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Patek Philippe 5164a Aquanaut Travel Time Watch

Crisis. A Patek Philippe butterfly catch is covered with hairline scratches. Was it my doing? Warily, I understand that it was given to me in this condition. I wind up torn between a sensation of stun and joy. A similar catch is worth in excess of a top piece or two in my own assortment, but then it is damaged. Yet, for what reason does this fill me with satisfaction? Have I lost my marbles? Is it fun at others’ expense? Or on the other hand is it something else…

This is the first occasion when I’ve taken care of this puzzle of a games replica magic on an elastic lash that goes for €50-60,000 Euros used, or new following a long term trust that your nearby AD will get one in stock, and, as far as I might be concerned, it’s an earth shattering occasion.

The event was made even more groundbreaking by the surprising acknowledgment that accompanied it. The raison d’être for a games travel replica magic is the same whether it’s a Seiko or a Patek . Capacity. Not speculation, but rather function.

Honesty first. I, in the same way as other of you, appreciate articles on replica magic appreciated and utilized as apparatuses and love the scratched-to-hellfire vintage Subs accomplishing galactic costs under the Sothebys hammer. At the same time, be that as it may, I’m frightened to take out my Grand Seiko without shirt sleeve assurance and a residue material in my front pocket…

That uncomfortable inconsistency is no more.

A watch

This scratched Patek Philippe 5164a changed my discernment. An immense number of Patek Philippe replica magic never see wrist time. Safe sovereigns, speculation pieces, family heirlooms… You name it. It’s a travesty. Timekeeping is the motivation behind a Patek Philippe. Furthermore, these replica magic have the right to be worn.

It isn’t a work of art or a sacred charm. It is nevertheless a replica magic — an absolutely practical item. Quit shaking your head. It’s valid. You may have been molded through long periods of promoting that it is something else — something eliminated from reality. In any case, it isn’t. It is, truth be told, an extremely helpful tool.

The Aquanaut tells the time in double cross zones. That, in itself, is the same old thing. The technique utilized, be that as it may, is rather extraordinary. More unique actually is the comfort of this thing on the wrist.

The proprietor is a fruitful financial specialist and continuous explorer with an objective of completing all the significant long distance race runs of the world from Chicago to Berlin. The Aquanaut consistently accompanies him on his excursions. Therefore, the simple to-utilize timezone work winds up called upon frequently. This replica magic is utilized as it was expected to be utilized. Justifiably, at that point, it gives indications of wear. Also, for some instinctive explanation, that makes me happy.

I thought about this as I bumbled with an elastic lash that costs equivalent to my BMW…


The first thing that strikes me is the comfort of this Patek. It quantifies a close ideal 40.8mm across. It weighs under 100 grams. Also, shockingly given the development, stands under 11mm tall on the wrist. Also, it is strongly nitty gritty, oddly comfortable, and, might I venture to say it, tough sports replica magic The elastic lash — or Composite as Patek calls it — is enjoyably malleable. Whenever it has been sliced to the suitable length it is not difficult to slip on and off the wrist.

It would be considerably more comfortable without the complex butterfly catch. However, this is a Patek Philippe all things considered. It wouldn’t be directly without one. What’s more, to the extent fastens of this sort go, it is very level. This lash is effectively outstanding amongst other elastic ties I’ve had on my arm. It is engraved with a comparative blocky mathematical example as the dial and semi scalloped on the back to improve comfort and wind stream. The catch is perfectly made. A spring-stacked delivery gives the impression of solidarity and dependability. That’s precisely what you need from a catch accused of keeping a large portion of 100 k on your wrist all through the day… The case state of the 5164a is critical to its comfort. However, it is its completing that truly separates it from other brands…


The Patek Philippe Aquanaut flips the typical language of sports replica magic plan around with brushed case sides and the cleaned haul tops. With a couple of scratches and stamps, it has obviously been utilized for its expected reason at this point actually plays with the light perfectly. Never have I seen straighter more ideal even brushing on a case side. The Aquanaut has a well honed cleaned slope on the bezel. This sort of completing is just conceivable following quite a while of committed preparing. Close to the cleaned and very much watched screw-in Crown with the evenly laced logo sits a recessed catch to set the date (showed by means of the 6 o’clock sub-dial. On the left-hand side there is an alluring difference between the cleaned and adjusted pushers used to control the timezone work. So how would they work?

24-Hour Traveler

Imagine flying across a time region or two from, say, Paris to London. After landing, keep your eyes fixed onto the hour hand and push the top or base left side pusher. Presto ! the hour hand hops an hour back or ahead — uncovering a spooky skeletonized additional hour hand that stays still at your home time. Basic, yet splendid. The now noticeable home time hand is fitted a trifle underneath the hour hand, so the dial stays cleaned up when not voyaging. Furthermore, that’s not all.

Next to 9 and 3, there are gently removed windows with the sharp markings of LOCAL and HOME. These are day/night pointers that, with beguiling straightforwardness, turn from a dim naval force blue to white through the 24-hour cycle, demonstrating day or night. This successfully gives both the movement and home time sign full 24-hour readability initially. Indeed, the cost of this straightforwardness is as yet a generous speculation for simple humans, and you can contend that a sunlight based G-Shock has travel time (and in any event, lighting) for a couple of euros less. However, this is an exceptional thing. As a matter of fact getting the opportunity to feel it chipping away at your wrist makes all the difference…

Dial color

The dial is a sensitive dim earthy colored shading that changes with the light. A capturing geosphere design becomes the dominant focal point. It is rehashed on the 6 o’clock sub-dial. While we every now and again talk about the stylish requirement for date windows, here very nearly 33% of the dial land is saved for the date.

The lists are white gold. They are loaded up with a liberal measure of Super-Luminova. The equivalent goes for the white gold Arabic numerals. Albeit the skeletonized hand is lacquered white the white gold hour and moment hands are two sharp swords loaded up with splendid lume underlining the accentuation on neatness and an energetic vibe. A sharp needle hand deals with the seconds, while a cleaned sub-dial pointer handles the date sign. It is occupied. in any case, it is flawlessly fresh. Everything amounts to a profoundly intelligible dial with soul.

A motivation to be

Raison d’être immovably settled it is difficult to disregard the way that a reasonable not many of these dwell in glass-fronted cupboards similar to gallery pieces and do just drive up costs, or, more regrettable, invest their energy secured away a dull protected behind a work of art always failing to be utilized. That cuts me deep.

This is an extreme elastic lashed device replica magic and a magnificent companion while venturing to every part of the globe for business or delight. It has an exceptional wrist presence. Moreover, it feels extraordinary on the wrist. I had just experienced passionate feelings for before I made a decisive mistake. I turned it over…

The movement

This development is the programmed type 324 S C FUS. The completing is just about as sharp as you would expect in this 294 section 29 gem type, which some way or another figures out how to surpass assumptions. Côtes de Genève, anglage, and flawlessly recessed blued screws give a gala to the eyes. And keeping in mind that the 324 shows up simply conventional, it has current components. Patek Philippe’s own Gyromax equilibrium and Spiromax balance spring are utilized to make this escapement exceptionally proficient and reliable.


If you end up having the financial plan, travel broadly, and have a decent connection with your neighborhood Patek seller, I would positively recommend looking at the Aquanaut 5164a.

If you love the plan language of the Nautilus yet feel that it is all in all too dressy and maybe a touch overhyped, this is a Patek communicating in a similar language however in an inside and out calmer voice. For around €50,000, it very well may be yours… Learn more about the brand .