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Montblanc Villeret Seconde Authentique and Villeret Seconde Authentique Diamonds

Montblanc has two watch produces; the production in Le Locle where (among others) the Nicolas Rieussec assortment and its in-house development is imagined. The other production is the previous Minerva fabricate, where time appears to run in a more slow speed and watches are still totally hand-made. 

It is this spot, the Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret, where the Collection Villeret 1858 discovers its cause. This year Montblanc presents two new models for women who need the best. What’s more, that is something that the watchmakers in Villeret are natural with.

First is a set his and hers or “pour elle & lui” which is restricted to 58 pieces and is just accessible as a set. Besides there is another restricted release of 58 pieces, anyway this is a precious stone set women watch. Every one of these watches, both of the set and the women model, are furnished with the delightful caliber MB M62.00, a physically twisted development with little seconds.

This development has demonstrated its benefits and is among the most wonderful made and completed developments available. Estimating 24 mm in measurement and 3.9 mm in stature, it is likely the littlest development coming from the Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret. All conceivable kinds of finish have been applied on the development; scaffolds and plates are Rhodium-plated German silver with either Côte de Genève striping or round grained, including hand-chamfered edges. The going train is gold-plated, round grained, chamfered or simply take a gander at the little bolt point at the swan-neck fine change, only one of many dazzling details!

Caliber MB M62.00 comprises of 162 individual pieces of which 19 gems (hemispherical, domed and olive-cut), beating at a lethargic 18.000 vibrations each hour (2,5 hertz) and when completely twisted it has 50 hours of self-rule. The huge fastened equilibrium estimates 9.7 mm breadth and gives 15 mg/cm2, which is an excellent mass proportion. The hair spring is made in-house (!!) and comes with a Phillips terminal curve.

If you like to propose to your future spouse in style or in the event that you need to reestablish your marital promises, a set like this not just looks great on the wrist. The showcase back shows the lovely development and the sublime hand-wrapping up. As the etching for the situation back edge clarifies “fait primary a Villeret” which means as much as “hand-made in Villeret”.

The restricted version set Villeret Seconde Authentique “Pour Elle & Lui” comes in 18K red gold; the gent’s model estimates 39 mm in breadth, while the women model estimates 36 mm, the two models measure 9.6 mm in tallness. The crown is obviously embellished with the Montblanc symbol in mother-of-pearl and the two dials are mother-of-pearl “marqueterie” with red gold inlays.

Besides the set, Montblanc additionally presented this women watch with a mother of pearl dial and a precious stone set bezel and crown. This stunning piece additionally quantifies a decent 36 mm in width and its tallness is simply under 10 mm. This model called Seconde Authentique Diamonds is set with 144 jewels on the bezel (absolute 0,93 ct) and 38 precious stones (complete 0,11 ct) in the crown.

For more data, kindly contact your neighborhood Montblanc approved vendor or Montblanc Boutique. On the Montblanc site ( click here ) you can discover your closest store or AD.

This article is composed by Frank Geelen,  executive  editor for Monochrome Watches .