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MB&F Moonmachine – Max Busser and Stepan Sarpaneva join forces – LIVE photos

This is something that doesn’t happen to often… Two of my number one watch brands united. Max Busser welcomed Stepan Sarpaneva to make his adaptation of the MB&F Horological Machine 3 Frog, bringing about the Moonmachine!

Stepan Sarpaneva is notable for his unmistakable moon stage/face. It included on his Korona K3 Black Moon , can be respected on the Black Moon iPhone App and on a few of his more up to date models like the new Korona K3 Nothern Stars . Furthermore, Max Busser is obviously notable for his remarkable horological machines like the HM2 , HM3 and HM4 .

For perusers of Monochrome, Stepan Sarpaneva isn’t another name. Yet, a brisk presentation and some foundation information doesn’t harm:

The MB&F HM3 Frog ordinarily demonstrates hours, minutes and the date is shown around the hatchet formed rotor. The Moonmachine shows the moon stage in stead of the date and the rotor currently takes after the sky with Sarpaneva’s Norther Stars.

Sarpaneva’s three mark themes are for the most part heavenly: his extremely particular moon face; the northern stars and star groupings; and the commonplace state of his Korona case (the korona/crown is the plasma environment of the Sun). Every one of the three have been fused in Moonmachine. Sarpaneva’s two moon faces show the period of the moon through a Korona molded gap, while the secret winding rotor is really a 22k gold plate with laser-punctured stars shaping stars and heavenly bodies noticeable in the northern sky.

The stars are laser-pierced permitting light to reflect from the development under and are not just positioned indiscriminately: they structure the seven most splendid stars in Ursa Major, all the more commonly known as the Big Dipper/Big Plow/Big Bear, in addition to the seven most splendid stars of Ursa Minor, all the more commonly known as the Little Dipper/Little Bear, which incorporates Polaris, likewise known as the North star.

By covering the development with the moon stage and sky, the Moonmachines becomes more idyllic, as per Sarpaneva. The HM3 is changed into a fantasy. The bulbous minutes and hours sign arches of the Frog are suggestive of how sci-fi buffs have since quite a while ago envisioned tenable vaults on the Moon.

Rotating the enormous pointer arches represented various specialized difficulties. The vaults are machined from strong aluminum to a paper-slender divider thickness of simply 0.28 mm to lessen energy necessities to a flat out least. The semi-circular sapphire gem vaults need to be very carefully machined and cleaned as the smallest flaw would create unwanted amplification effects.

And the Frog’s abnormal strategy for showing time, implied that an entirely new gear train must be produced for the HM3 motor. This was on the grounds that the aluminum hour arch of the Frog turns in 12 hours compared to the 24-hour upheaval of the ‘normal’ HM3 hour hand.

Moonmachine is accessible in three restricted releases of 18 pieces every: red gold case with red gold moon faces in an anthracite sky, titanium case with white gold moon faces in a light blue sky and black titanium case with white gold moon faces in a dull blue sky.

And now the specialized specifications: 

Moon – While other planets have more moons (Jupiter has 62) and bigger moons (Saturn’s moon Titan is double the size of our own) the Earth’s moon is interesting in our close planetary system in light of the fact that at ¼ the size of Earth, it is exceptionally enormous comparable to its planet, which is the reason it is so influential.

  • Average distance from Earth: 390,000km
  • Traveling time from Earth: three days
  • Gravity: 1/sixth Earth gravity
  • Length of lunar day: 27.3 Earth days
  • The moon doesn’t pivot corresponding to the Earth
  • Influences on Earth: Causes two flowing cycles each day; often gives light around evening time; lunar cycle was one of the absolute first units of time; its gravity pulls in numerous meteors and stops them hitting Earth; balances out the slant of the Earth according to the sun.

Oeps… those were some unacceptable specialized specifications. Below the video are the particulars of the Moonmachine!

Moonmachine – Technical Specifications

Moonmachine depends on an exceptionally arranged HM3 Frog and the moon complication was envisioned, planned and made by Stepan Sarpaneva. It is accessible in three restricted releases of 18 pieces each.

  • Movement: three-dimensional horological motor planned by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor
  • Powered by a Girard-Perregaux base, adjusted by Stepan Sarpaneva
  • Balance swaying at 28,800 bph.
  • PVD covered and star-penetrated 22k gold programmed winding rotor
  • Hour and minutes data communicated through ceramic metal balls to turning domes.
  • Number of gems: 36
  • Number of components: 319


  • Hour on one arch (aluminum vault pivoting in 12 hours)
  • Minutes on second vault (aluminum arch turning in 60 minutes)
  • Moon stage showed by double moons pivoting under a Korona ring
  • Dimensions (elite of crown and carries): 47mm x 50mm x 19mm
  • Number of case components: 55
  • Sapphire precious stones: vaults and both showcase backs with against intelligent treatment on both faces

Swiss retail cost is CHF 84,000 preceding tax.

For more data about the Moonmachine and other MB&F Horlogical Machines, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the MB&F site or official MB&F Facebook page .

More data about Sarpaneva’s watches can be found on the Sarpaneva Watches site and a few updates are ferquently posted on his official Facebook page .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader editorial manager of Monochrome Watches .