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Richard Mille RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s Watch – Too good for diving?

Our new supporter Angus Davies got active involvement in the Richard Mille Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s Watch RM 025 and contemplates whether it’s excessively useful for diving…

I remained in the Richard Mille Boutique in the Hotel Kempinski nearby Lake Geneva. My enchanting host Elio visited to me about the superb watches in plain view while I tasted a flavorful coffee. Watches and caffeine, an exciting blend, ensured to make me hyperactive and over talkative.

Richard Mille are the adored brand which has won praises since it was established in 2001. They have not followed the way of horological show yet trample on virgin day off, their own particular manner to explore the making of very good quality watches.

Rafael Nadal’s #1 watch brand has looked for motivation from Formula One. It has outfit space-age materials and forefront innovation inside its neoteric watches. Painstaking tender loving care and top notch completing compare with haute horology offerings from the customary watchmaking establishment.

The huge range of splendiferous Swiss wristwatches was a delicacy to be appreciated. The enchanting subtleties of each model must be deliberately evaluated. Richard Mille are mechanical show-stoppers yet request an inquisitive brain of sensible insight to comprehend all the obscure details.

Those who have had just a short lived openness to the brand may erroneously excuse them as design. This would be askew. They are advanced and stylish however absolutely not silly or transient like a few brands which bear the brand name of a fragrance or design house.

Many will consider Richard Mille a brand inseparable from the tonneau molded case. Be that as it may, the brand offers watches showing various types of engineering to speak to changed tastes.

A round-cased watch got my attention for a few reasons and this is the focal point of my article. Richard Mille Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s Watch RM 025 signs its planned use with the picked soubriquet and the unidirectional bezel gazing back at me.

The dial

I am constantly cheered by the site of a sapphire case back as it permits me to enjoy horological voyeurism. The primary thing you notice with this watch is that the wearer is managed the cost of a perspective on the automated grandness inside the case not just by means of a sapphire precious stone working on it back yet in addition through the glass to the front. I love this part of the watch as it satisfies my working-class need to perceive what I am paying for.

The hour and moment hands are somewhat skeletonized, tipped in white. A force hold marker is situated to the upper left hand side of the dial adjoining the barrel. A force marker is situated to one side of the barrel, somewhere in the range of 12 and 1 o’clock. This shows the pressure of the fountainhead, guaranteeing the chronometer capacity of the development. Under 53 dNmn there is insufficient pressure in the origin, which may hinder the watches time keeping exactness. In the event that the pressure of the fountainhead is exorbitant, over 63 dNmn, the pointer hand enters a red zone flagging the potential for mischief to the movement.

A work pointer is situated at 4 o’clock. It is suggestive of a stuff selector pointer often found in a street vehicle fitted with a programmed transmission. As the crown is pulled out, the marker shows whether the crown is situated for winding (W showed), nonpartisan (N showed) or hand setting (H showed). It is an additional complication bound to enchant the lucky wearer.

The hours are set apart with white specks. Arabic numerals supplement these white markings at 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock. A tachymeter scale, utilizing more modest Arabic numerals, outlines the border of the dial. A progression of moment markers in a red shade, highlight between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock and match the color of the five-minute markers on the main quarter of the bezel.

Chrono counters are situated at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The pushers for the chronograph are situated on the left hand side of the case at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock.

The case

Richard Mille have gave this watch with its one of a kind three sided case. The caseback is arced to comfortably shape the wearer’s wrist. Evaluation 5 titanium spline screws highlight on the extensions and the case. The screws interspersing the case front hold it in a bad habit like grasp. They play a round of surprise with the wearer as they turn the bezel.

The bezel is a basic component of any jumper’s watch and this watch highlights two shields to forestall it being accidentally upset and the significant planning capacity lost.

Firstly, the bezel is unidirectional and furthermore preceding turning the bezel the wearer needs to at the same time press the pushers set apart with a red triangle and the number 30. The danger of timing erroneous conclusions has been significantly decreased with these enlivened features.

The case is accessible in three completions; 18-carat red gold, white gold or titanium. I lean toward the last mentioned. All varieties of the model, highlight 18-carat red gold hauls with screws for appending the tie safely to the case.

I only here and there notice ties, however run of the mill of this brand, this is no normal tie. It is made of perfluoroelastomer Kairez. A material regularly utilized in the drug and aviation ventures it gives huge advantages over a traditional elastic tie. The material offers improved life span because of its boss resistance to the sun, water, warmth and synthetic agents.

Water obstruction of 30 bar (300 meters) affirms this is a jumper’s watch deserving of its nomenclature.

The movement

If you glance through the sapphire case back you will see the base plate is just about as dark as the Nordic sky in winter. This is on the grounds that the base plate is developed from a composite material, carbon nano-fibre.

I as of late visited the Richard Mille producing office and was intrigued by this lightweight material. It has been dependent upon unimaginably high pressing factors and temperatures during its assembling. The outcome is a base plate with high physical and substance strength every which way. This material manages the cost of the development unfathomable dependability, forestalling any undesirable effects on the watches’ going train.

The balance wheel has variable latency which can be tweaked to the individual wearer. The watch doesn’t have a regular record agent therefore. In addition, aside from predominant chronometric results the equilibrium wheel has improved stun resistance.

The finessing of all angles is baffling, all pointed toward streamlining each specialized part of the watch. I’m an aficionado of finissage and thoroughly enjoy seeing blued screws and the Côtes de Genève theme on extensions. In any case, no such subtleties show up on the RM 025. A few perusers may expect that I would be frustrated by this. They would be mistaken.

The completing is commendable yet utilizes an advanced methodology which actually makes a hot shiver in the pit of my stomach. The development is hand gotten done with august anglage and breathtaking polishing. The stuff wheels are immaculate with round wrapping up. The commended designing of this watch is quickly evident when you hold it in your hands.


  • Felipe Massa was wearing a Richard Mille when he had his high velocity crash at the Hungaroring back in 2009. The watch was said to bear no scars from the unexpected deceleration of the vehicle and the g-compels it was exposed to as the vehicle experienced the tire wall.
  • A Richard Mille adapts to the savagely strong strike of Nadal and Bubba Watson’s immensely ground-breaking swing .
  • Pablo MacDonough can wear the RM 053 sure about its capacity to disregard sway during a competitive chukka.

I am certain that the RM025 can shake off the hazards underneath the sea’s surface and enough perform everything needed in an underwater emprise. Nonetheless, here’s the rub for me. This watch has been thoroughly designed with all parts of the watch persistently refined like a triple refined single malt. The outcome is an incomparable showing of watchmaking know how. It some how feels like heresy to open the RM025 to threatening seas.

I appreciate this watch is intended to endure remote oceans and possible damage from a periodic effect on rocks dwelling on the sea depths however this watch is the outcome of gifted assembling by a group of skilled people and by one way or another it feels discourteous to really utilize the watch for plunging. I would utilize a plunging computer when scuba jumping and cautiously pamper my RM 025 while remaining on dry land, affectionately stroking its beguiling forms. It is excessively useful for diving.

For more data you can visit the Richard Mille site . On account of Chronopassion for a portion of the photos.

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