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Raven Trekker 40 Review

Throughout the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity, Raven Watches has started to rethink themselves as a brand. A piece of the SteVral gathering, which likewise incorporates apparatus jump most loved Benarus, Raven used to be such a tribute watch brand. Their watches explicitly played off of celebrated Submariner references, once in a while combining components from various models, reconsidered in bigger cases and frequently with extraordinary water protections. They were without a doubt cool watches that alongside restricted numbers acquired a religion status and sold out quick.

With the Defender model delivered in 2015, Raven altered course. Their watches were as yet intense apparatus watches made to confront the components, yet rather than be tributes to explicit brands, they talked for the most part to mid-century military watch configuration, combining as one subtleties that vibe natural into new concepts.

To follow up the Defender, they advanced this new idea with the Trekker 40. Another cross breed plan, this one addresses vintage military plunge looks just as field watches. As the name proposes, it’s an outside watch that is intended for a blend of conditions above and beneath water, including a 300m WR and incredible lume. It’s additionally more humbly measured than most present day apparatus watches at 40mm, expanding its flexibility and comfort.


The Trekker 40 comes in a few varieties, including matte or brushed case, white or white/yellow lists and with or without date. The one we are surveying highlights a matte case, white/yellow dial without date, which is reference RT06. The Trekker is controlled by the Miyota 9015, and comes with an arm band, elastic tie and nylon mil-lash for $750 in addition to shipping.


Raven Trekker 40 Review

Case Bead Blasted Steel Movement Miyota 9015 Dial Black Lume BGW9 Lens Domed Sapphire Strap Bracelet, Rubber and Nylon Water Resistance 300m Dimensions 40 x 50mm Thickness 13.5mm Lug Width 20mm Crown 7.5 screw down Warranty Yes Price $750


The instance of the Trekker 40 clues at some exemplary plans while not having any immediate references. There’s a hint of sub in there, yet additionally something more military, similar to a Benrus type II. It’s kind of nostalgic for the time frame, giving you the vibe of something mid-century in a cutting edge apparatus watch. The 40 x 50 x 13.5mm case is a sound medium that ought to be not difficult to pull off with an assortment of wrists. The stature is likewise mostly discredited due to the case sapphire gem. This is one of only a handful few absolutely tasteful subtleties of the watch, however one that adds a ton of character. Certainly, it might have been a level sapphire, which may have been all the more evident device watch, however the tall gem truly adds mid-century pizazz, inferring old Tudor subs and so forth. Besides, it’s still sapphire, so very tough.

The case itself has an exceptionally basic in plan. The mid-case has section sides and wide tightening carries that seem as though they could get destroyed. From the side, the profile implies a piece at a sub, with genuinely straight lines that twist down marginally at the drags. They are penetrated through for simple tie trading. On the correct side you’ll locate a gigantic 7.5mm wide by 5mm tall screw-down crown. It’s a cool plan with a thin chamber that prompts a more extensive, grasped chamber. The restricted chamber makes a hole between the crown and case, which has a cool impact. The external surface at that point has a raven shield logo neatly scratched in.

The bezel stands tall dismissed from everything related this issue with instituted sides that adjust flush to the midcase. It has profound notches that outwardly mirror the finishing of the crown, integrating them. The bezel instrument is 120-click uni-directional with a decent vibe and next to zero back-play. Clearly, this component style is the exemplary plunge style, instead of say an erosion bezel or bi-directional bezel. All things considered, the watch is even more an adaptable game watch than explicitly a jumper, however it sports a 300m water opposition, which positions it among normal divers.

The case back is strong steel with extremely negligible markings. In the center is only the Raven shield logo and no different markings or subtleties. I end up preferring how diminished it is, causing it to feel sterile and specialized. Concerning completing, the example shown is globule impacted matte. It’s an exceptionally even and honestly an excellent completion that gives the watch an unpretentious, delicate sheen which loans a reasonable mil-spec feeling. It’s important that form quality all around is top-notch.


Once once more, the dial feels natural, however is its own plan. It’s really the more exceptional component, however plainly addresses an assortment of exemplary game and military pieces. The surface is matte dark on which a few intense files. The essential list includes huge numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 with long square shapes at different hours, all lumed with BGW9 superluminova. The plan has somewhat of an Explorer/pilot feel, yet executed in its own style. Around the border is then a moment/second list with yellow runs each moment/second and little triangles at 0, 15, 30 and 45. The long square shapes from the hour record are important for this file too, which is a detail that truly works.

The yellow is the most unforeseen component of the dial, and however discretionary, one that I think adds some particular character to the watch. The yellow isn’t splendid or repulsive, rather it’s somewhat consumed and mustardy, adding some glow to the dial and highlighting the white markings. Back to the hours, the typeface picked for the huge numerals is appealing, with a perfect, tight plan that is extremely simple to peruse initially. Also on the dial surface is a bunch of Raven logos under twelve and “automatic” “300 Meters” over 6. All are kept genuinely controlled and don’t divert. In conclusion, there is no date, however date is accessible as an alternative. I very like this watch in no-date assortment as there is a decent evenness both on a level plane and vertically about the dial.

