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Pre-SIHH 2012 – New Cartier Tank – what will it look like?

Cartier as of now launched several pre-SIHH delivered from the Fine Watchmaking Collection, anyway they stay quiet about this year’s curiosities of the typical assortment. Despite the fact that they have given us some hints…

A few weeks prior they dispatched a secret video, called “The Story never stops” (see underneath). It’s really an exhausting video for certain years being featured. However, for the individuals who think about Cartier’s history, they will see that these years are the very years that Cartier delivered new models of the Tank collection. A sensible conclusion would be that Cartier is going to deliver another Tank, yet what will it look like?

The first date referenced is 1917, which is the year Cartier planned the primary Tank, the purported Tank Normale. In that time the French military were effectively utilizing the reinforced Renault tank. Motivated by its appearance, Louis-Joseph Cartier planned a model of the Tank Normale, with a square dial between two vertical bars. This alludes to the two tracks of the tank were longer than the machine between them.

The initial six (creation) models went marked down in December 1919 and they featured characteristics like a matte silver dial, chemin-de-fer section rings, dagger-molded hands in blued treated steel and a sapphire cabochons on the crown. Inside was a manual breeze development of 9-ligne type size. These initial six creation models where sold in 1919; in the next years the yearly offer of Tanks was likewise never high. The most elevated yearly deals was 152 pieces, which were sold in 1962, when the all out number of all Tank watches at any point sold arrived at 2092 pieces.

A new form of the Tank Normale was dispatched in 1973. It acquired the embodiment of the primary model from 1917.

Now back to the unavoidable issue, what will the new Tank resemble? You can investigate the video, however it doesn’t show substantially more than the years.

This is the whole rundown of years referenced and the Tank models that were delivered in that particular year:

  • 1917 – Tank Normale
  • 1921 – Tank Cintrée
  • 1928 – Tank a Guichets
  • 1932 – Tank Basculante
  • 1936 – Tank Asymétrique
  • 1989 – Tank Americaine
  • 1996 – Tank Francaise
  • 2002 – Tank Diva

All referenced Tank models, aside from the Tank Divan, are rectangular formed. The Tank Divan has the bars, yet the watch has a TV-screen shape which implies its measurements through and through are not as much as when estimating from left to right. Additionally the Tank Asymétrique is somewhat of an odd one in this rundown. While it highlights a rectangular case, with two bars on either side, the watch’s face and tie connection is asymmetrical, subsequently the name. What’s more, not to disregard the Tank Basculante with its reversable case.

So the inquiry emerges, what is Cartier attempting to reveal to us? Cartier dispatched a lot more Tank models, anyway the years they dispatched square-formed Tank models, are not recorded in the video. Just the Tank Divan, and perhaps the Asymétrique, are the exceptions.

Maybe it’s a since quite a while ago shot, however since Cartier dispatched its first in-house type in the standard assortment (Caliber de Cartier) in 2009, we surmise that Cartier will launch a rectangular Tank, highlighting a new in-house movement. Based on past deliveries (by and large), we think they’ll discharge the new Tank on a leather tie and one year from now they’ll discharge the wristband rendition. Although Cartier has a background marked by first delivering a gold model and later come with the treated steel model, I surmise they’ll do likewise similarly as with the Caliber de Cartier and first delivery the tempered steel version.

For now it remains guessing…

All photographs are made by GEO, arbitrator of the Revo-Online Cartier gathering, who just posted a great post about various Cartier Tank models and their set of experiences . A recommended read!