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My Watch: the Enduring Simplicity of the Stowa Antea KS, and Why I Won’t Flip Mine Anytime Soon

At the point when I originally got into gathering watches, I was at first attracted to the sportier sort—primarily rough instrument jumpers and chronographs (one of my first enormous buys was a Sinn 756, which I expounded on here ). It wasn’t until a lot later that I started to value easier, dressier choices. At the point when I did, I understood rather rapidly that finding a contemporary dress watch (I didn’t dare to venture out into vintage at this time) that ticked all my boxes—and on a tight spending plan, no less—was a shockingly troublesome task.

For me, there’s next to no breathing space with regards to a dress watch. All the individual components of the plan must be perfect for the entire thing to work, in light of the fact that even the littlest off-putting subtlety can toss the whole plan messed up. Furthermore, what I ran over was for the most part that—watches that were nearly there, at the end of the day destroyed by a several millimeters or a lost date window. Enter the Stowa Antea Kleine Sekunde . At the point when I previously educated of this watch, I was at that point a devotee of Stowa. From what I read on various discussions, it was a cherished brand that punched well over its weight class. What’s more, as a devotee of pilot’s watches, I had my eye on a few of the Flieger models, however I never truly looked much past that assortment. With my chase for a dress watch, I arrived on the Antea range.

First, let’s get some foundation on the Antea. The Bauhaus plan of the line traces all the way back to the ‘30s and is, indeed, not interesting to Stowa (aficionados of the Nomos Tangente arrangement can bear witness to that). In 1937, A. Lange & Söhne (at that point called Lange Glashütte s/a) gave an early variation of the plan. Lange’s dials were fabricated by Pforzheim’s Weber & Baral, which offered to various different brands, among them Stowa. As indicated by Stowa’s history, they created a comparable watch in 1937. Records from the time show that Lange and Stowa were the first and third, separately, to purchase these dials from Weber & Baral, and an early model exists today in Stowa’s historical center. In 2004, Jörg Schauer took advantage of the brand’s history to present to us the Antea reissue. In spite of the fact that accessible in various arrangements, my most loved is no ifs, ands or buts the Antea KS, or little seconds, a watch that in my psyche rises above all trends.

This is a watch I looked into for worn&wound route back in 2013. The piece being referred to is from my own assortment, where it remains today. Being that I previously did a broad stall of the watch, I won’t get into any of the genuine bare essential here. No reason for reiterating similar contemplations. What I will do, notwithstanding, is examine my proprietorship experience and why this watch won’t be leaving my assortment whenever soon.

This past year I came into ownership of a Nomos Orion, a watch that I had been yearning for a long while now. It saw a great deal of wrist time in 2016, mostly because of the way that I was all the while appreciating the vacation period of possessing another watch, however more so in light of the fact that it’s simply a particularly simple watch to wear. As I’ve become less hyper in my gathering, I have seen that my preferences have refined toward an inclination for straightforwardness. Don’t misunderstand me, I actually love my assortment of Sinn chronographs and Seiko jumpers, yet I wind up wearing more modest, more slender dress watches all the more regularly these days. Why? Since they’re unassuming and infrequently draw consideration. They’re simple to wear and slide directly under a shirt sleeve (an abused purpose of recognition, I know, however one that’s exceptionally obvious). What’s more, in all honesty, there’s simply a degree of polish offered by a decent dress watch that can’t be coordinated by its sportier brethren. What do I do when I plan on accomplishing something physical? My Casio G-Shock is consistently prepared to report for duty.

With the Orion planted on my wrist, I started considering flipping the Antea KS. The assortment had by and by expanded a lot, and here I was with another watch, and one that was not all around very different from the Antea. I’ll reveal to you this; I verged on selling it. Be that as it may, here’s why I didn’t.

The Antea isn’t care for the Orion, regardless of what I composed previously. It has a harder quality—one that ties the watch straightforwardly to its mid 20th century Bauhaus roots—whereas the Orion feels more like a cutting edge creation. From the typography to the round and hollow case and rakish hauls, the Antea likewise flaunts a stylish that couple of different watches (and brands) can genuinely guarantee today. The best comparison that I can offer is the thing that jump watch gatherers focus on with regards to the subtleties of various Submariner references. To the layman, they’re all to a great extent the equivalent, yet the overlooked details are the main problem for those up to date. For myself, the Orion complements the Antea; it doesn’t supplant it.

Now, the inquiry I get posed to most is, “how does the Antea compare to the Nomos Tangente?” It’s an unavoidable inquiry with the two watches sharing an undeniable and common legacy. All things considered, I do feel the expectation fundamental that question is one that endeavors to accommodate the idea that the Antea may by one way or another be a compromise of sorts. Generally, “is the Antea a lesser watch?” Here’s my answer: Not to me, yet everything relies upon your priorities.

If an in-house development is basic to your determination interaction, at that point the decision is clear. As far as I might be concerned, be that as it may, the Peseux 7001 is a strong development and paying more to get a Tangente with an Alpha type just doesn’t add up, particularly if you’re working inside a spending plan. Also, the Alpha development, however obviously incredible, depends generally on the engineering of the 7001. You’re not kicking off something new here.

Furthermore, when you compare the general nature of the two watches, it’s practically difficult to say that one feels more considerable or preferred completed over the other. Both have top notch printed dials, and the two watches have rather basic cases as far as development and completing, so there’s no genuine purpose of separation there. Regardless of that, I do lean toward the dial plan of the Antea KS with its continuous Arabic hours file, while the Tangente’s dial configuration switches back and forth among numbers and hash marks.

I’ve flipped a parcel of watches since I started gathering, yet the Antea has been one of only a handful few constants in my watch box. Indeed, it’s sitting on my wrist as I compose this, and when I’m not wearing it, it’s regularly on the wrist of my significant other (better believe it, she takes a ton of my watches). I’m going to appreciate wearing this one for quite a long time to come.