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Revisiting An Icon – The Seiko Speedtimer

Our new donor, Evan Yueng, has a genuine obsession for the primary programmed chronograph. Like me! Despite the fact that I center basically around the outcome of the participation between Heuer, Breitling, Buren and Dubois-Depraz , Evan focusses on Seiko’s first programmed chronograph, the Speedtimer. 

It’s been a long time since the fever for the Rolex Daytona has started, and much more years since the approach of programmed chronographs themselves. Thinking back to the 70s, the Heuers and the El Primeros have taken a traction of the whole games watch industry by dashing to become the first to create a programmed chronograph. It’s been an accomplishment that has been bantered for such a long time on who truly won, however in the foundation of the entirety of this, another maker, discreetly made one to call their own – the Seiko 6139 or what others might want to call the Speedtimer.

It is half a month prior that I end up catching one of these vintage chronographs in heavenly condition. Shockingly, for a watch made back in the mid 70s, this piece isn’t little and wears bigger than most watches made in that equivalent period. This is presumably a direct result of the enormous “UFO” planned case that makes the piece wear bigger than typical. The Seiko 6139 chronograph did arrived in an assortment of dial and internal bezel shading combinations. This specific adaptation is indeed the 6139-6002 or the “Pogue”, exactly the same piece that Col. William Pogue worn in his Skylab Missions (look at this connection!!) , becoming the main programmed chronograph worn in Space.

The 6139s arrived in a wide assortment of dials, the 6139-6002 piece pictured in this article is indeed the global variant of the piece.

The Japanese homegrown models offers an alternate touch, by having the “Seiko Speedtimer” name underneath the 12 o’clock rather than the standard “Chronograph Automatic”. It is most sure that in the collector’s scene on vintage Seiko, the Speedtimer dials are more sought after in light of its restrictiveness to the Japanese market. It is additionally one of the motivation behind why the piece was called Speedtimer in any case. For evident reasons, the piece envisioned isn’t brandishing the Speedtimer dial but instead the standard worldwide form of it like the piece worn by Pogue.

For any Seiko gatherers, or watch authorities so far as that is concerned, the 6139 in itself is a piece deserving of recognition. As the company’s initial endeavor into programmed chronograph, Seiko did it with style. Donning a well known Red-Blue bezel, advocate by the Rolex GMT-Master, with a differentiating shade of the section ring (inward bezel) with the sunburst dial, this piece is gaudiness marked all throughout.

With each one of those shading combinations, you may be failing to remember that this piece here is a valid in-house fabricated chronograph with a solitary sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position matching 30 minutes. It is a genuine designing accomplishment for Seiko even as of not long ago. Nonetheless, Seiko quit delivering the 6139 back in the mid 80s, notwithstanding its prosperity. It is a result of this that the 6139 have built up a faction following among Seiko fans worldwide and has become a piece of history worth possessing. A decent piece can be had at around 150-200 (USD) mark is crazy, adding the set of experiences that goes with it, the 6139 offers outstanding amongst other mechanical chronograph piece from the good ‘ol days, giving the best value for the money cash can buy.

Be vigilant however of pieces that has been seriously updated, and with so numerous secondary selling parts accessible available. It’s elusive one in full unique condition. The people over at WUS (Watch U Seek) have figured out how to compile in extraordinary detail on the most proficient method to purchase a Seiko 6139 , so on the off chance that you’re on the lookout for one, may be a smart thought to head on finished. Vintage Seiko are abundantly, however getting one in entirely saved condition is the rush behind it and once you’re chomped by the “vintage bug”, don’t be shock that you’ll before long be scouring for more.

The second photograph is from Dan. Look at his #WOMW blog:

This article is composed by Evan Yueng, contributing author for Monochrome Watches .