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Nezumi Voiture Review

Vintage is dead, present day is the new vintage!.. Since I have your consideration, it’s no little mystery that vintage watches have a specific appeal and allure that is regularly ailing in current watches. From more unassuming estimating to more audacious plans to just more assortment in developments, the inventory of watches from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s are a secret stash of incredible watches. Also, everybody obviously knows this… Over the most recent couple of years the vintage market has blast, and numerous watches that were once realistic have become pieces to put something aside for, while the pieces we used to need to put something aside for have become far off. Furthermore, those that were far off?.. Well now they are currently stratospheric.

While it’s incredible to see a few watches get the credit they merit, and to realize that numerous authorities have watches that have acquired worth enormously, I can’t help however be frustrated in realizing that a few watches won’t simply ever elegance my assortment or my wrist. Regardless of whether this is on the grounds that they essentially cost excessively or on the grounds that they now don’t feel very great (for example $1,500 for a watch that was $600 every year prior) they result is the equivalent. I, and I’m sure a large number of you, don’t just by looks as ventures. We purchase watches to wear them and appreciate them, on the grounds that their feel appeal to us and they build up our own styles. The more significant a watch becomes, the less it’s about that satisfaction, to me at least.


So, what’s a gatherer to do? Indeed, it’s pretty self-evident, look to present day watches. As the vintage market blast, so has the pattern to follow the past and incorporate them into present day pieces. In the business everywhere, this has been piece by piece, with numerous a watch drawing near to that vintage fascinate, yet not exactly hitting it. Fortunately, miniature brands with their bolder plan choices and more noteworthy capacity to react to patterns have made incredible steps. Also, this carries me to the genuine subject of this survey, the Nezumi Voiture .

We previously presented Nezumi Studios simply a touch longer than a year prior, as they were planning to dispatch on kickstarter. Quick forward, they succeeded, and their first run of 350 watches, broken into 3 colorways, is everything except gone. The watch, the Voiture, had a prompt appeal to vintage chronograph appreciators. It addressed some exemplary plans, specifically that of the Omega Speedmaster and the Universal Geneve Compax, while as yet having its own style. It was estimated well for a cutting edge return at 40mm, highlighted the now-more normal Seiko Meca-Quartz VK63 development, a sapphire gem and an amazingly sensible sticker price. Presently, Nezumi is dispatching their second release of the Voiture, which incorporates some minor changes. The pre-request cost, including VAT, is 295 euros with a last cost of 395 euros, which come to about $260* $290 and $360 $400 w/o VAT respectively.

I’d been energetically anticipating the chance to give one a shot, so when the “blue” model showed up, I was exceptionally energized. The watch conveys from various perspectives, beginning with the packaging. Around the defensive internal box is a paper sleeve with a beautiful vintage styled delineation of the watch on a consumed orange foundation, inferring the crates of old Heuer. The actual watch is striking, genuinely bringing to mind a portion of my #1 vintage watches, without aping them or feeling derivative.


Nezumi Voiture Review

Case Steel Movement Seiko VK63 Dial Blue Lume Yes Lens Domed Sapphire Strap Leather Water Resistance 50M Dimensions 40 x 47mm Thickness 12.7mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Push/Pull Warranty Yes Price $360


The story begins with the case, which highlights many cool subtleties that suck you in. Coming in at 40 x 47 x 12.6mm (to the highest point of the domed sapphire), it’s an incredible size for a chronograph, new or old, with an outer tachymetre bezel. 40mm puts it between the UG Compax and an exemplary Speedy Pro. Having taken a stab at the UG Compax previously, they are very modest, which has its appeal, yet likely less mass allure. Speedies come in at 42mm, shockingly enormous for the era.

Looking starting from the top, a couple of things leap out. First is the wide tachy bezel, which includes an aluminum embed in a steel edge. I’m a sucker for outer tachys as they outwardly haul the dial out to the edge of the watch, making a by and large bolder plan. Next is the curving/bombé hauls, which give the entire case a feeling of movement and pressure. It’s like the bezel is pushing the steel of the mid-case until it turns over. Bending hauls are a lovely, sculptural detail that aren’t utilized regularly enough.

