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Omega announces the first truly anti-magnetic watch movement

Today Omega reported a watch that is impervious to attractive fields more noteworthy than 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss)!! That’s a ton and any typical watch will stop quickly when presented to this degree of magnetism. For comparison, a watch is viewed as against attractive when it can withstand 60 Milgauss and the Rolex Milgauss is intended to withstand a magnetic transition thickness of 1,000 gauss. Omega’s new development can withstand 15,000 Gauss and they don’t depend on a soft-iron case, and discover the arrangement in the materials utilized for making the movement.

Time for some explanation! Gauss is the unit of an attractive field and is named after the German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss. Gauss is the “cgs unit” of attractive transition thickness in an attractive field and one gauss is characterized as one maxwell for every square centimeter.

This seems like jabber? I likewise needed to find it on Wikipedia ( check here ). It’s more functional to say that a little magnet produces around 100 Gauss. So an ordinary enemy of magentic watch, that ought to have the option to withstand an attractive motion of 60 Gauss, will quit working when you put that magnet on the watch.

Until now the best way to make a watch hostile to attractive, was to exemplify the development in a soft iron case. Soft-iron can withstand attractive fields and in the event that you make a case from this material it will work as a Faraday confine ( indeed, without a doubt, another connect to Wikipedia ). Renowned enemy of attractive watches like the Rolex Milgauss and the IWC Ingenieur  use a soft-iron case around the development. This works, anyway not to the tremendous attractive motion that Omega’s new development can withstand, and…. it makes the watch thicker!

Omega’s arrangement is in the utilization of chose non-ferrous materials in the actual development. The new development is the Omega Co-Axial type 8508 and several licenses are forthcoming for it.

During the public interview, the new development was inside this Seamaster Aqua Terra with a yellow/dark seconds hand and “15,000 Gauss” imprinted in yellow on the dial. Omega hopes to introduce the innovation at the Baselworld exchange reasonable April. The new development, type 8508, ought to be acquainted with the market in 2013.