May 19, 2021 0 Comments Replica Magic

New versions of Sarpaneva Korona K3 Northern Stars

After the new Korona K3 Northern Stars was introduced during Baselworld, Sarpaneva delivered a couple of new varieties. Essentially extraordinary to perceive how varieties in metal and dial  give the K3 Northern Stars all their own character, yet stay so unmistakable.

The moon is quite possibly the most wonderful and unmistakable highlights of Sarpaneva Watches. The discussion is as yet going on whether the moon like agry, flabbergasted, pitiful, grinning or highborn. One thing is for sure… it’s intriguing!

The new varieties of the Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars are essentially shocking and I’m flabbergasted to see that this watch can get such countless various styles by utilizing various metals for the case, moon and hands, diverse completion of the case and various shades of the dial.  Here are five distinctive options… which one would you choose?

The K3 Northern Stars with an electric blue dial in white gold case (or hardened steel) was at that point appeared at Baselworld. The following likewise comes in a white gold or tempered steel case, yet the dial isn’t dealt with and stays in its normal tone. The moon faces are in white gold. I love this version!

The following likewise has a white gold or tempered steel case, with the same metal dial, yet with rose gold moon faces and rose gold hands. Very elegant.

Another variety, not appeared at Baselworld comes in a dark DLC case. During Baselworld Sarpaneva showed a comparable adaptation with a dark dial , presently the dark DLC case comes with the electric blue dial.

And last, however certainly not least… the Korona K3 Northern Stars in a rose gold case, dark dial and hands  with rose gold moon faces.

Now there are six renditions show, four in this post and two in prior posts (see connects above) and I can envision a couple of more varieties. Anyway which one is your top choice? Is it previously appeared or would you favor various combinations of metals, colors, finish… Let us know!