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Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition Review

At the point when last we took a gander at an Oris, it was the lovely monster known as the Aquis Regulateur Der Meistertaucher . This strong titanium jumper intrigued with its interesting plan and faultless execution. At the point when I consider Oris, that is the kind of piece that comes to mind. Regardless of whether a cutting edge and progressed jumper, or a spotless and fresh pilot, the Oris’ that are most commonly seen are in the game assortment. Today, we’re going to investigate a watch that is totally different from that, flaunting the brand’s versatility.

The Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition was first presented at Basel two or three years prior that promptly grabbed our eye. As a component of their line of LE watches that are roused by well known Jazz artists, the Coltrane is a 50’s style dress watch with extremely unobtrusive clues at its supporter artist. The plan starts it motivation with Coltrane’s original collection, Blue Train, which was delivered in 1957, making way for the period for the aesthetic.

The configuration draws on exemplary plans from that time, blends in current execution befitting of an open extravagance brand like Oris, and a solitary reference to the artist. On the dial, the name “John Coltrane” isn’t decorated, nor is there a guilloche saxophone (I expectation such a ghastliness doesn’t exist), yet rather a blue train track file. That’s it. An elegant reference to the collection and nothing more.


As somebody who is ordinarily not an enthusiast of minister watches, this truly dazzled me. Here, they had all the chance to go over the edge, however didn’t. The actual watch is then insignificant and exquisite for certain highlights that are really perfect. It has a monstrous sapphire gem and is fueled by the Oris 733, which is a rebranded SW 200. The Coltrane is a restricted release of 1000 pieces and comes in at $2,200 MSRP.

Oris John Coltrane LE Review

Case: Steel Movement: Oris 733/Selitta SW-200 Dial: Black Lume: NA Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather Water Res.: 30m Dimensions: 38 x 44mm Thickness: 11.4mm Lug Width: 20 Crown: 6 x 3 mm Warranty: yes Price: $2,220


The instance of the Coltrane has vintage styling with completely present day execution and probably the coolest gem I’ve seen. Estimating 38 x 44 x 11.3mm (to the highest point of the significantly domed sapphire precious stone), the watch is appropriately measured to address vintage pieces and be fitting as a cutting edge dress watch. It additionally includes 20mm carries, which is somewhat more extensive than anticipated, giving the watch a marginally more extensive and more manly look.

The plan itself is straightforward and rich, with slim, shaping hauls and cleaned surfaces for what it’s worth. The crown on the right-side is pleasantly larger than average at 6mm, giving the watch a touch even more an energetic look. It’s likewise simple to get a handle on for hand-winding and setting the time. The genuine star of the case, however, is a sapphire crystal.

Standing a couple of millimeters tall, the sapphire has a lovely, sculptural shape that immediately addresses the acrylic box precious stones of the early-mid 20th century, and to Oris’ present day fabricating capacities. In contrast to most sapphires, this one has a moderately level top, with an expansive span shoulder that drops down a couple of millimeters and smoothly interfaces with the cases slight steel bezel. Where the precious stone bends, it mutilates the dial when seen at a low point and makes sensational reflections. However, if I somehow managed to complain, as a photographic artist, the vault makes it difficult to get an unmistakable shot, yet I want to live with that.

Flipping the watch over, the case-back is extremely controlled. It just highlights an Oris peak encompassing by different words and subtleties, including the quantity of the watch (for example 0138/1000). On one hand, its straightforwardness addresses vintage watches and keeping in mind that having the words “John Coltrane” doesn’t over do the association. On the other, it’s somewhat dull for a $2,200 watch, and Oris regularly shows of their developments, which may have been ideal to see here.


The dial of the Coltrane is straightforward, limited and easily cool. The surface is sparkle dark, which seems more obscure than matte blacks do. On top there is an essential record of dainty applied steel markers. They are negligible, yet neat, adding a little gleam to the dial. At 12, there is a twofold marker, and at 6 the marker is shortened to account for the date window. The date is introduced in white on dark, for a consistent look.