Looking at the case from the side, you improve feeling of the complexity of the plan just as the nature of the wrapping up. The case has been shrewdly said a final farewell to some solid undermines and lines where parts meet, which assists the case with appearing to be more slender. The bezel is especially dazzling. It’s a saucer shape with a tremendous undercut that unmistakably addresses the development of some vintage pieces. The supplement points up and streams into the domed sapphire, which has a to some degree more current feel to it, however polishes the case off nicely.

The mid-case is a board of metal that turns down toward the end making hauls. The upper edge has a wide chamfer, which twists over, making part of the turning impact. The case sides are brushed evenly with a marginally coarse grain which is differentiated by the cleaned chamfer. The alcove that is made within corner of the hauls by the curving plan is brushed also. At the cost, this play to and fro of completing is truly extraordinary, particularly since it’s well executed.

On the correct side of the case are pushers at 2 and 4 and a crown at three. The pushers are an exemplary plan with a wide chamber associating with a smaller one, not long prior to entering the case. The crown is then a straightforward push/pull plan with a toothed edge for hold and a Nezumi “N” logo on its external face. Flipping the watch over, you have a strong case back with a profound scratched territory including a few illustrations. On the second era form, this will be moulded.


The dial of Voiture intently pulls from the UG Compax watches, however has some exceptional turns that give it its own character. There are three models, two of the Panda assortment and the blue one seen here. I discovered this one especially engaging as the utilization of two, quieted blues is very one of a kind, and the utilization of shading, as a rule, was a touch seriously energizing. The principle surface comprises of a dim blue and light blue, both matte. Both have a desaturated, quiet quality to them, which is a pleasant difference from a portion of the stronger blue dials that have come out in the last not many years.

The lighter blue runs along the border of the dial and afterward confounds the focal point of the dial. This is an especially fascinating subtlety of the dial, as it addresses a portion of the more interesting chronograph plans, for example, the Bulova Surfboard or Yema Rallygraf, which had odd shapes associating the chronograph sub-dials. On the Voiture, the faceted hour-glass shape makes just about a cover across the dial, underscoring the sub-dials at 3 and 9. This realistic specifically gives the Voiture an alternate look and feel, holding it back from being a tribute to something explicit instead of an era.

Getting into the subtleties, on the dull blue region you’ll locate the essential record of little, however tall applied squares at the hour, save 3, 6 and 9. Every marker is cleaned and has a cream-hued lume filling that is marginally askew. On the light blue territory is a moment/chronograph seconds list comprising of consumed orange lines at time frames with grayish lines each moment/second and more modest liners per 1/fifth second. It has an exemplary hustling watch look that addresses Heuers too the Compaxes. The consumed orange utilized was an ideal decision. Frequently orange is utilized to be uproarious, however here it’s undeniably more inconspicuous, differentiating the blue without overwhelming it.

At 3, 6 and 9 are sub-dials for the 24-hr hand, dynamic seconds and hour long counter, individually. Clearly, this design varies from the vintage standards, which would have had a 30-minute counter and a 12-hour counter. The sub-dials show up profound, on the grounds that they are really a layer underneath the top surface, sandwich-dial style. This makes a sharp and sensational advance down that makes the sub-dials truly pop. Each sub-dial comprises of a grayish surface with a blend of dark markers and numerals, all surrounded with a dark line. They are cool looking, without a doubt, with a more strong interpretation of the sub-dial than what might have been found on vintage chronos.

On the dim blue surface is some content. At 12 is a Nezumi “N” logo, trailed by the brand name, “Stockholm Sweden” and afterward “Voiture”. It’s a nice measure of text, however the format and situating makes it work. Over the sub-seconds dial, in angling text opposite “Daytona” you have in orange “Mecha-Quarts”, indeed, there was a grammatical error at the production line, and they changed the z to a s. This caused a little mix, yet was overweighed by the way that it’s primarily unnoticeable and it doesn’t impact the actual watch. It’s additionally one of those subtleties that, while irritating when new, becomes a charming characteristic. In any case, it will be remedied on the second edition.

