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Should Limited Edition Watches Become Regular Production Models?

We give some clear considerations on transforming a Limited Edition replica magic into a sequential creation piece and utilize the Doxa 300 as the most recent example.

I was perspiring my tail off in a lodging a week ago when Balazs sent me a WhatsApp message. We were looking at something and afterward he inquired as to whether I had seen the most recent Doxa 300 deliveries. I hadn’t and as an aficionado of the one of a kind brand, I felt somewhat left out. Indeed, for reasons unknown, it had cruised into my garbage inbox and everything was before long redressed. These were no restricted release models, however. No, Doxa was adding six(!!) SUB 300 “no T” models utilizing the well known thin cases. What’s more, truly, I was somewhat ticked.

Non Limited Edition Doxa 300’s

It was back in 2017 when Doxa brought back an almost ideal reissue of its original first release SUB 300. 300 of the Searambler (above), Sharkhunter and Professional made them attractive restricted release pieces. The replica magic sold rapidly and there were some from the individuals who botched their opportunity. Over the course of the following year or something like that, Doxa returned with a restricted “Lung” variant of each dial tone and keeping in mind that this was at that point somewhat near the 2017 renditions, these were truly significant enough to deliver. Also, presently for almost two years, in the event that you needed one of these great (aside from the inconvenient arm band) reissues, the pre-owned market was your lone salvation. All that changed last week.

Some little changes

A excursion over to the shows the six new customary creation Doxa 300 models. Notwithstanding the three previously mentioned models, a navy Caribbean, a yellow Divingstar, and a turquoise Aquamarine have joined the conflict. Aside from the choice of an elastic tie, present day dial text style, metric bezel, slight hand contrasts, and a crown with orange logo, these replica magic are almost indistinguishable from the old restricted release models.


As the proprietor of a restricted version “ Black Lung ” Professional, I essentially locate these new replica magic irritating. I own a ton of replica magic and, basically, this delivery implies little to the condition of my assortment. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that I had looked all over for one of these or on the off chance that it were my fundamental replica magic I figure its importance would be reduced. Also, how would I know this? Indeed, on the grounds that I really feel this about my replica magic But it makes me wonder about the entire restricted version pattern, the way that companies now and again don’t know their crowd, and that choices like this can have desperate consequences.

When a restricted release shouldn’t have been

I’ve consistently enjoyed present day Doxa replica magic however let’s look at one another without flinching and have a forthcoming conversation. Up to this point, the greater part of the company’s present day discharges were thick replica magic with fair completing the process of sitting on a site made on MS FrontPage. Fortunately, Doxa has made progress in the most recent year or so with a safe site and the appealing 200 jumper. In any case, the first SUB 300 is without a doubt the brand’s most outstanding replica magic And when you have a replica magic in your back inventory, but made for just a year in 1967, that discovers its way into console fighter fights about the main plunge replica magic ever, I question why they reissued it as a restricted release in any case. Perhaps they were uncertain individuals would purchase them?

When the thin case SUB 300 returned, it ought to have been customary creation. Maybe the inventory pieces might have utilized the new logo and restricted version pieces the old logo. Or on the other hand, possibly just the “Lung” models ought to have been numbered. Whatever the case, this new delivery currently feels like a “oops, we fibbed” or a “just joking, those models truly aren’t so limited” event.

Remember the Panerai restricted version models?

In the early and mid-2000’s, Panerai was ablaze. They could truly choose whatever is best. Indeed, until they did. In 2007, the restricted release Panerai PAM00249 Radiomir with California Dial drove the replica magic gathering community wild. Here was a truly remarkable replica magic that turned out to be exceptionally hard to find. Costs dramatically increased at one point and individuals genuinely relished these replica magic Then, after 5 years they dropped the almost indistinguishable restricted release PAM00448 and really rankled the Paneristi.

Since that time, more California Dial Radiomirs have come our direction and now they’re even a piece of ordinary creation. Certainly, these replica magic have little contrasts, yet in-your-face gatherers didn’t and don’t truly care. They felt tricked, were distraught, some avoided the brand, and estimations of the first 249 plunged. This doesn’t imply that they’re not incredible looking replica magic But rather why not cause them as standard creation from the to get go? On the off chance that a brand utilizes a restricted version to test the market rather than just strikingly placing it into creation, it can end in a mess.

Businesses need to endure, however at what cost

In the end, I realize that replica magic companies need to offer replica magic to endure. What’s more, with the situation of Doxa, the light most likely went off that they were perched on a potential deals gold mine with the first SUB 300 case. Possibly they expected that the distinctions in these models versus the previous restricted release pieces were sufficient to make some partition. What’s more, heck, possibly I’m wrong and ought to praise the way that one of the cooler, more wearable vintage-enlivened jumpers is currently accessible to everyone.

A word about the new Doxa 300 models

If you’re inquisitive about my opinion about these non restricted release Doxa 300 models at face esteem, I’ll loan a couple of words. From the composing I did on my Black Lung, it’s regular that I like these new pieces. The “no T” case is one of a kind with its window estimated precious stone and they wear very well because of an absence of tallness. Despite the fact that the three new tones aren’t truly attached to this case style, they look decent. By and by, I like the yellow Divingstar and the navy Caribbean best. The elastic is a decent alternative, however it’s a disgrace that the “beads of rice” arm band hasn’t been improved.

Your thoughts?

I singled out Doxa somewhat here, however we’ve seen different brands do something very similar previously. I’m really inquisitive regarding your opinion about companies appearing a couple of years after the fact with a declaration that your once elite restricted version is currently not so difficult to score. On the off chance that you’re available, leave us a vote and a few comments below.

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