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Sarpaneva Black Moon wins Red Dot Design Award

Sarpaneva’s Black Moon isn’t only an excellent watch. The Black Moon is a complete idea that is assembled in a book, an artistic creation, dark moonphase sleeve buttons and obviously the lovely Korona Black Moon. This entire idea has won the 2009 Red Dot Design Award.

Sarpaneva Korona K3 Black Moon is the primary mechanical wristwatch to demonstrate the imperceptible and ever secretive new moon. Sarpaneva got the motivation from the perpetual despairing of the dim Finnish winter.

The complete Black Moon set was made to communicate this interesting capacity and is restricted to 20 pieces. The Korona K3 Black Moon comes with a book, an artwork and a couple of dark moonphase sleeve fasteners. The hand-bound book “Dark is the Moon” relates 1,000 year old legend of Lilith: the enchanting seductress, who goes after accidental men during the new moon… so you better “watch your BLACK” to know when you’re in danger.

The Korona K3 Black Moon not just offers a one of a kind capacity it is additionally an outright delight and unadulterated joy to wear. Like the Korona K1 , Korona K2 and ‘normal’ Korona K3 it has a distance across of 44mm and is just 9.6mm thick. For a fact I can say that it is quite possibly the most comfortable watches i’ve at any point had on my wrist. What’s more, by a wide margin the most comfortable watch of everything of 40mm and bigger.

When I visited Stepan Sarpaneva recently, this photographs was made of the development complete with moonphase module, which is noticeable behind the skeleton dial. Portions of the Soprod development, which is changed by Sarpaneva, are DLC treated to get coordinating dark components. This is noticeable through the skeleton dial and from the rear through the skeleton rotor which likewise has a dark moonphase or moonface 🙂

Congrats to Stepan Sarpaneva with winning the Red Dot Design Award with this interesting watch and concept.