For the hour and moment hands, Nezumi went with straight square shapes with blended completing, that have a strong, intense look. The moment is long and the hour is short and somewhat more extensive, as normal. Both have cleaned lines and a lume strip down their focuses with matte on one or the other side. It’s a pleasant measure of itemizing that adds to their look, and indeed incredible to discover on a particularly moderate piece. The chronograph seconds hand is a dainty stick in consumed orange with a lumed precious stone toward one end and a Nezumi “N” logo as the stabilizer. Logos as stabilizers can in some cases be too luxurious, yet this didn’t trouble me. It’s extremely meager and doesn’t appear excessively decorative.

The sub-dials all component blocky blade hands. These are a pleasant takeoff from the standard, having a nearly pixelated look to them. Blade hands are by and large any straight hand with a sharp tip, yet these additionally have handles and monitors. Another great detail that adds to the watch’s personality.

One last thing; no date. There is no irritating date window slicing through some unacceptable spot, breaking the balance of the dial and intruding on the blue surface. I have a feeling that I’m continually rationalizing date windows or attempting to picture a watch without one… Nezumi more likely than not gotten the update that few out of every odd watch needs one.

Straps and Wearability

The Voiture first version came mounted to a 20mm dark cowhide lash with straight cut sides and a consistent shape that prompts a blunted tip. It’s about 3mm thick and made of apparently good calfskin. It’s not an awful tie by any stretch of the imagination, better than numerous I’ve seen on a watch under $500, however it’s not the most energizing thing on earth. All things considered, it looks fine with the watch. For the subsequent release, be that as it may, they are changing to a meeting lash, which is the undeniable right decision for a watch this style. The clasp here was likewise nonexclusive, however will be moved up to a hand craft as well.

If the Voiture is attractive on the table, it’s absolutely lovely on the wrist. This is the place where the entire vintage/current discussion comes back. In the event that you’re searching for a stylish over venture and provenance, yet need a decent watch, this takes care of business. I’ve worn the Voiture a lot and it’s awesome to wear. It’s measured and proportioned well overall. As I said, 40mm is an ideal measurement for a watch with an outer tachymeter bezel, as is compresses the dial a piece, causing the watch to seem more modest, while as yet having edge-to-edge illustrations for presence. In this example, it gives the perfect measure of land for the sub-dials to feel adjusted. Nothing is more terrible than when the sub-dials feel to near the focal point of a watch.

The 47mm carry to-drag at that point ensures it wears appropriate on top of the wrist, while the split up side causes it to appear to be more slender. Since it’s quartz, it’s additionally genuinely light, making everything around a truly comfortable and simple watch to wear. Tastefully, it gets across that vintage-cool that is immediately become less realistic from real vintage. The blend of shadings on the dial with the additional surface from the depressed sub-dials and applied markers blended in with the winding hauls and huge bezel… it gets it okay. It’s one of those watches you continue gazing at and playing with for the duration of the day. Furthermore, it looks astounding with pants, boots, etc… and could be spruced up or down inside cutoff. All around flexible and very stylish.


So definitely, I truly like the Nezumi Voiture . For individuals who are searching for vintage style without vintage costs, it’s truly outstanding to date. Furthermore, at the cost, around $260 $290 preordered, $360 $400 customary, it’s dumbfounding. It’s extraordinary looking and unmistakably not made of inventory parts, with completing and an overall degree of complexity that make it resemble a more costly piece. The more I consider everything, the crazier the cost appears, considering it has a domed sapphire too. This watch could without much of a stretch be $500 and I’d have a similar response to it. It’s the seemingly insignificant details that have a colossal effect and with the Voiture, it’s essentially great plan. From the extents to the dial tones, it’s all finessed spot on. Anticipating seeing what they have available for the future.

*updated with right USD evaluating w/o VAT