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New Voutilainen Twenty-8 with new in-house movement

Many watch fans have been sitting tight for this second. Kari Voutilainen discharges the Twenty-8 with his new in-house created and in-house made development, type 28.

Kari Voutlainen chose to plan his own new development, type 28, and the developments are additionally made in-house. At the point when I visited Kari Voutilainen the previous summer he showed me around and he has all the offices for doing as such. Considerably more, all dials are motor turned by hand in the workshop. This empowers each client to pick his own completing of the dial!

From the early introduction you may think this is a  Voutilainen Observatoire. The looks are very much like and it highlights commonplace tear drop carries. Anyway the case has a width of 39mm which is 1mm bigger than the Observatoire. Under the dial is the large oddity and the motivation behind why the breadth is marginally bigger!

The development has a unique escapement including not one, but rather two escapement wheels! These give direct drive to the equilibrium and this development requires no grease, which an enormous favorable position. The patent for this escapement is pending.

Both escapement wheels are provide driving forces in inverse guidance straightforwardly to adjust wheel, through the motivation gems mounted on equilibrium stuff. The switch in center holds the haggles them go in a steady progression, coordinated by balance wheel.

Also note the fine change of the equilibrium wheel, which has just four controller extenders. These are the four practically round parts on the equilibrium haggle there to control the beat rate.

All components are fabricated in the workshop, with the exception of the origin, the hairspring (to which he gives a Breguet overcoil) and the jewels!

All parts are hand completed to the most extensive level, something Kari Voutilainen is notable for among watch epicureans. This development is manufactured from German silver and wheels are produced using 18ct rose gold.

Like referenced previously, the case measurement is 39mm and it is accessible in red gold, white gold and platinum. The force save is 50 hours.

Price for the gold case variant is 72K CHF and platinum one is 81K CHF.

For more data you can visit the Voutilainen site .