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Seiko Spirit SCVE003 Review

Have you at any point succumbed to something in a flash and surprisingly? It’s happened to me with individuals, spots, plans, and, for this situation, a watch. Presently it may appear to be abnormal that my adoration for this watch was startling, since Seiko is one of my supreme most loved brands, however on the off chance that you had portrayed to me a watch with a red-highlighted silver dial, 40 mm case with 18 mm wire drags, and a topsy turvy 24-hour pointer, I presumably would have given you a hard “PASS.”  Thankfully all things being equal, I saw it first – and here we are.


Seiko Spirit SCVE003 Review

Case Polished treated steel Movement 4R37A Dial Silver/White with red accents Lume No Lens Domed Hardlex Strap Stainless steel Water Resistance 10 atm Dimensions 40.5 x 47.3mm Thickness 13.2mm Lug Width 18mm Crown 5.5 x 3mm Warranty 1 year through Seiko Price $200


At 40 mm, the SCVE003’s case is directly in my sweet spot for an easygoing games watch. The bezel is thick and restricted, giving the watch an attractive profile and decent partition from midcase to confront. The caseback highlights a gem window, which permits you to look in and watch the rotor of the 24-gem 4R37A breeze as it turns. The coin-edge crown is unguarded, which looks decent on this roundabout case. The carries depart a piece to be wanted – they are generally thick to the extent wire drags go, which gives them an in the middle, not exactly wire, not exactly strong look. What’s more, the 18 mm dispersing, little for a 40 mm case, doesn’t very fit with the extents of the remainder of the watch. Regardless of these misses, the carries do, notwithstanding, give you a larger number of alternatives than you may might suspect (more on that later). In general, the watch wears comfortably and I think it looks great.


The dial on this model is a two-layer sandwich, with light brushed silver on the top and red under – noticeable just in the round 24-hour marker and as a boundary around the date window. The top layer is finished with vertical brushing, which will look natural to the individuals who have seen an old Seiko 6138-8020 face to face. This is a decent spot to take note of that the SCVE003 is one of eight SCVExxx models, all with a similar format and plan however with various case and additionally dial complement colors.  They all look pleasant, yet none truly hit the recognize the manner in which the 003 accomplishes for me.  As simple and clear as the comparison is to make, the dial’s likeness to the Japanese banner makes this one a vexillologist’s dream and considerable to who any individual who likes straightforward, pretty design.

The “rising sun,” for this situation, is the 24-hour pointer, which sits above and left of focus, showing the hour of day with a solitary hand that movements once around its circle per day.  Keep at the top of the priority list that this isn’t a subsequent time-region work; it just rehashes the time showed by the essential hands, so when the middle hands are showing 12:00, the little hand will be straight up (12 PM) or straight down (noon).

The 24-hour marker is set apart around the outside in 3-hour increases, and those numbers are the lone ones on the dial (other than the date).  The essential time is set apart with applied stick markers on the hours and long and short painted records for quite a long time/seconds and 1/5 seconds, separately. The intense, steel Seiko logo is applied halfway on the 3:00 side of the dial.  The hands are straight and straightforward, almost indistinguishable in width to the hour markers; this makes a pleasant, even continuation of plan from the focal point of the hands out to the bezel.  The running place seconds hands has no tail and is painted a similar splendid red as the dial complements. The date window at 6:00 is relatively measured and inside outlined by the base layer of the dial; this plan makes finding and perusing the date simple without it watching upsetting or out of place.

Straps and Wearability

Out of the crate, the 003 comes with a non-tightened, 18mm, hardened steel arm band with a locking clasp.  Like all wristbands on wire-hauled cases, the end joins are level, leaving holes between the wristband and the case.  The combination of those holes and the dis-relatively little arm band width make the combo a miss for me. Possibly I’m too used to 20mm wristbands, and perhaps I would develop to value the plan with no guarantees, yet early introductions are difficult to overcome.

The uplifting news is that those wire carries really assist us with trip fixing the “problem.” Although the hole dispersing between the deep down bended pieces of the drags is just 18 mm, the distance between the straight pieces of the hauls is nearer to 20mm.  And since the drags are moderately meager, it’s simple to fit a bigger 20mm tie in the space and make the watch look even better.  I’ve been wearing the watch fundamentally on a 20mm worn&wound Model 1 lash, and the extents are great. It has likewise invested some energy in a 20mm nylon get through lash, and that combo was satisfying as well.

The watch was comfortable on the whole the tie and wristband combinations I attempted, so if the size of the 18mm wristband doesn’t trouble you, it’s an incredible option.  And if, similar to me, 18mm feels excessively little for you on this watch, it effectively accommodates 20mm groups and ties too.


As I noted at the top, I adored this watch immediately.  Despite its arm band issues and pieces of splendid shading I’m typically not attracted to, this one was a moment like. As with pretty much every Seiko – new and old – the SCVE003 is a genuine value.  They are accessible on Amazon and Rakuten from various sellers, as a rule somewhere in the range of $175 and $225.  For an all around planned, programmed sports watch with an in-house development, that’s a steal.  This is a Japanese homegrown market just watch, which implies 5 years prior you would struggle sourcing one without getting on a plane to Japan.  Today, nonetheless, purchasing from Japan (or from a shipper through Amazon) is a piece of cake.

This watch is planned basically and traditionally, which implies it will search useful for quite a long time to come.  And with the workmanship we’ve come to adore and anticipate from Seiko, the watch will surely keep going that long whenever looked after appropriately.  Taking a brief glance around Instagram, you’ll see that worn&wound essayists aren’t the lone watch bloggers to succumb to this watch, and subsequent to wearing it, you’ll comprehend why.