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Last Rolex Deep Sea Jacques Piccard on auction

In January 2010 it’s 50 years prior that Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard set another world record with his submarine Trieste. On account of this jubileum, a restricted to 86 pieces exceptional release of the Rolex Deep Sea-Dweller, the Rolex Deep Sea – Jacques Piccard Edition additionally called the Single Red Deep Sea, was made. It sold out inside a couple weeks.

Since all watches have sold, this is the absolute last opportunity to purchase the last one. Number 60 of 86 is presently up for sale at Christie’s Important Watches’ closeout, held in the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Genève, Switzerland, at November 16th.

Earlier I previously published content to a blog about this exceptionally intriguing undertaking of two Dutch watch authorities. Philipp Stahl of Steiner in Maastricht and Jerrel Manbodh of Manbodh Watches in The Hague made the conceivable this Single Red Deep Sea possible.

The last Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea Jacques Piccard Edition will be up for sale accompanied with a marked photograph of Jacques Piccard, a unique version of the book ‘Fundamentally des Mers en Bathyscape’ from Professor Auguste Piccard dating from 1954 and a unique release of the book ‘Seven Miles Down’ from Jacques Piccard and Robert Dietz dating from 1961.

Since the Single Red Deep Sea sold out extremely quick, it’s effectively a gatherers thing. To make this last one considerably more collectable, there one all the more additional thing remembered for this sale. A unique encompass that Jacques Piccard took with him in the batiscaphe Trieste. This unique wrap was stepped and endorsed for by Jacques Piccard in 1960.

Here’s a connect to the watch at Christie’s and if you’re consider offering it tends to be done online too. Also, one more wrist shot with Philipp Stahl’s Sea-Dweller Deep Sea Piccard Edition on my wrist. Obviously I couldn’t oppose 🙂

Lovely isn’t it….