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Montblanc The Beauty of a Second Contest

Do you need to win a Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph ? Sure you do! On the off chance that you enter the Montblanc ‘The Beauty of a Second’ challenge you can win that dazzling watch and an outing to the Berlin.

Your challenge is to make the most delightful one-second video or make the triumphant playlist! You can transfer up to 10 one-second recordings before January twentieth. The other alternative is to make the triumphant playlist, compiled of 2 to most extreme 60 seconds. Movie producer Wim Wenders will pick the victors from the 80 most casted a ballot recordings and playlists. Other than an excursion to Berlin you can win this…

This challenge is to commend the 190th commemoration of the chronograph’s creation by Nicolas Rieussec. The designer of the chronograph’s name is likewise the name of the chronograph that highlights Montblanc’s first in-house planned and made type. A year ago we looked into the Nicolas Rieussec Automatic Chronograph for you.

By the way, this year we will blog live from the Montblanc stand, so stay tuned for more!

Montblanc obviously began The Beauty of a Second, a short-film contest. Every second counts… and now much more express, by transferring your one-second video.  Here you can discover some motivation for you one-second video or for making a playlist. On this site you would already be able to discover compilations of the initial two rounds. The video beneath shows Wim Wenders, who shares his musings about The Beauty of a Second.

You can transfer you one-second recordings until January twentieth and you can make your compilation until February sixteenth. Peruse the sections of time or hold onto the second to compete – >