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Seiko Professional Specifications – PROSPEX

Dive watches have come and go since forever; the most unmistakable of them are pieces from Rolex and Omega. Submariners and Seamasters have graced the wrist of many, with some in any event, saying it’s the ideal device watch to wear. In any case, the people from the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) would don’t think so…

Much has been said about Seiko watches previously, however for any semblance of Seiko’s PROSPEX line, it has been decently limited.  Readers of our site may have seen one of them  here  and another one  here . Be that as it may, what truly makes the PROSPEX a piece worth having? Permit me to offer an alternate point of view, the PROSPEX viewpoint…

The PROSPEX, as the name infers, just signifies “Professional Specifications”. It is Seiko’s response to the professional world that wants only the absolute best from their watches. Thusly, professionals and enthusiasts of the arrangement the same have considered it as the quintessential very good quality Seiko device watch to own.

A little history exercise will reveal to you that the fame of a specific action called SCUBA (Self-contained submerged breathing contraption) jumping was on the ascent, harking back to the 1960s. We as a whole realize that the capacity to time the jump was vital to each jumper, and the outcome of which on the horological business was down evolving. Plunge watches have become the most mainstream watch around. Each watchmaker around the planet competition to create such a piece, and in it the first Seiko jumper watch was conceived – the 6217. The year was 1965, it was Seiko’s first since forever plunge into the universe of ‘high-end’ Professional Divers and furthermore one of the explanation that made Seiko jumpers a symbol that it is today.

From then on, Seiko has been producing a wide range of watches committed to the game. Going from moderate quartz pieces right to strong top of the line automatics. With the last becoming what was known as the PROSPEX.

PROSPEX watches are not to be mistaken for Seiko’s standard mechanical line-up of watches. The form nature of these watches are a long way from modest and they’re particularly much the same as that of a Rolex piece. A top of the line exactness instrument that came from the brand that was celebrated for modest end quartz. Speaking about form quality is only a glimpse of something larger here. The PROSPEX brand is wealthy in bleeding edge technology.

Seiko’s PROSPEX is additionally one of the main pioneers regarding jump watch headway. Permit me to count a couple of them: The PROSPEX is the principal jumper piece to embrace a titanium case in lieu of the standard steel case, the first to place a quartz development in a professional plunge watch, the first to utilize clay cover for remote ocean jumping, the first to utilize a cross breed simple advanced watch with a caution and the rundown proceeds. To finish everything off, the pieces are fueled by Seiko’s own special in-house developments, and we as a whole realize they are truly outstanding in the business today in each respect.

Although the PROSPEX line isn’t restricted to plunge watches, the setup offers a wide assortment of accuracy pieces committed to every profession that requires them. Comprising of programmed or quartz development, simple or computerized show, the PROSPEX line isn’t not difficult to get around with. It being a Japanese select exacerbates the situation. Most people can’t differentiate between a standard Seiko from a PROSPEX piece.

But do the trick to say, not all PROSPEX pieces acquired great reaction among lovers, each new presentation was an all in or all out for Seiko. Some got effective while others don’t. Yet, when they do, they hit it for sure, and more often than not, you most likely previously got it, it’s a jumper’s piece. The amassed information on jump watch headway they’ve procured isn’t to be played with. It’s no big surprise that the PROSPEX pieces are at times generalization to being exclusively Seiko’s jumpers line. In spite of this, the PROSPEX actually clung to their commitment to the brand, and that is to make the absolute best from Seiko’s innovation, for professionals and hopeful professionals alike.

To give you a brief look on what is the issue here, let us look to its most notorious piece of all – the Marine Master Professional or as it is more known as the “Tuna”. Seiko authorities have this affection for naming Seiko pieces since the initiation of their plunge watches. The “Fish” alongside the other PROSPEX piece were liable to naming by gatherers of the brand, with some in any event, bantering on what name to coin the watch with each time another plan comes up.

This happens for Seiko pieces as well as for the vast majority of the Japanese made watches out there. So why “Fish” for the Marine Masters? The begetting of the expression “Fish” on the Marine Master was a direct result of its similarity to a jar of fish. Others consider it the “Hockey Puck Watch” yet “Fish” for its effortlessness acquired the acknowledgment among gatherers. The Seiko Tunas accompanied a wide range of variety, with separation for the most part on its profundity rating and development utilized. To satisfy its name, we look no further than to the stupendous daddy of all – the SBDX011, taking home the title of “Head Tuna” moniker for its tremendous wrist presence and 1,000m profundity rating.

The “Head Tuna” houses a development that is desired by many. It utilizes a Seiko in-house type 8L35, which is a variation or basically, an undecorated development like that of the 9S55 (development utilized in the Grand Seiko line, another JDM collectible).  The 8L35 is a development deserving of the PROSPEX name, running at 28,800 vph, a force hold of 50 hours, a date pointer, hacking instrument and programmed twisting with an accuracy of +/ – 15 sec daily (can be aligned and changed). It is essentially a straightforward development that is worked to rearward in outrageous conditions. Straightforward, no contrivances, no transparent case back… Just a basic tough development that is made for the oceans.

All in all, the Seiko PROSPEX especially the Emperor Tuna is in short the best that Seiko has to bring to the table. Everything from assemble quality, to the development, to the set of experiences are out and out what a genuine professional longs for. It’s a boss piece that can go head to head with the absolute best the business can offer. With new pieces coming out each year combined with creative innovation not too far off, in addition to the mysterious like vintage scene in the market today. The PROSPEX Marine Master, may likely change your mentality on what Seiko watches genuinely are. Presently I can’t help thinking about how much the unfamiliar conversion scale is for the Japanese Yen these days…

Other eminent PROSPEX pieces are the Landmasters, the Fieldmasters and obviously the ones that are fueled by Seiko’s licensed Spring-drive system.

Photo credits for photographs 1 and 5 goes to Adam from Purists for permitting us to utilize his photographs. Much obliged to Shannon for allowing us to utilize photograph number 3 and 4.