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Monochrome’s Top 10 Best Watches of the Year 2012 pleasantly with a shirt and coat. A brilliant watch for those who work together around the globe or travel for fun.

Montblanc TimeWalker TwinFly GreyTech

A watch that also established a long term connection is the Montblanc TimeWalker TwinFly GreyTech, a cool, contemporary, design that resembles the what tops off an already good thing assortment. This restricted release is sadly some 40% more expensive then the ordinary TimeWalker TwinFly, however it has THE looks!

On the other hand, the ‘regular’ TwinFly isn’t anything besides normal. It features an in-house created and produced development that is the first (and as far as I probably am aware the just) flyback chronograph including both a focal seconds and moment hand that fly back. Thus the name “TwinFly”. To peruse more about its extremely impressive specifications,  please check my hands-on survey here . Besides all that it’s a serious extraordinary blast for the buck!

Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Royal Oak 39 mm

The new version of the Royal Oak ref. 15202 with the dainty tapisserie dial that I love so a lot, is also one of my number one watches of 2012. Following seeing the new version ( see here ) I was so enthusiastic that I purchased a vintage Royal Oak ref. 5402st that visually comes closest to this new version.

AP also released a bigger version of the Royal Oak, measuring 41 mm in width, and another version of the Royal Oak Chronograph , anyway the new version of the so-called Jumbo is by a long shot my top pick and furthermore the new version of what Gerald Genta designed in 1972. A definitive extravagance sports watch in stainless steel. Useful for any occasion, dress or casual, and a pleasure to wear because of its sleek design and amazing wearability.

Biegert & Funk QlockTwo W

Yes, it’s a quartz watch. No, Monochrome usually NEVER covers anything with a battery. Yet, sometimes we need to make an exemption and in this case I simply can’t disregard the amazingly creativity of a wrist watch that tells time in words. What Biert & Funk accomplished with the QlockTwo W is that almost every watch journalist I spoke during Baselworld 2012  was talking about this very watch. That’s why I canvassed it in the first spot ( see here ) and that’s why I think that its one of the main 10 watches of 2012. Gosh… who might have imagined that I would select a quartz watch in my personal top 10…

Rolex Submariner No Date ref. 114060

Another odd piece in my Top 10 Best Watches of 2012, is the presence of a Rolex. On Monochrome we don’t cover Rolex as much as numerous other weblog do, however to be honest, the new Submariner No Date ref. 114060, or short Sub ND, looks rather appealing. It’s an incredibly, recognizable looking watch (hello, Rolex created this look) and with the chronometer confirmed development, as in the vintage Submariner ref. 5512, it also features the 4 lines of text between the focal point of the dial and the 6 o’clock position.

OK, it lacks a date and personally I lean toward a chronograph over some other complication. Besides that I think a worldtimer is by a wide margin the most helpful complication to have on your wrist watch, still, this new Sub ND is as I would see it a victor. Simple, tough, sporty and consistent with its origins. Never out of style.


Note from the editorLooking back at this Top 10 is somewhat abnormal for me. There are so numerous impressive, stunning, marvelous and simply beautiful watches that rung a bell, anyway I in this article I am restricted to 10 watches. Something worth being thankful for is that in reality all watches highlighted on Monochrome are important for my personal Top X watches, because it’s simple… on the off chance that I don’t like it, I don’t expound on it. The additional time I can spent on Monochrome, the more watches that can be covered. 

My objective for 2013, is to have the option to spent additional time on bringing you news, survey and interesting back ground stories about watches that matter! 

Happy new year to everybody of you and thank you for understanding Monochrome! It’s been a great year for Monochrome because we welcomed twofold the measure of readers compared to 2011 and acknowledged in excess of 2,5 million page views.

Wishing you the very best for 2013!


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