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Rare Roger Dubuis watches

Sometimes you see a watch and you promptly ‘fall in love’ with it. This doesn’t occur time after time, however imagine a scenario in which this occurs with two watches from a similar brand.

Recently a companion sent me about a watch that was available to be purchased at a nearby watch store . He knoww I have a shaky area for mono-poussoir chronographs. The watch was a Roger Dubuis Hommage Mono-poussoir in white gold with a salmon shading dial. A salmon shading dial isn’t my typical pick, however this one was so beautiful….

On the wrist the dial simply suits the whole watch consummately and I wouldn’t transform anything about it. The etching of the dial is totally shocking. It’s unfathomably complex, yet by no means ‘loud’. This watch has all the ingredients I like, a mono-poussoir chronograph, a totally dazzling development which is superbly completed, exemplary at this point not very convential configuration, subtleties that will keep me intriguiged and it’s made by a free watchmaker.

Now I understood this was not the main Roger Dubuis I went gaga for. The other one was an advertisment in a watch magazine I have seen quite a while back, when I just began to get into watches. The notice showed a man finding a spot at a table with a paper and some coffee. On his wrist was the Roger Dubuis Golden Square Tourbillon with roman numbers. Shockingly I can’t discover any photograph of that specific advertisement.

Of course around then I had no clue about what a free watchmaker was, not to mention who Roger Dubuis was. Fortunately I discovered my way to this ‘niche’ in the watch business. What’s more, a specialty it is. Most watch devotees/authorities are not actually acquainted with the name and distinction of free watchmakers. With the little creation number and little notice spending plans this really doesn’t come as an astonishment. When I visited the watch-store to investigate the excellent Hommage Mono-poussoir, I was astounded to see they had two more Roger Dubuis watches!

All three models are from the Hommage assortment, which is the primary assortment be delivered by make Roger Dubuis. The brand Roger Dubuis is named after watchmaker Roger Dubuis who fabricate this brand together with Carlos Dias. Dias, as originator, proprietor and fashioner, had an objective to make a production that was completely autonomous. He succeeded and each and every piece of the delivered watches where created in-house.

Roger Dubuis was liable for the specialized angles. Prior to joining Dias, Dubuis established his own aterlier in 1980 in the wake of creating complications for Patek Philippe. Dias named the production after his companion and colleague Roger Dubuis.  And as an accolade for Dubuis, he named the primary line Hommage.

In August 2008, the Richemont Group purchased the assembling Roger Dubuis, yet they will proceed to produce and appropriate watches under the ‘Roger Dubuis’ name. Presently back on topic… I was completely flabbergasted to see three models of the Roger Dubuis line at my nearby watch-store. Totally uncommon watches, on the grounds that Roger Dubuis delivered just 28 bits of each dial/case combination!

Below is the Roger Dubuis Hommage, a period just model. Check the Roger Dubuis site to see the whole assortment; you can see both the first assortment and the current assortment. This style-symbol beneath is 40mm in width and made of rose gold. Inside is the in-house planned and created type RD14. This programmed development has 48 gems and 171 sections in total. With a frequency of 4Hz (or 28,800 bph) it runs for 48 hours without being wound.

All developments utilized in Roger Dubuis watches bear the Poincon de Genève or Geneva Seal  as proof of the sublime quality and finish. At the Roger Dubuis site you can see an exceptionally pleasant short film about the quality and in-house creation of the movements.

Also intriguing is the meeting with Carlos Dias , The PuristS Pro did with him a few years ago.

If you like to find out about the watches above, visit the watch-store’s site .