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Podcast — Omega’s Brand Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas

We are regarded to have Petros Protopapas, Omega’s Brand Heritage Manager, on our webcast. His first appearance on a webcast ever, and we talk Omega’s Constellation assortment. From 1952 to now.

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Petros  Protopapas

We can’t envision you have not known about Petros Protopapas if you’re into Omega replica magic He drives the Omega gallery and files division, along with a group of specialists and a watchmaker. Despite the fact that he has been accompanying us on various events, those were all Speedmaster related. It’s time to discuss something different for a change. We requested that Petros Protopapas get on our show to discuss the Omega Constellation.

Omega Constellation

Introduced in 1952, as the leader of the Omega assortment, is the Constellation family. These chronometer-guaranteed replica magic were top of the bill and still are today. Lovely in-house types with copper-hued plating are as yet top pick among gatherers. Petros discusses the archetype chronometer replica magic (the Centenary) and about those first Constellation replica magic We did a top to bottom article on those first Constellations ( click here ) a couple of years ago.

From pie-dish to incorporated bracelets

Just as of late, Omega presented their Constellation gentlemen assortment in 39mm ( click here ) and  41mm ( click here ). Yet, this plan isn’t precisely new. It depends on the Constellation “Manhattan” that Omega presented on the 30th birthday celebration of this assortment, in 1982. Effectively during the 1970s, Omega began to utilize incorporated arm bands, however not however refined as it seemed to be in 1982. Petros Protopapas talks us through the historical backdrop of the Constellation and offers some beautiful fascinating stories on the Constellation. He additionally clarifies the chronometry history, the affiliation the Constellation has with Gerald Génta, the absolute first CAD planned Constellations during the 1980s and we end with a little quiz.

Mandatory Wrist Check

As on each webcast we have, we share with our audience members what we’re wearing at the hour of the web recording. As far as I might be concerned, it was my Omega Globemaster in Sedna gold (appeared to be a fitting choice).

Petros Protopapas didn’t have a Constellation close by, yet a Seamaster 300 all things considered — a vintage one, obviously. Out of sight, you can see the CAD drawing of the Omega Constellation Manhattan. Indeed, the principal Omega at any point to be planned utilizing a CAD solution.

Constellation Contest

During the webcast, we talk about the 8 stars working on it back of the Omega Constellation replica magic We remembered a little test for this web recording, and ask you for what valid reason there are 8 stars on the emblem on the Constellation’s case back. Submit us your response (to ) and you can win a cool cost offered by Omega’s Brand Heritage department.

We trust you will appreciate the digital recording and we might want to express gratitude toward Petros Protopapas for being on it. Ideally, more scenes with him will follow!