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One Lunar Year With A Seiko SBDC007 – Review

In Kurt Vonnegut’s epic, “Feline’s Cradle” he composed of a baffling substance “Ice 9” that could truth be told FREEZE any natural substance it came into contact with! A solitary atom of Ice 9 might have set off a chain response of chilly crystallization that would have finished all life on Earth! At the point when I purchased my Seiko SBDC007 it similarly affected my whole assortment! It froze them all in their tracks and delivered them useless!

At the beginning of the lunar year signifying the hour of the Dragon my family boarded a Boeing 777 headed for Singapore. (China can be altogether too bubbly during Chinese New Years! (Peruse as – LOUD!!!)). In Singapore we approached the errand of sourcing out the basics: cover – our standard room overlooking the marina got the job done! Food – there are sufficient VIP culinary experts in the Mall alone to keep us pleasantly took care of. Garments – shorts and shirts please – even in February, Singapore is bleeding hot! With the ‘needs’ covered we set out to cover the ‘needs’! My significant other and little girl are not difficult to look for. My girl is by and large appeased with a couple of toys. My better half is somewhat trickier – however excursions to Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Venetta and my old companions at Louis Vuitton checked all the crates for that piece of my rundown. Last up: ME! (What do you get for the person who has everything or potentially doesn’t need anything???).

I invested some energy looking around. I realized I didn’t need anything enormous or particularly unique. I took a gander at programmed chronographs, winnowing the competitors down to three – every one of them utilizing an ETA inferred development. (That is simply not unique by any means – is it?) Then I strolled to the Seiko Boutique on Biddeford Road… nourishment from heaven!

My eyes promptly focused on the SBDC007 “PROSPEX 200M Air Diver”. I had seen the watch on the interweb before – yet being a JDM (Japan Domestic Model) I’d never really seen one face to face. I held it for around 30 seconds and offered the retailer my Mastercard. What’s more, similar to another vignette from my life – I was enraptured by an excellent face and found a profound, profound love for the substance of the complete bundle/offering.

From the second the SBDC007 came into contact with my assortment as of recently no single watch I own has had the option to battle effectively with it for wrist time. It has, generally, murdered off my whole assortment in one quick chop!

Seiko? Indeed. Seiko.

First – for the unenlightened – some fundamental realities about Seiko (individuals from the ‘Class of Shadows’ can skirt this part!)

Seiko MEANS accuracy/craftsmanship (well Seikosha implies place of craftsmanship!) The Company was established in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori Tokyo’s Ginza. While acquiring praise locally, Seiko didn’t acquire complete consideration in the rest of the world when they presented what might now be named a ‘problematic advancement’ called the Astron in 1969.

The Astron was the principal commercially accessible quartz development watch – and it was an executioner! It without any help (triple handedly?) bankrupted and additionally made out of date practically the whole mechanical watchmaking industry! It would be too hard to even consider figuring the quantity of companies and mythical names that the Astron let go. It’s simpler to put it along these lines – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin endure. Nicholas Hayek Sr. amalgamated the excess negligible players under the umbrella framed by the Swatch Watch (itself a moderate quartz development watch!)… Several other companies made it – scarcely. What the Swiss could do unpredictably and decisively, the Japanese – lead by Seiko could accomplish MORE precisely and cheaply!

Further on, history is covered with selections of where Seiko (most likely experiencing fatigue) chose to blend things up again!

The first Automatic Chronograph? The renowned type 11 ? Or then again Zenith’s El Primero ? Well no. That was Seiko as well. [Word from the supervisor: I can’t help contradicting this statement] The Kinetic development presented in 1986. The Kinetic was a nervy wink to the programmed watch – having undifferentiated from parts – however a totally different outcome. Utilizing a rotor to control a development that took care of a capacitor, the Kinetic development had a quartz point of view. That is to say – accurate.

Next up, Spring Drive! Declared in 1997 the Spring Drive is for all intents and purposes all mechanical – up to the escapement! The escapement is an astounding combination of mechanical, attractive and quartz controllers. Signs of the Spring Drive development are the 72 hour power hold. It’s inconceivable exactness! (Who needs a nuclear clock when you have a Spring Drive?) And then there is that second-hand! I’ve gazed and I’ve gazed and I’ve gazed – yet I’ve never seen it skip, hop or knock once. It’s so smooth it can’t be mechanical – it must be natural!

Movement – Inner Beauty:

The SBDC007 highlights Seiko’s 6R15-01D0 development. The Japanese made 23 gem development runs at an easygoing 21,600 bph and offers manual twisting in the principal crown position, speedy setting date in the subsequent position and hacking for time setting in the third position. It has a 50-hour power save and generally runs around 4 seconds quick each day. The official numbers are a touch more moderate +25/ – 15 every day! (You are joking – right?) I’ve had a similar development in a Seiko Spirit (SARB023) that ran at around 1-2 seconds of the day quick and in a Seiko SBDC003 that ran around 7 seconds quick each day. This specific model runs around 4 seconds quick each day. I’ve not had any issues with the force save or with any timekeeping ‘anomalies’.

