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Side-By-Side: Seiko SKX007 + Orient Mako USA

A week ago we investigated the new Orient Mako USA , Orient’s reconsidering of one of their most well known section level jumpers. At $225, the Mako USA–which comes refreshed with some better quality specs–offers some genuine value for-your-money esteem. The comments segment for that audit naturally raised comparisons to the SKX007 , Seiko’s leader jumper and presumably the most notorious reasonable plunge observe presently available. So it made us think, does the better than ever Mako rival the admired SKX007?

Now, I’m sure you’re feeling that it’s not actually a reasonable comparison. All things considered, the SKX007 is impressively less expensive, promptly accessible for roughly $160 (the made in Japan form is extensively more) on either an elastic or a tempered steel wristband. In any case, on the off chance that you consider that a reseller’s exchange wristband with strong end joins attaches another $60, plus or minus, at that point the two watches line up as far as money related worth. Thus, for amusement only, let’s compare these two amazing jump watches and see every one stacks up.


As we noted in our survey, the instance of the SKX007 is interesting to Seiko and addresses a characteristic movement of a plan ancestry returning a few models, among them the 62MAS, the 6105, the 6306/9, lastly the 7002. Coming in at roughly 42.5mm wide with a drag to-carry length of 46mm, the case is proportional and it wears somewhat more modest than its measurements may propose given the more limited hauls. The case on the Mako USA is likewise estimated at 41.5mm with a carry to-haul length of 47mm. The Mako wears about the equivalent and looks adjusted on the wrist. The two cases are 13mm thick (13.25mm for the SKX007, to be definite), and neither sits too high off the wrist. The two cases include a blend of cleaned and brushed surfaces with no sharp changes. They’re additionally both water safe up to 200m, yet the SXK007 has the qualification of being ISO-rated.

The greatest visual and underlying contrast between the two cases is the situating of the crowns (somewhere in the range of 3 and 4 o’clock on the SXK007 and at the conventional 3 o’clock on the Mako) and the option of a pusher at 2 o’clock on the Mako. The pusher arranges the date work, so it’s all the more a need to get full usefulness out of the development (more on this later). The crown activity on the Mako is quite better compared to that of the SKX007, which is known for being moderately underwhelming.

Both watches have 120-click bezels, however one may contend that the bezel on the Mako USA is better fabricated. Each snap feels strong and sure on the Mako and there is definitely no back play. It hits the norm of what we’ve come to anticipate from an all around assembled jumper for under $1000. Before I compare the bezel on the SKX007, I should say that the development on it is in no way, shape or form awful. Indeed, the bezel on the SKX007 is moderately professional. Nonetheless, it has such a substituting hard snap/delicate snap as you pivot it, giving it that low-opposition feel one ordinarily finds on lower-end plunge watches. All things considered, I for one lean toward the bezel on the SKX007, as the Mako bezel is all in all too hardened for my loving. I likewise incline toward Seiko’s two-layered depression design that considers a definite grasp, just as the incorporation of a protected lume pip. At last, I’d contend that the two bezels are very much done at their particular value focuses, and that any inclination with respect to activity will come from the individual.

One of the greatest selling purposes of the Mako USA is the refreshed sapphire precious stone. The SKX007 is furnished with Hardlex, Seiko’s restrictive mineral gem that, as per Seiko, should better deal with scratches. Between the two, sapphire has the upside of being undeniably more scratch-safe. On account of the Mako, the gem likewise sits a little lower for the situation/bezel, so it is less inclined to get beat up from day by day wear. On account of the SKX007, the utilization of Hardlex adds to the decipherability of the dial, while the sapphire gem diminishes it on the Mako because of absence of AR.

Dial and Hands

Aesthetically, the two dials are amazingly unique. The SKX007 flaunts a straightforward instrument jumper look. It’s exceptionally clear with huge intense white markers pressed in with Seiko’s unfathomable lume and laid against a dark base. The hours and minutes hands are exemplary Seiko, with a sword molded hours hand and an adapted bolt for the minutes. There is no superfluous content or marking, simply the logo under 12 o’clock and the water obstruction rating over 6. The look is somewhat simple, yet it’s likewise exceptionally effective.