The bezel embed stretches out the dial surface to the edges of the case. It’s strong dark with a straightforward list that’s retro-jumper. At time frames are blocky indented markers loaded up with BGW9 lume and numerals at 15, 30 and 45. At 12 is basic a lumed “pearl”. It certainly brings early military jumpers like the Fifty Fathoms to mind, however has a bolder, blunter execution.

The hour and moment hands on the Trekker are a straightforward square shape with adjusted edges and lume filling. They feel more military/field than jumper and function admirably with the general plan. The seconds hand is then a stick with a lume filled square towards its tip and a huge stabilizer. The second hand is additionally in yellow to coordinate the file underneath. It fills in also, unquestionably drawing some consideration. All things considered, I’d like to see a rendition of the watch with the white seconds hand and yellow list, or a yellow tipped second hand as opposed to all yellow.


The Raven Trekker comes with a wristband, elastic tie and nylon mil-lash. Furthermore, a calfskin lash is accessible through Raven for $55. I attempted them all, so let’s start with the wristband. It’s a thick steel celebration style with more extensive connections on one or the other side of more modest connections. It’s 20mm at the carries with strong end-interfaces that tightens to 18mm at the fasten. The connections have a cool plan. They are absolutely level against the wrist, however domed on the top-side from one edge to another, similar to each was cut from a split bar. This, when blended in with the dab impact finish, gives each connection a cool inclination that shifts in the light. Tastefully, the wristband proceeds with the vintage-style/present day construct subject and is very comfortable gratitude to some side-to-side flex.

The elastic tie is straightforward, with an absolutely level top surface and no surface. It’s straight cut, and moderately slender, making it genuinely comfortable. It’s exceptionally utilitarian looking, and keeping in mind that would take care of business where water is concerned, didn’t add anything to the watch stylishly. The nylon mil-tie, then again, had much greater character. It’s a light dim tone with a trace of powder blue, making it a one of a kind shading that functions admirably with the plan of the watch. It’s additionally very delicate nylon, milder than other nylon lashes I’ve felt previously. This would be a convenient choice for more sweltering weather.

Lastly, the calfskin tie that is accessible has a pleasant rough look that compliments the vintage parts of the Trekker well. It’s a 20mm straight cut lash made out of thick, oiled dim earthy colored cowhide with a decent draw up, carrying lighter tones to its surface. It’s sewed around the edge with a thick, grayish string that gives some differentiation to the calfskin. It’s got done with a pre-v-esque clasp (it’s somewhat more modest and rounder) that is additionally matte wrapped up. As a rule I incline toward calfskin lashes on my looks as I like the character cowhide adds to a watch, just as the comfort of cowhide. With the Trekker it truly adds a classy, tough edge to it that made it fit in well with my attire.


Part of what makes the Trekker an attractive watch is essentially its size. At 40 x 50mm, it’s truly wearable and compact. I’d venture to such an extreme as to say 40mm is an ideal size for a jump watch/watch with bezel, as the breadth permits the bezel to be significant without excessively limiting the dial. In the mean time, it doesn’t feel or look larger than usual on the wrist. The marginally longer drags at that point make the watch work on wrists that are bigger also. It’s comfortable as well. I went through numerous a day both all around with the Trekker on my wrist and discovered it to be one of those watches that you could without much of a stretch fail to remember was on your wrist. The solitary incidental discomfort came from the crown, which can delve into your hand at some angles.

Boots Courtesy of Grantstone

Style-wise, the Trekker is a champ too. It has that simple military inclination that numerous brands pursue and few prevail at. It helped from numerous points of view to remember wearing a Benrus Type II, which I’ve just had the joy of multiple times. They’re both rough and masculine, yet unobtrusive as it were and positively not gaudy. I found the Trekker took a gander at home with my fall/winter staples of work boots, pants, over-shirts, etc… It’s additionally a watch that will age pleasantly, unquestionably looking great for certain scratches and scratches.


The Raven Trekker 40 is an extraordinary watch that addresses a cool heading for the youthful brand. The watch looks extraordinary, is estimated well, is unshakable and is a good worth. At $750 with an arm band, elastic lash and nylon mil-tie, this 9015 controlled programmed is reasonably valued and a decent unit. It’s not “cheap” however any individual who has taken a stab at or claimed a Raven or Benarus watch will disclose to you the quality is there and outperforms watches that cost undeniably more. It’s additionally worth a smidgen more, as this is likely going to be a watch you’ll wear a great deal and in conditions different watches wouldn’t reasonable also in.

Apart from the actual watch, this new heading for Raven is promising. Apparatus and military-plan watches are unquestionably cool, and keeping in mind that a ton of brands play at them, they are regularly created. Raven appears to get what makes them work on a major level. And keeping in mind that their praise watches were fun, these are probably going to have a more extensive crowd and really resilience in an assortment. Anticipating what they come out with next.

The Raven Trekker is accessible through Jan first at a markdown of $650, get one today.