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Pairs Well With: Stowa Partitio White

The Stowa Partitio is one of those sleeper watches that, when taken in completely and appreciated, is not difficult to become fixated on. It’s barely noticeable or forget about it in the midst of Stowa’s other, all the more understand watches. The Antea specifically is a particularly fine illustration of a mid 30’s German plan that it takes the spotlight. All things considered, the Partitio is no less dazzling, however substantially more unobtrusive and calm. It’s a vintage styled three-hander with an exemplary plan that indicates WWII field watches, yet is more refined for formal wear. It rides the line among easygoing and dress making it appropriate for all events, and has a tranquil appeal that makes it overwhelming. At about $700 (w/o VAT) it’s a decent worth as well. There are two tones and two developments to browse, yet for my cash, I would go for the white dial with manual ETA 2801 development, for that vintage feel.

Today’s PWW plays off of the saved style of the Partitio, with some fall/winter garments that are prepared for the workplace, or a night out in Berlin.

1. Stowa Partitio White Manual

2. Wide Rib Cashmere Hat in Navy by J. Team

3. Harris Wharf Tweed Overcoat

4. Kent Wang White Poplin Shirt

5. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Compact Vest in Gray

6. Nightfall Blue Fleck Donegal Wool +  Cashmere Trousers by Brooklyn Tailors

7. Red Wing Postman Oxfords

Pairing by Ilya Ryvin, Words by Zach Weiss