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On Kickstarter: Jacopo Dondi Watches

New brands are continually energizing to discover; hopefully they will have something unique and diverse to bring to the table that may not be seen somewhere else. Individuals behind Jacopo Dondi thought they had a unique plan for their first piece, and were very astonished to find that it had been around for quite a while. Having one hand to read a clock around a 24 hour dial is certainly not another advancement, yet it is additionally not a commonly seen plan for a watch. After some thought, the group concluded that while not new, it was adequately uncommon to proceed with their one gave 24 hour watch.

The name of the brand, Jacopo Dondi, comes from research the proprietors did into one gave watches. Jacopo de’Dondi was a check producer in the 1300’s who was commissioned to make a clock for the Torre Dell’Orologio in Italy. The first clock he assembled contained a one hand 24 hour dial plan. Today a copy of the clock, implicit 1423, actually remains in a similar spot as the first, which was annihilated in a fire.

The group behind Jacopo Dondi are trusting their independent watch will assist individuals with envisioning the time, however where they are in their day. The late morning point, 12 o’clock, is situated at the highest point of the dial as is common for customary 12 hour dials; obviously that places 12 PM at the lower part of the dial. Jacopo Dondi feels this is a characteristic stream for the dial and could have an inspiring impact. Reading a clock on the watch is a worked on errand: as opposed to down to the moment markers the time is stamped all the more nonchalantly in brief augmentations. The hours are shown by numerals 1 – 24 and markers for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 minutes past every hour. The brief markers are given more emphasis.

The Jacopo Dondi will come in a couple of various varieties all having similar specs. The dial is in one or the other white or dark and each can come on a cowhide tie or an elastic tie. The actual case is 316L treated steel with estimations of 42mm in width, 8 mm thick, 20mm drags and highlights a mineral precious stone. The development inside is the Swiss made Ronda 515.24h quartz movement.

The Jacopo Dondi Kickstarter is as of now running, set to end Friday, August twelfth, 2016 5:00 AM PDT. The objective the brand is looking for is $50,000 AUD ($37,362 USD). The cost to get into this one hand, 24 hour watch begins at $140 AUD; roughly $105 USD. You can see the Kickstarter lobby or the Jacopo Dondi site for extra information.