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New Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Chronograph

Girard-Perregaux just delivered another adaptation of the Vintage 1945 XXL Chronograph. The new form includes a 2-register chronograph bringing about an extremely adjusted and exquisite dial, deserving of an Art Deco recognition. With the Vintage 1945 assortment, Girard-Perregaux has changed Art Deco plan from the early 20th century to more current measurements. A significant part of the vintage looks and style remains, highlighting normal subtleties that can be found on vintage watches from that time. We compare the Vintage 1945 XXL Chronograph tri-compax with the new bi-compax for you.

With this new form, Girard-Perregaux proceeds with an unobtrusive update of the Vintage 1945 XXL assortment. We needed to take a second look to see those unpretentious contrasts, other than the undeniable change from 3-register chronograph to a 2-register chronograph and leaving out the date. At the point when we put the two form close to one another, the distinctions become very clear.

Left is the more seasoned model that is as yet in the flow assortment, on the privilege the new form. Let’s first glance at the case. The carries have been abbreviated, or remove a touch more. Other subtleties that have been changed are the chronograph pushers which have been abbreviated also and the crown is smaller.

The most clear changes are on the dial: leaving out the date and changing from a 3-register chronograph (tri-compax) to a 2-register chrono. Anyway there’s more. The railroad track has been moved from the dial’s focus to the outside, making the dial less jumbled. What I especially like is the new textual style of the numerals. The focal chronograph seconds hand, executed in blued steel, presently has a little pointed stabilizer and the Girard-Perregaux logo and name are currently fundamentally smaller.

Inside ticks the extremely lovely type GP03300-0064, which is obvious through the sapphire case-back, highlighting a gold swaying weight. The development beats at 4 Hz (28,800 vph), has 47 gems and has a force hold of at any rate 46 hours. The Vintage 1945 XXL Chronograph comes in pink gold or tempered steel and measures 36mm x 37mm and has a stature of 12.77mm.

For more data you can visit the Girard-Perregaux site .