For me, this was one of the most grounded selling focuses while thinking about the acquisition of this watch. NOT on account of it’s exactness; since it was anything but an ETA determined development. No offense to the people pulling the strings at the Swatch Group – you realize you have me right where you need me! Be that as it may, once in a while I simply need something other than what’s expected. While the 2824-2 is a phenomenal workhorse development – it’s wherever these days. I realize that will undoubtedly change – yet for the time being it’s inescapable… not in the Seiko!

Dial – A Face Anybody could love!

The SBDC007 has a brother SBDC009. The SBDC009 has a shocking Orange dial. I selected SBDC007 with its level, dark dial. Composing this I can perceive how little content there is on the dial – four words on four lines:

“Seiko/Automatic/SCUBA/200m” That’s it.

The scholarly starkness leaves us to wonder about the dial markers and the hands. There are twofold altered triangles at 12, exceptionally huge round hour markers at 1,2, 4,5,7,8,10 and 11. There are two pentagonal monolith looking markers at 6 and 9 and an outlined date-window at 3 (The date wheel is dark on white.) What would i be able to say about Seiko Lumibrite that you might not have just heard? It’s simply breathtaking! In light it seems light green. In low-light circumstances it sparkles splendid green. It is overly simple on the eyes and goes on for a decent number of hours. This shouldn’t imply that that it’s obvious following a decent number of hours – the dial is still completely decipherable following a couple of long periods of dimness! Spectacular!

The same goes for the hands. The hour hand is a rather thickset looking twofold triangle that resembles a sharpened stone, the casing of the hand ‘plunges’ in reverse on the two sides of the tail making the hand seem somewhat like a pendulum. The hour hand is huge to such an extent that in obscurity it is effectively visible!

Same again goes for the moment hand which is a five pointed monolith shape, suggestive of the 6 and 9 hour markers. However, the hand is long and wide (and marginally adjusted). The general impact is to make it amazingly decipherable to peruse in light or dull. The used is a pleasantly completed stick hand with a largish stabilizer. Around 1/fifth the path during the time hand is a twofold fragmented figure that is more extensive at the top that it is at the base. The top is a pentagon and the base is a rhombus. They are simply enormous and unmistakable enough to safeguard that in obscurity you know precisely which hand you are looking at.

Case – Making a Case for Diashield Titanium:

The instance of the SBDC007 is a 42mm titanium case with a 120 snap, hour long graduated bezel. The bezel has a steel embed including longer markings on the 5’s and for the initial 15 minutes; however there are dabs for every one of the minutes from 16-59 and a transformed triangle with a radiant dab at an hour. The bezel is maybe the lone disappointment of the watch. The steel embed draws in scrapes, scratches and dings. The other side of the recommendation is that steel bezels are generally modest and bright to replace.

Worth referencing is that this case has a titanium screw-in style caseback. A portion of Seiko’s other more ‘modern’ plans include one piece cases, requiring eliminating the precious stone to get to the development. Call me straightforward – however that appears to be WAY too complex to ever be commonsense. I comprehend that it makes the cases ultra pressing factor safe, yet I can’t get my head around how troublesome it should make the assistance interaction! These are, all things considered, mechanical gadgets and they will require administration from time to time!

The by and large state of the 50mm long case is standard jumpers watch charge: that is to say that from the top, the sides of the case are adjusted and have incorporated the hauls into that bend. On the 6/9/12 side of the case there is one consistent compound bend. On the 12/3/6 side there is a delightful, Seiko checked screw-down crown, ensured by crown-monitors. The greater part of the aspects of the case are brushed in appearance, complemented by elegantly positioned cleaned titanium highlights. Other makers are getting some distance from such a thing – however the SBDC007 has penetrated carries. Again the business is beginning to peer down on penetrated hauls as rather de-classe. This will say a lot for how I am personally: I LOVE penetrated hauls. This watch has an exquisite arm band (more to come) however it likewise loans itself pleasantly to Seiko elastic lashes and NATO style ties. The bored carries take into consideration simple lash and arm band changes. Kudos!

Seiko professes to have treated the titanium of the case with a solidifying interaction called Diashield. Diashield should put forth the defense scratchproof. It does. I’ve worn this watch for some component of each and every day of the most recent 11 months and I would need to truly examine with a loupe to discover. Occasionally I run the watch under the tap and give it a brushing with an old toothbrush. When the watch dries it shows up EXACTLY a similar way it did on the day I removed it from the container! It just never looks drained or worn. It’s in every case essentially similarly as amusing to take a gander at as the first run through and in as much it never wears on you.

