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Melbourne Sorrento Review

Melbourne watches has been discreetly seeking after their exceptional watches for a couple of years at this point. With the blast of microbrands, they have consistently figured out how to remain pertinent, delivering a rich line of watches with an eye for everyday watches that veer towards dress pieces. We’ve took a gander at a few, like their first, the Flinders, just as their especially professional Portsea models. Dependent on the marine chronometer idea, the Portsea blended a smart utilization of materials in with exemplary styling, making something very appealing.


Melbourne’s most current delivery, the Sorrento , draws on the achievement of the Portsea, taking the tasteful in an alternate, sportier bearing. Charged as a dress jumper, the Sorrento uses the layered, ceramic dial of the Portsea in a greater plunge case, making such a cross breed of the two ideas. It additionally includes an interestingly finished bezel, sapphire gem and Miyota 9015 development, making it balanced bundle at a MSRP of $830. *Please note the example surveyed and captured is a model with some wear and tear


Melbourne Sorrento Review

Case Stainless Steel Movement Miyota 9015 Dial Blue Lume Yes Lens Sapphire Strap Bracelet Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 42 x 49mm Thickness 14mm Lug Width 22mm Crown 6 x 4 screw down Warranty yes Price $830


Coming in at 42 x 49 x 14mm, the Sorrento is a stout plunge watch, however with not-insane measurements. 42 x 49mm is certainly wearable and doesn’t come across as large for big’s purpose. 14mm tall, then again, is unquestionably thick, giving the watch an unmistakeable instrument watch profile. Given the thickness, I would have anticipated a 500m+ rating, so the 200m, while absolutely useful for use, was somewhat amazing. From over, the plan is manly, with expansive carries that appear as though they can get hammered. On the correct side is a saved screw-down crown coming in at 6 x 4mm that is flanked by enormous, arcing crown monitors that add some mass and animosity to the in general package.

The bezel is a positive feature of the case and watch by and large. The supplement is made of engraved aluminum over a plated surface, giving it a touch of sandwich look. The etching is especially cool, adding a streaming surface of waves that you can in a real sense contact and feel. This isn’t something I’ve seen done before on bezel, however it has a specific Omega-ness to it, that said it’s an incredible detail for a miniature brand watch. The actual bezel is then very tall at almost 5mm in tallness, with enormous thick teeth for hold. It has a 120-click uni-directional component with great activity and minimal back-play.

The case includes a blend of getting done with the mid-case being altogether brushed and the bezel being cleaned. The additional gleam of light from the bezel goes to the “dress diver” idea of the watch. Flipping the watch over, you have a cool, profoundly stepped case back. We’ve seen this before on Melbourne’s watches, and it’s alway a welcome expansion. On the Sorrento you have a sculptural vintage diver’s head protector with a pebbled foundation. It looks incredible and unquestionably increases the value of the general view of the watch.


The dial draws from the Portsea assortment, making a more bound together tasteful across the brand, yet takes it in an alternate, sportier heading. The dial comprises of three layers, a base layer, a mid layer and a part ring. The base layer is dim blue and highlights a level line design that obviously infers some notable extravagance sport watches, yet with regards to this watch doesn’t feel like an aped detail. Truth be told, it functions admirably, adding a foundation of texture.

The next layer up is a fired ring on which you’ll locate the essential file. This comprises of three enormous square shapes at 3, 6 and 9, and little roundabout markers for the remainder of the hours, multiplying at twelve. The enormous square shapes are professional, with steel encompasses and lume filling. They really slice through the ring, proceeding in towards the focal point of the dial, which is an appealing subtlety. The little markers at that point show up practically like set stones with steel encompasses around white lume insides. I don’t love the delightful way they look, to be obtuse. They feel excessively little compared to the square shapes and do not have the intensity related with the plunge classification. Additionally, the region at 12 feels excessively vacant, throbbing for something on scale with the rectangles.

The last layer is the section ring, which comprises of white numerals and imprints on a blue surface. This functions admirably and adds some required liveliness to the dial. The three rings together, in addition to the markers, make a dial with a pleasant feeling of profundity and surface. It has a sculptural reasonableness that is a pleasant change for a jump watch. The example watch is unmistakably a dull blue, however I found the layers don’t very match. The fired ring specifically veers towards greenish blue. As a matter of fact, this is a model, so that may be fixed for production.

The hands of the Sorrento are one of a kind and fascinating. The hour and minutes are a strong, current style that are kind of final resting place molded. They are broadest at the focal hub, tightening back and forward, and highlighting faceted corners. They likewise have a cool blend of completes the process of, including matte sides with a cleaned strip down the middle. The seconds hand is then a stick with a lumed square and a “M” counterweight.

Straps and Wearability

The Sorrento comes on a 22mm steel wristband with a commonplace three-interface plan and strong endlinks. It’s a powerful wristband with a strong vibe, a slight tighten to 20mm, and a blend of brushed side and cleaned focus joins. Despite the fact that I don’t love cleaned joins on arm bands, as they can be somewhat tasteless, they do take care of into the cleaned bezel and add to the dress-jumper idea. In that capacity, it bodes well on the Sorrento, riding among tough and elegant.

On the wrist, the Sorrento wears better compared to anticipated. It sits comfortably on top of the wrist, not looking too enormous using any and all means. The 42mm breadth blended in with the wide drags makes for an extremely strong, manly watch. The stature is the place where it feels enormous. At 14mm, with an overstated bezel stature and chunk sides, it sits high, overshadowing your wrist. This isn’t unbelievable for a jump watch or device chronograph, yet given the dress-jumper idea, feels too enormous. With no guarantees, it’s not going to fit well under a shirt sleeve. All things considered, the Sorrento has a generally speaking engaging look, blending surfaces, profundity and shading. The bezel is especially enamoring, getting light curiously and having a genuine, material quality. It’s not a stylish one normally finds for a situation this size, so it stands out.


With the Sorrento , Melbourne has made an interesting watch that expands on the tasteful they made with the Portsea. The layered dial, finished bezel, utilization of intriguing materials and procedures gives the Sorrento an unmistakable look that addresses the brand. This I truly like. The Portsea watches were an exceptionally fruitful play on a marine style that has a mark look Melbourne can claim. It bodes well for them to use that tasteful in different lines, making a strong list of watches.

That said, the dress-jumper idea is an inquisitive one that I believe is difficult to pull off as a rule. It needs to offset size with stylish components, and stay consistent with two clashing ideas. Dress watches need to be little and downplayed, jump watches need to be bigger, and rough. Finding a center ground that works for, or as both is extreme as it’s a round of compromises. The Sorrento is one methodology, which takes an instrument watch measured jumper body and adds some rich components to make it dressier. Another methodology would have been to take a dressier body and add plunge components, similar to a bezel and bolder markers, and maybe forego a commonplace jump water obstruction. This may have been more effective tastefully in the end.

As is, the thing that you have is a watch for the individuals who need something greater and bolder with the stylish components of the Portsea, and as that the Sorrento is fruitful. Coming in around $830 MSRP, $605 pre-request (costs change contingent upon strength of USD) the Sorrento is on the high, yet at the same time worthy side for a Miyota 9015 controlled programmed. I realize individuals will differ since there are launched brands without any edges selling them for less, however as a general rule, that’s a reasonable cost. In this way, if you’ve been searching for a greater, sportier Melbourne, the Sorrento has you covered. It’s additionally accessible on the whole dark or white with a blue bezel, for more traditionalist options.