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Pita Oceana – the ultimate dive watch

Water protection from 5000 meters. A watch fit for this can undoubtedly be known as a definitive jump watch. Pita, an inventive Spanish watch brand, made this extreme plunge watch. The Pita Oceana.

Pita Barcelona is Aniceto Jiménez Pita’s watch brand. Furthermore, think about where he’s from…. Aniceto Pita (1947) is a self-trained watchmaker who has been enthusiastic about watches since his youth. At age 11 he made his first check and in 1971 he opened his first check shop in Barcelona. Beginning in 1990 Aniceto began developping his own time setting system (Pita-TSM), which was protected in 2003.

In 2004 Aniceto Pita was acknowledged as applicant of the AHCI and in 2006 he was acknowledged as a full part. Being an autonomous watchmaker is about hand making extraordinary watches; therefore Aniceto offers customization, giving opportunity of decision in each component of the watch, to convey unique timepieces.

Every creation by Pita has its very own allure and is made with an interesting reason, going from the Carousel where the entire development turns in its own pivot to read a clock, to the 5000m water safe Oceana jump watch with two licensed systems.

Water obstruction is most impacted by the shaky areas of the watch case, similar to the crown, caseback and precious stone. These case components make possible holes and are generally gotten by elastic o-rings. Assume there’s no caseback or crown. That watch is the Pita Oceana. By utilizing two licensed frameworks, Pita makes a water-section free case.

The two licensed frameworks are the Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism) and Pita-RT (Remote Transmission). In the video Aniceto Pita clarifies what his objective was and how he did it. The video is in Spanish, yet it has English captions 🙂

Without crown and caseback, the Pita Oceana offers water protection from 5,000 meters! The 43mm case has a 9.8mm thick gem that is focused for the situation without seals, so no maintance! The pivoting bezel has 120 ticks or positions to monitor the plunging time.

Furthermore the star-formed second hand is a chronomatic profundity meter. A what… indeed, it’s a depthmeter. The focuses have various tones. Submerged a few tones can’t be perceived from a specific profundity. So dependent on the shading you can’t see any longer you can assess the depth.

Inside the Pita-003 development is the pulsating heart. It’s a vigorously changed ETA-2678, highlighting the two licensed frameworks, to permit setting time submerged. Indeed indeed… setting time submerged! With these sort of particulars I think it’s reasonable for say the Pita Oceana is a definitive plunge watch.

The Pita Oceana comes in treated steel, titanium, 18ct. gold or platinum. I’m uncertain about whether the dark is PVD or DLC, however I simply love this watch in dark. Doesn’t it look great?