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Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-Rotor explained and a new prototype

Last year we began with the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Double Spiral as our first Weekly Watch Photo and now we’d love to show you a restricted version Tourbillon Double Spiral and news about enhancements for the development of the Galet Micro Rotor. 

As an extraordinary request for a client, Laurent Ferrier made a variant of the Tourbillon Double Spiral in red gold with applied red gold Roman numerals. Rather than the white polish dial or the dark onyx dial, this restricted release includes a record dim dial. In 2010 Laurent Ferrier was granted Best Men’s Watch in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève .

After a unique adaptation of the Tourbillon Double Spiral, the Tourbillon Double Spiral Secret, that was dispatched end of 2010, a completely new model was dispatched toward the start of 2011. This new form was the Galet Micro-Rotor and offers a programmed development with a miniature rotor as force source.

The case includes similar esthetics as the instance of the Tourbillon Double Spiral, and furthermore shares a similar ball-formed winding-crown and ‘assegai-shaped’ hour and moment hands, and a mallet type seconds hand. The instance of the Galet Micro-Rotor estimates 40 mm in distance across and is 10.7 mm thick.

The distinction (at any rate outwardly) is the dial. No white veneer or dark onyx dial, but the Galet Micro-Rotor is accessible with a silver or record dim dial, adorned with a vertical silk brushed completion and applied hour indices . All together an extraordinarily rich and downplayed stylish, exemplary dress watch. As I would like to think its plan is an ideal differentiation with what’s ‘under the hood’. There we discover a wonderfully made and in fact fascinating mechanical movement.

Let first investigate the development and its unpredictable magnificence. The finishing of the development is done in the best watchmaking customs, by hand of course!

  • Bridges are done with Côtes de Genève stripes
  • Mainplate is done with round graining
  • Flanks of scaffolds are beveled
  • Wheel spokes are beveled
  • Screw heads are polished
  • Interior points of the equilibrium rooster are inclined and polished
  • Micro-rotor connect is bevelend and polished

The development is twisted with a miniature rotor, something esteemed by authorities, since it makes it conceivable to lessen the thickness of the development. Normally a miniature rotor is less proficient with regards to twisting and by and large, a miniature rotor needs twice as much rotations  (300 versus 150) for one complete turn of the wrench wheel. This is on the grounds that a miniature rotor has a lower idleness than a full rotor. Laurent Ferrier found the arrangement in expanding the effectiveness of the escapement by 33% and consequently his miniature rotor needs just 200 pivot for a full turn of the wrench wheel.

How did Laurent Ferrier increment the proficiency in the escapement?

What is a “double immediate drive on the balance”?

Here’s a similitude to clarify the double immediate drive by comparing it with a swing. With a detent escapement you push the swing once and you stand by until it skips back to give it the following impulse. With the double immediate motivation escapement you push the swing and another individual inverse pushes it back on his side.

Another approach to improve the proficiency in the development, and make it conceivable that this miniature rotor needs just 200 pivots in comparison to other miniature rotors that need 300 revolutions, is an efficient winding framework where the ‘noisy’ metal ball framework has been supplanted by a more conventional horological component with pawls. The miniature rotor is fitted with a unidirectional-winding gold swaying weight.

=> Did you realize that a wavering weight that breezes unidirectional, is more productive than a swaying weight that breezes bi-directional. 

The winding rotor is fixed directly between the mainplate and its miniature rotor connect, to guarantee most extreme dependability compared with a traditional miniature rotor. Furthermore the stun security framework utilizes the standard of the quiet alliance: the miniature rotor is mounted on its hub between two O-rings. Additionally the twisting of  main spring barrel is streamlined similarly, anyway it is mounted on rubies. On account of all these proficiency gauges, the physically wound development has a force save of 80 hours.

When I visited Laurent Ferrier in his atelier in Geneva as of late, he showed me a model with a silver dial with vertical glossy silk brushed completion and red gold hour markers and hands. It looks extraordinary, giving the watch an additional exemplary touch. What do you think?

The Galet Micro-Rotor is accessible in white or red gold at a cost of 49’000 CHF.

More data can be found by means of the Laurent Ferrier site .