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Ressence Series One: Type 1003 – Reviewed

Not simply active, yet our giver Max had the chance to wear the Ressence Type 1003 for certain weeks. For a decent audit, that’s what you need to do, to find out about how a watch truly is on the wrist, how it is to search for the specific time and on the off chance that it “suits you”. 

“Look Mom, No Hands,” said this youthful fellow as he took his hands off the bike’s handlebars; the youthful young ladies paid heed. At the point when I rode my first exciting ride, a similar affirmation of opportunity accompanied the napkin’s head-first dive into insensibility, “Look, No Hands.” There is boasting to the handless case, which without a moment’s delay resists show and pulls out all the stops. Opportunity. The proprietor of a Ressence Series One can push his wrist toward the sky with equivalent case, “Look, no hands.”

Having went through half a month with the Series One Type 1003, I feel stunned, which is a risky condition for a columnist. Having appreciated this watch since its presentation, accepting it reviewed recollections of Christmas morning, and the watch surpassed my assumptions. However oversimplified and downplayed as the moderate plan seems to be, its compelling splendor has an impression; individuals notice.

The company name, Ressence, is a compression of Renaissance and Essence (strict French interpretation is Renaissance of the Essentials), flagging a recharged way to deal with the watchmaking create. The Type 1003 doesn’t shout, it doesn’t bounce around, the watch stays there discreetly, unassuming on the wrist, with its calculated shrewdness on full presentation. As da Vinci said, “La semplicità è l’ultima sofisticazione.”

Overall Appearance

The just obvious hand that you will discover on the Ressence is its logo with an outstretched hand offering a handshake. Rather than moving hands, the watch has moving dials with applied pointers. The logo’s all inclusive philanthropic signal mirrors the charitable soul of the company, which Belgian inventive Benoît Mintiens established, intruding on a renowned mechanical plan vocation to begin a watch company. Ressence is something other than another watch company; it is living motivation. Similarly as Mintiens has left his mechanical mark across Europe, so he establishes a permanent connection with the Ressence Series One.

When the debut Zero Series initially hit Basel in 2010, it drummed up some excitement. Writers continued commenting about what it looked like precisely like the Harry Winston Opus X, and initially, there are similitudes that end at the degree of appearance. The distinctions of how the watches work, the beginning of their plans, and their free development drove Harry Winston and Ressence to meet and concur that however there are likenesses, the two watches reflect various ideas. Interruptions aside, Ressence was allowed to gloat, “Look, no hands.”

The Series One, descendants of the Zero Series , conveys forward the galactic plan of turning dials. Prompt Gustav Holst’s orchestra on the Planet Jupiter while reviewing Galileo’s utilization of Jupiter’s four moons, otherwise called the Jovian or Galilean Satellites, to quantify time. Galileo found that Jupiter overshadowed its moons 1,000 times each year and with such a horological consistency as to be paradise’s clock. The Ressence Type 1003 with its orbital dials reviews such divine superbness. The sub-dials cross the essence of the watch, showing time in enormous fashion.


One of the things individuals notice about the Series One is its particular method of estimating time. Rather than hands, these Ressence watches utilize four turning dials furnished with applied white pointers, which pivot inside part rings. In the design of the Biblical Ezekiel’s vision of wheels inside wheels, there are dials inside dials. The biggest dial contains a pointer for the minutes, which sits as a comet’s tail under the hours sub-dial, and the pointer tracks along the watch face’s perimeter. Inside the bigger dial are one bigger hour sub-dial and two more modest sub-dials. Profoundly cleaned steel part rings individually scratched with the hours, seconds and 24-hour signs encompass each sub-dial. As the dials move, the steel part rings stay in a fixed direction and circle around the watch face. The whole watch face or dial is level. This flush introduction is a mark takeoff from the natural 3-D technique for addressing time.

The landing page for the company site permits you to see the dials in real life, and the page is situated here:

Once I got the hang of looking for the hours on the sub-dial part ring and the minutes on the dial’s fixed fringe section ring, then all I required was a look to tell the time. Mintiens shares, “The root of the dial idea has been the perception that perusing time available/dials, when prepared, is quicker than understanding digits. The human cerebrum has created intellectual examples that decipher a picture projected by the situation of the hands into time origination. This information has become general.” All it takes is a reorientation from the conventional moving-hands’ spatial portrayal of time to another direction with moving-dials, yet a similar psychological interaction is at work.

Of specific note is the shade of the titanium dial. Is it dark? Is it earthy colored? Both. Some depict the dial tone as a characteristic warm tone, which neglects to pass on its miracle. With changing light conditions, this chameleon dial will quietly move its shading like a reptile’s camouflage.

The spooky green lume sparkles brilliantly in obscurity, considering consistent perceivability by featuring the pointers and the section rings. The lume is brilliant. See Frank’s recognition and photos of the earlier Zero Series lume here .


