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Sarpaneva K3 Black Moon

For the individuals who have perused my websites oftentimes, you have likely found out about the Finnish watchmaker, Stepan Sarpaneva, whom I met during the second European GTG and again at the dispatch of the new Dutch brand Grönefeld . A year ago July was the first occasion when I wrote about Sarpaneva, and that in the wake of seeing one of his watches ‘in the metal’ interestingly. It was unexplainable adoration with Sarpaneva’s Korona arrangement; for this situation it was a K3 Moonphase in black DLC with a rose gold moon.

Last februari Sarpaneva delivered his new Korona K3 Black Moon during a Black Moon function and because of the beautiful women I recommended to get one yourself in Helsinki. Everything I can say is that my pass to Helsinki has been reserved! When i’m back, second 50% of May, I will have heaps of photographs and stories to share.

A few months after the Black Moon function, Finnish photographic artist Vesa Kippola, shot some astounding photographs of this dull beauty. The 44mm wide and 9.6mm tick case is completely made in Finnland as is the excellent skelletonised multi-layer dial. Indeed, even the complete moonphase complication is planned and created in Finnland.

There’s been said a ton regarding the substance of Sarpaneva’s moon. Some call it irate, some pitiful, some will say it looks presumptuous or privileged. Or on the other hand perhaps it’s simply distrustful. One thing is without a doubt, it’s the most intruiging moonphase at any point made. It will keep you looking at it and pondering what’s the best depiction of it’s face. Furthermore, if the moonphase at the dialside isn’t enough you can generally investigate the rotor to get a decent look of the development and another irate, tragic, pompous, doubtful or refined moonphase.

The Sarpaneva Korona’s are fueled by the Soprod A10. The mainplate is changed by Sarpaneva to upgrade the bigger “skeleton” date circle highlight for the Korona K1 and K2 . The development of these two models, obvious through the caseback, has a rotor with white gold masses. Those skeleton dials are totally astonishing! Since Sarpaneva adjusted the movement’s mainplate he had the option to keep the case exceptionally meager, under 10mm. Particularly for a 44mm enormous watch, including a moonphase, this is uncommon and makes the watch substantially more comfortable to wear!

Stay tuned for more news about my outing to visit Stepan Sarpaneva in his atelier in Helsinki.