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New Habring² Chronos ZM with Central Minute Counter

Habring² just released three new chronographs, all with a central minute hand counter. Possibly not one of a kind on the lookout, as we’ve seen this Clerc Hydroscaph Central Chronograph as of now, yet a decent turn of events and as I would like to think an advancement that improves the simple capacity of a chronograph.

Two of the three models measure 42 mm in width, the Chrono ZM and the Chrono COS ZM. COS represents Crown Operating System, which means this can be seen as a single-pusher (or mono poussoir) chronograph, albeit the crown should be turned rather than pushed to work the chronograph. That’s anothere highlight that I truly like!

The ZM expansion to the name mirrors the oddity on these models, in any event on the off chance that you know German. ZM represents “zentraler Minutenzähler” or focal moment counter in English. At the point when the chronograph isn’t initiated both the focal seconds hand and the moment counter hand are highlighting the 12 postision, with the moment counter being concealed under the seconds hand. Together these two hands permit you to emasure times up to 60 minutes.

The little sub dial on the left half of the dial is the customary running seconds hand. The dial is average for Habring², showing a very clean plan with stick markers for the hours. The center of the dial, that is brush finished, features Arabic numerals at the 12, 3 and 6 position and the brand’s name and country; this is no Swiss made watch, as Richard and Maria Habring are working in their workshop in Austria.

The third form is a single-pusher chronograph in 36 mm distance across, likewise including a focal moment hand counter for the chronograph. In contrast to the Chrono COS, this one has a genuine single-pusher or mono poussoir to activate all chronograph capacities (start, stop and reset).

Although the company’s own type A08MCOSZM depends on the wheel train of the ETA 7750, there are numerous in-house fabricated and adjusted parts. Key is, they share unwavering quality and simplicity of service.

The Chrono ZM in 42mm (2 pushers) and the ZM in 36mm (monopusher) are beginning at € 4,050 and the Chrono COS ZM is accessible for € 5,850 Euro. Magnificent incentive for money! 

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This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader manager for Monochrome Watches .