The case is restricted to its wide steel barrel, sandwiched among front and back wrapping gems. The upper gem envelopes the dial with both broadening vertically down the case side, outwardly joining the gem and dial. Rather than the obvious case back screws of the Zero Series, the Series One has a gem stuck to the skeleton. Since the upper gem folds over the side of the watch, it makes a slight contortion when seeing the dial at an extraordinary point; a mannerism that I find charming. The wire hauls fit to a removable fastened plate whose screws add a modern touch. The hauls point descending expanding the watch’s comfort. The scarcity of steel packaging makes the dial the watch’s point of convergence, or one may say the emphasis is on reading a clock, which gets at the embodiment of horology. Introducing a renaissance, even.

Considering the remainder of the case, the crown grabs the attention. To house the locking system, the crown, truly all the more a cone, has critical expansion, yet this additionally gives added grasp to the turning. Never did the crown tie into my wrist; generally speaking, the watch was comfortable to wear, and the watch’s weight felt unimportant. At 42mm, its size hit the sweet spot for me, and however enormous, the watch seems sensible on the wrist.

The lash has a round and hollow catch delivery and mono-sending fasten. The Type 1003 was not difficult to put on and take off, and I lean toward the mono to the butterfly sending catches. The gator lash adds to the lavish presence, and the tie has a well used, nearly vintage, feel.

Movement and Crown

When you turn the crown, you comprehend why Ressence selected to adjust the ETA 2824-A2 with its extra force. You can feel the drag of the dials, which are a lot heavier than regular hands. The crown turns more like a wrench, having the feeling that some genuine customization exists in. What amount? Who can say for sure? Regardless of a straightforward caseback, a full-length rotor disguises the exclusive workings under. Why have a transparent caseback if there isn’t anything to see?

To set the time, the crown hook should be opened, and the watch has an astute locking idea. At the point when bolted, the lock is undetectable, requiring a fingernail to flip it open. Opening the crown uncovers a green-for-go foundation (each Type has its own tone), and the dance of the planets can start. When setting the time, you get the quick forward perspective on the plates rotating.

Finding a Ressence is the test on the grounds that the whole Series One was restricted to 150 pieces, and just 6 are Type 1003. The Series One creation comes in Types 1001-1005 with an assortment of dial tones: 1001 (dark dial), 1002 (silver dial), 1004 (record dial) and 1005 (like the 1003, yet has an unequivocally simpler tone to deliver and utilizes an aluminum rather than titanium dial). The Type 1003’s extraordinariness is because of the ability needed to create the dial’s tone, restricting its development. On the off chance that uniqueness is your need, the Series One possesses all the necessary qualities, however the Type 1003 is in an alternate world altogether, a cosmic abnormality. There are just six! Since the watch has left, I am in grieving, lamenting the deficiency of wearing a horological achievement.

The Verdict: Pros and Cons


  • A satellite plan conceived out of a modern designing way to deal with watches. By plan, I mean esthetics, development, and the novel origination of telling time.
  • The chameleon dark/earthy colored dial color.
  • Its sheer effortlessness, which limits what one can distinguish to adulate, however similarly makes that acclaim even more significant.
  • A quality crocodile lash with a similarly unmistakable tone and a protected clasp.
  • The lume.
  • At $19,500, the watch is estimated genuinely given its creativity (Opus X aside).


  • The sub-dial’s cleaned steel rings are cleaned to the point that in direct daylight, it is hard to peruse the markings.
  • I would have loved a smoother feel to turning the crown.
  • Again, why have a transparent caseback if there isn’t anything to see?

Technical Specifications for the ZeroSeries:


  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Height: 13 mm
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Weight of Type 1001, Type 1004 & Type 1005: 110 gr. (3.87 ounces)
  • Weight of Type 1002 & Type 1003: 125 gr. (4.41 ounces)


  • Modified 2824-A2 caliber
  • Hour, moment, second and am/pm indicators
  • Patented framework planned & created in-house
  • Triple bi-pivotal off-focused incorporated & flush-mounted circling satellites
  • 40 jewels


  • Double 3D sapphire glass with hostile to reflective covering inside
  • Thickness changes from 1.10 mm to 1.90 mm in the middle as it is curved


  • Type 1001: Aluminum Alloy, dark tangle, anodized, white Superluminova graphics
  • Type 1002: Titanium grade 5, material tone, and silk completed, dark graphics
  • Type 1003: Titanium grade 5, characteristic warm tone, and impacted, dark or white graphics
  • Type 1004: Aluminum Alloy, record dark, anodized, white Superluminova graphics
  • Type 1005: Aluminum Alloy, regular warm tone, and white Superluminova graphics

Strap: Alligator, real carbon fiber or calf skin

A exceptional thank you to Alexis Sarkissian of Totally Worth It for crediting me his own watch. TWI sells Ressence, and you can discover one here: Upbeat Holidays!

This article is composed by Max E. Reddick, contributing author for Monochrome Watches .