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Ophion 960 Review

In the realm of reasonable watches, there’s a ton of variety regarding plan and idea, giving us heaps of watches to be keen on, talk about and sporadically seek after for procurement. In any case, inside those watches, there is little variety in the mechanical developments driving them. Under $1,000 is overwhelmed by Seiko and Miyota these days with a periodic Swiss or Chinese contribution. More than $1,000 and you see the Swiss regulars, ETA and Sellita, with a periodic Soprod, and the uncommon in-house development. Nothing amiss with any of them, yet seeing similar developments again and again can get somewhat old, if just from my point of view as a reviewer.

So, when I heard that another brand called Ophion was utilizing a TechnoTime development I had never seen, I was quickly extremely energized. Based out of Spain, Ophion chose to truly accomplish something intriguing, producing their watch in Germany, utilizing a Swiss TechnoTime manual injury development with a 5-day power hold, and charging an amazing 1,305 Euros or about $1,430. Indeed, when I really first found out about these, I set up an article called Introducing the Ophion 960: Accessible Luxury Done Right which goes over the watch, brand and development a piece, however I realized I needed to get one in for a review.

That’s fine and dandy, yet you may be asking, who is TechnoTime and for what reason would it be advisable for me to mind? Situated in Switzerland, TechnoTime is an exceptionally little production of developments for certain great capacities. They aren’t a “clone” company, but instead one that makes their own types for brands searching for a genuine ETA elective. They likewise producer their own equilibrium springs, something few brands can do just as winders. Furthermore, when I say little, I truly would not joke about this. As per an article in Europastar from August of 2014, they had 25 representatives and make just 12,000 developments yearly (they additionally make 300,000 equilibrium jumps on different brands yearly). Compare that to Sellita’s 500 workers and 1.2 million developments (fabricated and additionally amassed) and you get the picture.

TechnoTime is a genuine bespoke producer and accordingly, isn’t one whose developments you regularly will discover in our value range. Indeed, as per a similar article, their developments start at 575 francs, making them significantly more costly than ETA, Sellita or Soprod 2824 reciprocals, and commonly more than Seiko or Miyota. In this way, you should mind on the grounds that the Ophion 960 offers you a chance to have something more intriguing, somewhat more “high-end” and a smidgen more lavish than expected, should you be keen on such things. Notwithstanding, with a 5-day power save, it’s worth making note of.

Of course, the development isn’t the lone superstar in the Ophion 960. The plan has a quick allure, with a saved stylish and a trace of vintage pizazz. It’s a basic looking watch initially, yet it’s loaded with little subtleties that make it stick out, considerably further belying its cost tag.


Ophion 960 Review

Case Polished Stainless Steel Movement TechnoTime TT 718 Dial Anthracite Gray Lume Yes Lens Domed Sapphire w/AR Strap Genuine Alligator Water Resistance 50m Dimensions 42.9 x 51.7mm Thickness 10.35mm Lug Width 22mm Crown 6.5 x 3.5 Warranty N/A Price $1400


With smooth, streaming lines and a slim profile, the case of the 960 is perfect and exquisite. The sides of the case and bezel are completely adjusted and cleaned, making a smooth generally speaking appearance. Sharp, close straight hauls stick out making contrast and adding a hint of manliness. It’s an alluring plan that is without a moment’s delay recognizable, yet not exactly standard. All things considered, the case is probably going to be the greatest and maybe just purpose of contention on the 960, because of its size. Coming in at 42.9 x 51.7 x 10.35mm with 22mm carries (to the highest point of the domed sapphire) it’s an enormous watch, particularly for the style. Neither vintage or dress watches are ordinarily this enormous, being generally comfortable around 38mm, causing the 960 to feel oversized.

That’s not to say unwearable or uncomfortable, a long way from it, however it’s unquestionably bigger than I would have liked. This is likely to some degree because of the size of the development. At 13.25 ligne, or about 30.4mm, wide, it has a similar breadth as a 7750, allowed it’s a lot more slender. All things considered, something more along the lines of 38mm ought to have been achievable.