In contrast, the Mako USA dial upgrade is unquestionably a dressier interpretation of a jump watch. The markers are steel lined, just like the schedule gap. The Orient logo and peak are additionally more lavish than Seiko’s logo, and add further belief to dress jumper evaluation. All things considered, it’s an amazingly alluring plan, one that is all around coordinated to the handset and to the general stylish of the watch. The lume quality has likewise been improved from the exemplary model.

One zone where the Mako neglects to compare to the SKX007 is the day/date wheel. In our survey of the Mako, we examined a portion of the arrangement and kerning issues with the day wheel, generally clear on “FRI.” The Seiko has no such problems.


Comparing the two developments is really fascinating in light of the fact that they’re both basically more established Seiko developments (Orient is an auxiliary of Seiko Epson Corporation), so the engineering and specs are very similar.  Seiko’s 7s26 development is a darling industry workhorse. It’s likewise one of the easiest programmed frameworks around, worked around 4 essential moving parts. It includes a quickset day/date show, programmed bi-directional winding (by means of Seiko’s licensed Magic Lever framework), 21 gems, a beat pace of 21,600 bph, and it doesn’t hack or handwind. As far as exactness nonetheless, the reach is very enormous, with the 7s26 evaluated at around – 20 to +40 seconds of the day. In light of reports, the 7s26 appears to force the array to leave the case. All things considered, the development can be acclimated to accomplish more prominent accuracy.

Orient’s Cal. 46943 is likewise a workhorse (however it’s utilized solely by Orient) and can be found in number watches in the brand’s current setup. Truth be told, the 469xx arrangement is the base for various other Orient types, incorporating ones with added complications like a GMT capacity and force hold marker. The Cal. 46943 is a more seasoned development, made in-house by Orient in the ’70s dependent on various more established Seiko developments, fundamentally the Cal. 7006. As far as specs, it is very like the 7s26 in that it also includes 21 gems, a 40-hour power save, and a beat pace of 21,600 bph. There is additionally no hacking or handwinding, yet the development has an exceptionally productive bi-directional winding framework. The Cal. 46943 likewise will in general be undeniably more exact out of the crate, with most proprietors revealing a change of only a few of seconds a day. Where the Cal. 46943 misses the mark is the absence of an incorporated quickset day work, helped with the consideration of a pusher at 2 o’clock.

Straps and Wearability

Both the Mako and SKX007 wear the equivalent, and they’re the two jumpers so they’ll look great on various changed lashes. Furthermore, despite the fact that the Seiko can be portrayed as an instrument jumper, with the correct lash it tends to be worn into the stuffiest of workplaces simply as the Mako can.

One of the most welcomed changes got by the Mako USA model is the incorporation of strong end joins. This is very nearly a need on any cutting edge watch, and it’s a little detail that goes far in giving a watch a more costly look and feel. The one negative to say here is that the end joins are not an ideal match to the case, as they sit a piece lower than the full tallness of case.

Seiko’s standard wristband highlights empty end joins and most (myself included) regularly trade it out for either an elastic or calfskin tie, or a nylon fall through. There are, in any case, some extraordinary post-retail choices for top notch arm bands with strong end joins. I have by and by bought the celebration band from STRAPCODE and think it functions admirably. I particularly love the manner in which the vintage styling of the arm band dresses the watch up a piece. It’s a generally reasonable choice at about $63. Ebay merchant wjean28 is another incredible asset for top notch secondary selling bracelets.


So, to answer the brief spread out in the presentation, I would say that the new Mako USA jumper comes near equaling Seiko’s grounded SKX007. There is a great deal to like about the watch, and both the Orient and the Seiko have something reasonable of positives and negatives that it is hard to contend for one over the other dependent on some subjective focuses framework. So, I for one favor the SKX007. It’s an extraordinary straightforward jumper with a ton of alluring plan signals and superb form quality, and it’s additionally promptly accessible for anybody hoping to get one. The greatest negative for the Mako USA release watch is that it’s simply open to American clients for buy through Orient’s American merchant, which implies that our abroad companions need to search for a work around in the event that they need to purchase one.