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Sarpaneva Moonshine – the moon just makes me crazy

During Baselworld 2010 Sarpaneva showed a model that got enormous positive reaction. Following quite a while of making it more awesome, Sarpaneva currently delivers the new Moonshine.

Short after Stepan Sarpaneva delivered the Korona K2 Kaamos , he has another new watch! Perhaps you will recall Sarpaneva’s pre Basel competition , where he previously showed the huge moon. The new Sarpaneva Moonshine watch is a moon understanding that is more sculptural and striking than past models, with an inconspicuous yet obviously noticeable radiant moon stage show and the exceptional Sarpaneva look that says ‘Not planned in Switzerland’.

The Sarpaneva Moonshine will be accessible in tempered steel, 18-carat red or white gold and like appeared in the photograph above it’s additionally accessible with a DLC dark case. With a distance across of 42 mm and 10.2 mm thick this watch wears truly comfortable. Since the manner in which the drags are built, this watches really wears less than what you would anticipate from a 42 mm size and by and by I think this is incredible. Unadulterated wrist comfort!

In the opening underneath the enormous moon, the hour circle and moon stage plate are obvious. The development’s mainplate is changed to join periods of the moon work. The tempered steel moon stage wheel with radiant segment that addresses the moon’s position, pivots in 29.5 days. The average Sarpaneva signature for his moon stage watches, is the skelletonized rotor of the programmed development, highlighting two red or white gold masses and in the center the hand-engraved moon face.

Here’s what Stepan Sarpaneva needs to say about his most up to date creation:


The moon appears has various implications for a wide range of individuals; enough to fill many books for the dividers of libraries. Investigate the Internet, begin looking and you will you discover everything about the moon you never at any point imagined conceivable: Moon Tarot cards about the tormented soul and clairvoyant unsettling influences, the moon’s connection to the number 9, helping the searcher on the last phases of their excursion, the moon as a way of thinking of reflection, hallucination, higher cognizance, agreement of purpose… Then there’s the visionary viewpoints, similar to how the moon stage at one’s introduction to the world shapes certain individual qualities and the moon’s connection to the Zodiacal houses; entire arrangements of logical angles and information – for example the way a few plants, single celled animals and numerous creatures respond to the moon’s phases… And after this come the social perspectives, similar to the moon occasions in the Far East, the moon based schedules that individuals actually use in numerous societies corresponding to the normal calendar… The moon is something only interminable in the complexity of its meaning.

Perhaps that is the reason the moon draws in us so much; it is by all accounts something that unites everybody just as being the cosmic item closest the Earth that everybody can give an alternate significance to, or join a specific inclination to, without quarreling over their thought or judge who is correct and who isn’t right. Let’s be honest, the moon was here some time before we were, so it is just legitimate that it therefore has such an effect on almost everyone and everything. What you can say is that Stepan’s moon is a Finnish moon, and not a cheerful smiley moon like a few watches use… however that doesn’t make him boss. It is only that Finland is an intense spot to get by in. At the point when you live in murkiness for about a large portion of the year and in nonstop daylight the other half, it tends to draw out the limits in you and his moon sort of addresses that. It is a moon with a profound and genuine face when the sun sparkles in his face, while we never know without a doubt in the event that it very well may be partytime in the shadows…

The soul of the Moon. Caught in bleak woods during the most obscure hours, in palest evening glow. Supported by respectable craftsmans, refined flawlessly. A top note of northern despairing, prepared with lunacy. To be served distinctly to the picked few.

The value begins at 13,000 euro before charges for the tempered steel rendition. In red gold the cost will be 22,000 euro and in white gold 23,500 euro before taxes.

For more data check the Sarpaneva site or Facebook page .