On the external edge of the dial is a blue train track record for the minutes/seconds. As said in the introduction, this is actually the lone Coltrane reference to be found on the watch, alluding to his exemplary collection, Blue Train. Viewing at it as a plan component, it’s an incredible expansion. The blue is interesting, adding an unforeseen measurement to the plan, while as yet being exceptionally controlled. In certain lights, the blue is overall quite splendid, and in others, practically not there at all.

Looking at it as a kind of perspective to John Coltrane, it’s cunning and professional. it probably won’t be perceived from the start, yet once the association is made, it bodes well. For the individuals who are Coltrane fans, it’s an almost undetectable token of the man and his music. For the individuals who are more inspired by the watch, it’s simple to simply appreciate the tone and design.

The dial itself likewise vaults somewhat, adjusting down at the edge, for a vintage “pie-pan” style. The arch adds some dimensionality to the dial, playing off of the domed precious stone. The moment and seconds hands are bended also, further underlining this. Both the moment and hour are dainty, cleaned steel sticks that tighten marginally, while the seconds hand is a hair slender wisp. All work with the style of the watch.

Straps and Wearability

The John Coltrane LE comes mounted to a 20mm dark cowhide lash with no sewing. It’s a really rich calfskin lash, with a full grain, overly clean wrapped edges and a sueded back. There is extravagant cushioning in it also, making it thicker than anticipated. The join free plan keeps it exemplary and downplayed, not detracting from the watch. It’s likewise exceptionally tightened, coming down to 16mm at the catch. In conclusion, the tie is fitted with a Bader style (same sort C Ward utilizes) deployant, which is exceptionally simple to open and close, and gives the watch an extremely spotless look on the wrist as it shrouds the tail underneath.

The Coltrane is a joy to wear. It’s completely measured sitting comfortably on top of the wrist. My wrist is 7″, and I figure it would handily fit wrists both more modest and bigger. 38mm likewise doesn’t feel or glance little in any capacity. It’s really a genuinely considerable watch, particularly given the additional range from the precious stone. The 20mm carries and lash add some mass too. Eventually, it has a vintage look yet an advanced and genuinely strong feel.

Watches this style are not difficult to pull off as dress/formal watches, yet in addition more business/easygoing. It’s wonderful with a dim or blue suit or coat and a white oxford, or with a sweater and a few pants. The trace of shading on the dial adds character and a tone one can play off, bringing out blues in other items.


As a spotless, vintage styled dress watch, the Oris John Coltrane is plentifully effective. It’s straightforward and forthright and gets the seemingly insignificant details right. The size is right on the money, the trace of blue is cool and the gem is superb. The way that it’s integrated with the artist John Coltrane is maintained as a mystery detail for the proprietor. One that they can impart to other people or save for themselves. As a festival of a craftsman, particularly one who is perished, Oris’ approach is aware, and doesn’t attempt to excessively utilize that person’s picture or name to decorate the watch. At the point when you consider present day “ambassador” watches that are commonly ostentatious and an affront to the eyes, the Coltrane shows how a brand with taste can move toward the topic.

So, there is a ton to like about the watch. The one downside, and allowed it’s a critical one, is the cost. At $2,200 MSRP, the Coltrane is somewhat expensive for what it is. Indeed, it’s executed just as one may at any point trust, however for a watch controlled by the Sellita SW-200, it’s costly. While it’s conceivable they are doing a few adjustments or adornments to the development, they don’t make that understood. When compared to the Hamilton Intra-Matic, which is very comparative yet at a large portion of the value, one starts to ask where the extra expense comes in. As a general rule, that’s an exceptionally complicated inquiry, however a central point is brand situating, Oris being a passage level extravagance brand, and the way that this is a restricted release. While I immovably accept that this watch would be fulfilling to the individuals who are not really Coltrane fans, I think the expense will most sound good to the individuals who truly need that aspect.