With that out of the way… at 3 is an extremely decent looking crown that is such a crushed onion shape. It’s all adjusted, imitating the case, a few layers for something shockingly unpredictable. Estimating 6.5 x 3.5mm, it’s genuinely simple to handle and comfortable to turn, something you’ll be doing a great deal to wind the 120-hr development. The simply negative to be found is that the crown is unsigned. Not a piece bargain, however the external surface appears to be somewhat stripped, and they have a pleasant “O” based logo that would fit.

Flipping the watch over, you have a showcase case back with a wide window. Around the glass are different straightforward markings, with “Made in Germany” sticking out. In my psyche at any rate, watches that are made in Germany have a specific demeanor of value and exactness that, truly, Swiss watches at a similar cost don’t appear to have. Investigating the window you are treated with a perspective on the TechnoTime 718. It doesn’t resemble some other development you’ve seen, with peculiar, practically natural openings and huge plates. We’ll get more into the embellishment below.


The dial of the 960 is extremely basic, made intriguing through some sleek subtleties and extraordinary execution. The surface is a dazzling anthracite dim with a light metallic quality giving it more life than a basic dark field would. Adding to that, the surface vaults delicately, making an unpretentiously moving surface. The essential file comprises of long, yet slender tightening applied markers in cleaned steel. Their shape is rich and appealing, and keeping in mind that indicating vintage plans, have a more current shape. In light of the domed dial, they sit in an inquisitive way, calculating down towards the edge of the dial. It’s one of those little subtleties that adds some character to the stripped down plan. The cleaned finish of the markers additionally add a pleasant purpose of difference to the more glossy silk dial.

Between every marker are white lines for the moment/second. They are long and dainty, giving them a light quality. I very like how they are put, towards within the markers, instead of the external which would have been more common. Since they line up with the markers, they segment off an internal territory, which is utilized to introduce the brand name. The format is very much thought of, with every zone feeling perfectly, every marker sufficiently wide, each line simply long enough.

At a look, that is everything that matters. Basic and perfect, simply the manner in which we like it. Yet, there is really one more detail that is covered up from the outset. Along the edge of the dial is an extremely steep metal section ring with cap have all the earmarks of being meager white lines each hour, multiplying at 12. They nearly appear as though reflections from the markers, making them simple to disregard. Be that as it may, they are really lume lines, coming alive around evening time. It’s a cool application I haven’t seen previously, one that causes the watch to feel immovably from 2015.

The hour and moment hands are level dauphine style in cleaned steel with slim cuts of lume. The watch truly looks great around evening time with simply the lines on all fours ring gleaming. The dauphine style truly works with the watch, playing off of the more vintage components. The seconds hand is then a slim cleaned steel stay with a slight shape. It’s extremely straightforward however looks right. Both the seconds and minutes hands bend down at their tips, streaming over the dial. This is another inconspicuous detail that truly adds to the watch. It’s something small, something you presumably wouldn’t notice wasn’t there, however since they added it, it simply feels like a more complete idea and design.


The TechnoTime TT 718 is a manual injury type with 26 gems, hacking seconds, 120-hr power save and a recurrence of 28,800 bph. It additionally has a quickset date, however that isn’t being used on the Ophion 960. Being used, the watch has rich smooth winding and worked precisely. The improvement on the 718 is perfect and insignificant, obviously the brand’s style, with blued screws, cleaned, inclined edges, level sanded plates and equilibrium rooster, sun-blasting on the two huge barrels and preamble under the equilibrium. The level sanding, something we’ve seen on C. Wards SH21, is a work of art and downplayed sort of improvement. Undeniably less energizing than cote de Geneve, perlage or a portion of the other extravagant graining strategies, yet appealing. I’m certain individuals will complain that it’s under-brightened, however face to face, between the odd states of the openings, enormous 3/4 plate, and equilibrium turning ceaselessly, there is a lot to enjoy.

