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New Year’s Resolution to Get Thin? Let Piaget Help: the Piaget Emperador Coussin Ultra-Thin Minute Repeater

At SIHH 2013, Piaget’s in-house developed minute repeater, their first minute repeater, made its debut.  Not just is it a first for Piaget, yet the watch holds two firsts in the watch world: thinnest development (4.8mm) and thinnest case (9.4mm). Let’s have a more intensive glance at the marvelous Piaget Emperador Coussin ultra-thin minute repeater.

That sort of thinness is attractive, super-model thin. This Emperador Coussin isn’t just a wonder, however gracious can she sing.  When it comes to New Year’s goals, fail to remember the gym.  Just lash on this eye popper, let the repeater celebrate the New Year and the majority will know, thin is in.  Given a portion of the wrist monsters out there, some may discover this offering a welcome relief.

In the Emperador Coussin family, we educated you regarding the Large Moon (860P type) and the XL Tourbillon (1270P type), and now we balance the ultra-thin conversation with the E.C. Programmed Minute Repeater (1290P caliber).  This new type depends on its archetype, the 1200P, the world’s thinnest programmed development found in the Altiplano.  In the 1290P, things have gotten significantly more modest for certain wheels estimating .12mm and other components estimating a simple .07mm.  Microscopic may be a superior word for the internal workings of this watch.

Such a thin watch brings about rethinking configuration to accommodate a development that fits the bends of the case so intently as to be unified with the case.  There is a platinum miniature rotor since platinum gives the best weight to estimate proportion for winding power.  The repeater slide gadget at nine o’clock slides downwards rather than upwards.  These mixes make for a smooth watch that fits nearly 407 sections inside the case.

Three years really taking shape, this completely in-house planned watch is gathered in two areas: the development is made at La Côte-aux-Fées, and the case is made at Arrangement Les-Ouates.  This is Piaget’s 4th significant complication out of exactly 35 in-house developments including 11 significant complications created in the last 14 years.  One model is the 600P type, the world’s thinnest hand-wound formed tourbillon, in the Gouverneur Tourbillon .  Piaget is one of a couple vertically coordinated, Haute Horology manufacturers.

A minute repeater’s sine qua non is its sound.  Some gongs sound too high like tin, and some so low as to be for all intents and purposes inaudible.  You will hear the Piaget.  If most discussion ranges in the 65 decibel range, the repeater estimates 64 decibels – a discussion accomplice indeed.  What will you hear?  Three basically symphonious partials struck by two steel hammers on a one piece gong.  A dormancy flywheel directs the musicality from start to finish.  The hours strike a G sharp, and the minutes hit A sharp, offering an on-request show with simply a push of the slide.

See and hear for yourself:

A ideal goal for 2013 is to buy Piaget’s Emperador Coussin Automatic Minute Repeater.