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Monochrome’s Tour de Suisse part 2

Monochrome’s Tour de Suisse proceeds with more visits and meeting with the best free watchmakers. Kari Voutilainen, De Bethune, MB&F, Hautlence, URWERK, Ladoire and MCT Watches. Also, intriguing blend of traditional watchmaking and steampunk plan.

In the next weeks I’ll compose substantially more about these visits, so stay tuned.

Visiting Kari Voutilainen was on my list of things to get for quite a while. To me his watches are the absolute best exemplary carefully assembled watches I have seen and his Observatoire is as I would like to think the ideal dress watch. Basic yet charming. We where appeared around in the wonderful house where the workshop and ateliers are also. There will be news however we simply need to stand by a piece longer… yet it’s well worth holding up for!

After the visit to Kari Voutilainen we crashed up into the mountains to visit De Bethune . Possibly this brand is the ideal switch over from the exemplary plan of Voutilainen’s watches to all that we will see the remainder of the week. De Bethune began with rather traditional planned watches, yet with something uncommon. What’s more, that something unique has developed to become a necessary piece of De Bethune’s plan and watchmaking workmanship. This for example is one the De Bethune DB12 RT that’s available to be purchased at a neighborhood watch store. Exemplary with a twist?

The next morning we were meeting with Max Busser of MB&F . MB&F as a youthful brand has made a movement that is practically unthinkable in watchmaking. Four whole assortments and some exceptional versions with more plan change than simply an alternate shade of the dial. This noteworthy accomplishment is a result of Max Busser’s vision and drive. Obviously he couldn’t do the entirety of this by itself so he had a little assistance from his companions (by one way or another this sentence makes me think about the Beatles). On the photograph beneath I’m wearing the HM4 Thunderbolt… doesn’t it look great!

The visit proceeded to Neuchâtel to meet with Guillaume Tetu of Hautlence . Hautlence as of late dispatched their HL2.0 which is an eminent watch with similarly heavenly looks and procedure. Hautlence makes excellent and phenomenal watches for a more drawn out time as of now. I can in any case saw the HL arrangement with television screen case interestingly, on the grounds that it was so not quite the same as all the other things I had seen until than. Here effectively a wristshot of the HL2.0… later more about this remarkable timepiece!

I should say my head was turning in the wake of seeing such countless lovely watches and this was not the finish of the tour… The following morning we met with Yacine of  URWERK to see the as of late delivered CC1 in black.

Than we met with Lionel Ladoire and Richard Piras of Ladoire . Ladoire is a moderately new brand situated in Geneva. The Ladoire Roller Guardian Time (RGT) is an intense assertion of how conventional watchmaking and out of control current plan can be blended. Simply look how the Ladoire RGT Black & Black look on Lionel’s wrist, showing the delightful RGT clasp V.1 on the other wrist.

And last however unquestionably not least, we met with MCT Watches . Denis Giguet, author of MCT Watches discussed the Sequential One, the new All Black and new watches that will be delivered. Again a moderately new watch brand and again a brand with an inventive drive that is simply spectacular.

My sincerest gratitude to Ian Skellern for getting sorted out the gatherings and allowing me to utilize a portion of his photos!