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Record price for Heuer Monaco and Rolex Submariner ref. 5512

During the last Antiquorum sell off, held at June eleventh, a few pieces that had a place with Steve McQueen sold at record costs.

Earlier this month Antiquorum unloaded 2 wristwatches and a bike that had a place with Steve McQueen . Obviously it’s consistently the inquiry if McQueen truly utilized the watches and bike oftentimes or not. Individual blogger Robert-Jan expounded on the McQueen Submariner a month ago. Looking at the value these pieces went for, the bidders clearly didn’t stress over that.

All McQueen’s pieces, the Rolex Submariner ref. 5512, the Heuer Monaco worn in the film Le Mans and his old motorbike went for considerably more than at first estimated.

The vintage Rolex Submariner was assessed to sell between € 7.500 and € 15.000 and sold for, clutch your panties… € 167.000 !! This is a record cost for a Rolex Submariner ref. 5512.

Usually vintage Sea-Dwellers like the ref. 1665 twofold red or single red get exceptional costs. Additionally the soonest vintage Submariners go at monstrous costs. BJSOnline made a short authentic outline of the diverse Submariner models, incorporating the early Submariners with plated dials and no crown watches i’m alluding to.

Another record cost was set for the amazing Heuer Monaco, McQueen wore in the 1971 dashing film Le Mans. This vintage Heuer Monaco ref. 1133 sold for around € 63.000. At no other time a Heuer Monaco was sold for a particularly high price.

In expansion, McQueen’s Scott Super Squirrel cruiser, painted by Von Dutch, gotten a dumbfounding € 198.000 — more than twofold its estimate.

Although we are in a serious prudent emergency, it appears to be that costs paid for phenomenal watches expands like never before previously. Not just costs paid for exceptionally uncommon or extremely complicated watches rise, however now likewise watches claimed by popular individuals bring a lot more exorbitant costs than any time in recent memory before.

Now i’m inquisitive how the following sale will go… check the list of the upcoming closeout in Hong Kong out on Antiquorum’s site !