Bracelet – Pins and Needles So Far!

The SBDC007 has an all-strong wristband. The tops and bottoms of each connection are brushed and the sides are splendidly cleaned. The end-piece is 22mm wide and highlights a long focus interface. From the end-piece down the connections are offset so the however end of the accompanying connection gets to the past focus interface by means of pins. The connections tapper down to a pleasant 20mm at the clasp.

As is the situation with bored carries – the present status of the business is to believe that pins are some way or another substandard and let down the general appearance of the watch. Rolex was a pioneer in the utilization of screws for their wristbands. Omega utilized pins before, yet have received screws. I really lean toward screws for one explanation – when done effectively – a pin set arm band doesn’t come unraveled. I’ve had the screws come out of or release various occasions on my Rolex watches. Notwithstanding, I’ve never had a pin come out and had a wristband fail.

The catch is another territory where the SBDC007 shows it’s status. I’ve heard it said that the old-style Rolex flip-lock fasten was somewhat of a let-down considering the strong idea of the Rolex Oyster case. Rolex heard that and refreshed the catch to a strong solid lump of metal with no noticeable pins for changes. The Seiko fasten is somewhat of an idea in retrospect. It’s a collapsed style fasten, with a twofold sided catch to deliver the shrouded screw. Further there is a security system that fits over and around the catch. The fundamental part of the catch has four openings bored on either side for change through spring bars. The security end of the catch is fitted to an expansion (for a wetsuit I assume). The expansion covers up by collapsing over onto itself and afterward is gotten to the pin of the security fasten through a façade formed like the principle bit of the catch that ‘snares’ over the security pin.

It works. It manages job. It feels better and it never comes up short (it hasn’t got or caught in the 11 months I’ve been wearing the watch). However, I get the inclination that all the energy and fervor created toward the start of the plan period of the venture should have diminished there was something of a sections container attack for the catch component. Due to the Diashield treatment the appearance following 11 months is as yet great. I utilize one of those extravagant scratch pad computers that folds-up into a shape so little you can place it in an envelope and mail it to your closest companion in the event that you become ill and burnt out on it. The instance of the journal is all aluminum. That aluminum to watch blend has been the ruination of so many watch catches I can’t follow along. However, not the SBDC007. Run it under the sink and brush it with an old toothbrush and it looks display area new! I don’t know what sort of black magic Seiko are upto with this Diashield business – however I like it. I like it a ton. (I wish there were a spot I could take my OTHER titanium watches to have them treated!)

What’s in the Box? Figure out how to never pass judgment on a book by it’s cover!

The greatest setback of the SBDC007 has nothing to do with the watch or it’s exhibition. It has to do with the bundling! Call me ruined from the entirety of the Apple stuff I’ve purchased throughout the long term – however I truly hope for something else from bundling! Rolex do have their marvelous calfskin lined green boxes. Omega do have their case inside a crate with books and cards as an afterthought plan. The Seiko – which doesn’t cost anyplace approach the measure of a Submariner or even a Seamaster, yet does it need to come into the world in a cardboard box? The manual that you get isn’t substantially more complex than the one you get for a Seiko 5 (no dings on the ‘5’ it’s another religion watch that I revere!) There are no additional items or gifts. No lashes. No tie instruments… simply the crate, the pad and the manual – and that is it. Here’s the place where I should say “Goodness – however it’s a top notch box… ” It is – yet it’s cardboard. Toward the day’s end it is anything but a complete turnoff – yet it gives you the inclination that advertising isn’t HIGH on the rundown of needs for Seiko!

Would I Do It All Again?

Given the possibility – would I purchase the SBDC007 once more? Answer: NO! Not on the grounds that is anything but an exceptional watch – it is! I’d skip it since wearing the SBDC007 however much I do makes me miss all my Seamasters, SeaDwellers and Luminors! They are, presently everything of the past. The SeaDweller has a superior profundity rating (hint – I can’t swim – so who cares???). The Seamaster is only one of my #1 plans – however at 41mm it can’t actually compete with the 42mm SBDC007! The Luminor has been delivered a relic; a hold-over from when the portable radio was a household item and from when the ‘drones’ utilized for military missions were plainly the folks who scored LOWEST on the test! (“… take this torpedo and RIDE IT into the objective! You’ll likely pass on in the impact – so amazing good fortune karma!”… )


As I compose this I’m looking out the window at 8 creeps of day off… about Chinese New Years this year… my family basking in the sun on a tropical island for seven days! Whoopee! Santa Clause Claus regarded me this year as well! A Nasa guaranteed chronograph AND an Incredible Hulk!… however what will I take with me to the Islands??? Looking down at my wrist: Seiko time is 2:55pm!

This article is composed by Mario Squillacioti, contributing essayist for  Monochrome-Watches .