damasko highlights a comparable development, however with day/date complication that is altered to be shown off-focus on the dial, which is an extraordinary detail. The development is depicted as “gilded” demonstrating it also is in any event elaboré grade. Despite the fact that there is no motivation to propose this, I do contemplate whether Damasko also will switch over the Sellita sooner rather than later, using the SW 220, which likewise has day/date. (side note, Damasko likewise makes some executioner in-house developments which are canvassed in this article ).


These are the absolute best destroying watches there. Watches you can put on and disregard, wearing them the entire day and into the evening. They fit quite well, having a very sizable amount of essence to add some style to your outfit, yet are sufficiently little to be cautious and controlled. As game watches, they bode well. Why wear an inconvenient watch you may collide with something, when you can wear a watch that is extremely contained and proportional? Not excessively huge jumpers and chronos don’t have their allure (I compose this while wearing a fairly enormous 43mm chronograph), however there is a rationale to more modest game watches.

Once once more, the 556i is somewhat hotter, a touch more attractive, yet the Outdoor and DA36 can glance extremely savvy in the office and other non-dynamic settings. All look extraordinary on cowhide, NATOs or wristbands and can be spruced up or down. The 556i’s arm band comes at a higher cost than normal, knocking the cost up $240, however it’s a brilliant look. The Outdoor’s arm band is, indeed, an unquestionable requirement purchase choice as I would see it. It’s additionally solidified, which is uncommon for an arm band on an under $1,000 watch. It’s not an extravagant wristband, really having such a vintage feel, however it works. The DA36 (non-PVD) as of late opened up with an ice-solidified wristband that is, similar to their cases, absolutely over-designed, adding a definitive layer of scratch-proof roughness. Sadly, it additionally adds around $600 on to the sticker price, making it somewhat of a non-starter.


In the plan of things, all of three of these watches are acceptable qualities, however between them, you have a touch of hole. All are made in Germany, all element Swiss-made programmed developments, sapphire gems and incredible form and wrapping up. In the event that these watches were by bigger retail marks, they would all be a few times more costly (compare the tech and costs to that of Bremont or Bell & Ross…see what I mean?).

A new 556i, as of the date of composing this article, is $1,130 on a cowhide tie (up $40 since our survey), the DA36 is $1,200 ($1,320 as demonstrated in PVD) and the Outdoor Protect on a solidified arm band is €596.64 (w/o VAT) or about $760. The $300 – $400 contrast is genuinely huge when you factor in the solidified case and wristband. Despite the fact that the DA36 is the most costly, it is highlight pressed, making it a decent incentive for those searching for those extra components. Sinn’s most economical Tegimented watch, the 856 (non-UTC) is $1,770, so $1,000 more than the Outdoor, $500 more than the DA36.

Of course, this all gets tempered constantly hand market. On the gatherings a 556i can be had for $800-900 and the DA36 for $900-$1100. As somebody who basically purchases second-hand, these are the costs I for one weigh on. The DA36 is especially enticing utilized, as the ice-solidified steel will keep it looking new. While this limits the hole, it doesn’t close it, keeping the Outdoor as the least expensive.


Maybe it’s something worth being thankful for or perhaps it’s something terrible, yet each of the three of these watches are incredible. Each surpasses in without a doubt, over the other two. The Sinn 556i is the most attractive, the Archimede Outdoor is the best worth and the Damasko DA36 is the most overbuilt and the solitary day/date. Eventually, the decision (on the off chance that you are to pick only one) comes down to individual taste, spending plan and needs.

If you’re truly going to get this watch through the sort of harsh territory a games watch professes to have the option to deal with, at that point feel are most likely second and the Outdoor may be the smartest option. It has  hardened steel, 200m water obstruction, extraordinary lume and is a lower venture should the most exceedingly terrible happen, all of which make it incredible for outdoors use. Fortunately, it’s configuration is sufficiently agreeable to likewise be a reasonable everyday watch.

If you’re truly searching for a decent regular watch that can stand its ground, that you don’t need to take off at whatever point things get more dynamic or in the event that you need to hop in pool, will in any case glance sharp in the office, the 556i is the best approach. It’s unfathomably adaptable styling makes it an incredible day by day wear (with the correct tie, similar to a Cordovan, you could even draw of some conventional commitment) however its silk finish makes it defenseless to scratching.

The DA36 is, in an odd way, the compromise. It’s a regular apparatus watch for the individuals who get their hands messy. The case won’t show wear (under most conditions), the crown tube is replaceable and the development is extra protected against magnetism… The tasteful is exemplary and manly, so natural to combine with. So when you’re overhauling your guitar amp at your afterwork gig, the DA36 can remain on your wrist. All things considered, the poor lume may be a hinderance in some circumstances.

What’s truly to be acquired from this little comparative investigation? Maybe that Germany is the best spot to search for a strong, moderate (however not modest), sport/instrument watch. Any of these decisions will give you an enduring, all around constructed watch that you’ll be exceptionally content with. In the event that three-handers aren’t your thing, Germany is likewise the spot to search for an executioner chronograph… maybe the following one next to the other will dive into those.