Movements like this are fascinating as, similar to I said previously, they give something else from the norm…but it’s to a great extent undetectable. By all accounts, you have a three hand watch with a smooth clearing seconds, same as you’d find on a 2824, SW200, A10, 9015, etc… The expanded force save, which is commonly more noteworthy than those different watches, tying the C. Ward SH21, simply implies you can be somewhat lazier about winding it, or take it off for a couple of days to discover it’s still all set. It’s a detail of comfort, and one I’m an aficionado of, however it’s not an energizing chime or whistle, at any rate without a force save marker to display it. Toward the day’s end, it’s similar to having a straightforward in-house development, like the Nomos Alpha. It’s not what it does, it’s that it’s there that matters.

Straps and Wearability

The 960 comes on a ravishing cognac earthy colored 22mm, tightening real Alligator tie. The style of the tie is in reality lively. It tightens 4mm, has an unpolished end and a significant measure of cushioning. This makes it hold facing the enormous case, yet in addition makes the watch maybe appear to be bigger and more rugged… in any case, it’s truly comfortable and very much made. More finished, the shading works consummately with the anthracite dial. Grays and medium browns go so well together, quickly making something exceptionally adapted. The solitary disadvantage of the tie is the clasp. It’s a fundamental thumbnail without branding.

As I said previously, this watch is large, greater than you need it to be for the style. In any case, with that reality acknowledged, it’s still truly charming to wear. What’s more, I truly wore it a lot, in spite of being somewhat put off from the outset. It’s not that 42.9 is actually that immense in the plan of things, it’s that on something so straightforward and rich with a major dial and a vintage vibe, it looks actually very enormous. Likewise, the carry to-haul is long enough that on my 7″ wrist, it looms over a piece. Somewhat more arch on the hauls would have assisted with that also. The slimness of the case, be that as it may, does some adjusting. At 8.85mm without the precious stone, it’s a thin watch that sits pleasant and low.

The look of the watch however does a ton to abrogate any issues. It’s exquisite. It’s so matter of actuality, and controlled, with the perfect measure of unessential subtleties, which are subtleties that lone a watch individual would appreciate. Things like the lume on the part ring, the bended hands, the domed crystal… and the development inside. They are just noticeable very close, and imperceivable to the individuals who don’t know to look. They simply add to the general allure and feeling of nature of the watch.

The dark of the dial is likewise completely adjusted. Hazier than mid dim, yet never to be mistaken for dark. With the steel from the hands, markers and case, you have a droning, metal range, that as a urbanite who wears a great deal of dark and dim, I can truly get behind. The styling of the watch fits be something more formal, while the size more easygoing. I discovered it functioned admirably with tweeds and denim..sort of easygoing office wear. On the off chance that you like to shake a bigger watch with a suit, on the earthy colored lash it would look incredible with a blue or dark wool.


There’s a great deal to say about the Ophion 960 , however to make a stride back and simply consider everything all in all briefly, it’s a noteworthy watch. For a first watch from an obscure brand they truly set out to accomplish a ton, and I think they nailed it. They made something beautiful, very much styled, all around made, remarkable, fabricated in Germany and figured out how to pack a cool and uncommon development inside. What’s more, they did the entirety of that for around $1400 dollars (and without kickstarter for a change). That’s a major accomplishment, and one that to me addresses a brand with vision. Not another me also brand or brand that’s simply attempting to jump on the watch train as it speeds along. No, Ophion understand what they are doing and I’m certain they will keep on intriguing us with new plans down the line. Ideally working with TechnoTime was a decent encounter and we’ll consider more to be developments as well.

The one proviso, the one thing that holds me back from saying it’s a 10/10 is the size… it’s just too huge. It’s unobtrusive watch taking all things together ways yet its sheer size. Yet, that’s an inclination thing too. I sure a lot of individuals will like it with no guarantees, and I’m sure the planners at Ophion should like it the manner in which it is as well. Eventually, it’s their tasteful vision, and their obligation to adhere to what they accept. I actually delighted in wearing in spite of my grumbling.

Anyway, if you’re searching for something shop, truly exceptionally alluring and has some horological hacks ticking endlessly inside, the Ophion 960 is a watch you ought to genuinely consider.