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New w&w Fall 2014 Straps

Perusers of worn&wound will know we’ve been occupied on the site for as long as a while. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, make certain to look at a portion of our new surveys and articles .  We’ve likewise been occupied in the background getting some extraordinary new items together, which we’re eager to report today – all gladly made in NYC. Fall is here, and we have a few new deliveries that will fit right in with the evolving season.

First up is the Model 1 – Olive , an update to our famous tie line. The Model 1 is a cutting edge, insignificant tie, including one line of sewing for every side, straight cut, completed edges and a solitary huge manager. The rich, oiled Chamois Horween calfskin utilized with the Model 1 – Olive has a profound, mottled natural green tone. We underlined this by utilizing a Russet guardian, earthy colored edges and sewing, working off of the common shades while making a range that will compliment your fall clothing. This tie will age wonderfully, acquiring a tough patina.

Model 1 – Olive ties are accessible today for $89

Next, we are exceptionally eager to offer two new shades of our Model 2 lashes, Olive  and Chestnut . The Model 2 was intended to be a straightforward, jazzy go-to tie for all seasons. It’s a 2-piece configuration made out of unlined Horween cowhide, cut with a slight shape. The edges are crude, allowing them to acquire a decent patina, and the bunches are hand-tied out of thick waxed material string for a sly, hand-made completion. We utilized both a fixed metal circle just as a wide cowhide band for attendants, making a tough detail that indicates military straps.

For our Olive Model 2, we’ve utilized a similar oiled Chamois Horween calfskin utilized with the Model 1 – Olive. In the mean time, the vegetable tanned Horween Essex calfskin picked for the Model 2 – Chestnut has a brilliant, and wonderful brilliant, tan tone, that will obscure with age. This shading sets consummately with the blues, greens and grays of harvest time. We emphasized the Chestnut with charcoal material string for a touch of contrast.

These two new Model 2 ties are accessible today for $59 

We are likewise glad to say that the entirety of our Model 2 lashes are currently accessible in 18mm (notwithstanding 20mm and 22mm as they were previously). This size has been mentioned A LOT since we delivered the Model 2, so we are extremely energized for this genuinely necessary update.

Last yet surely not least, we are adding another NYC NATO to our line in the well known shading previously seen with our Model 2s, Russet . The NYC NATO was our first item delivery, and its been a staple of our inventory from that point onward. NYC NATOs are an advanced interpretation of an exemplary style. The rough yet easygoing NYC NATO configuration is refreshed with top notch American cowhides and a refined feeling of style.

The matte, oiled Stampede Chromexcel calfskin picked for the NYC NATO Horween – Russet has a profound, natural earthy colored shading that will obscure and patina perfectly with wear.  We emphasized the Russet with charcoal string for a dull, blurred range that looks particularly great against titanium or a watch with some wear.

You can get a Russet NYC NATO today for $59