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Konstantin Chaykin’s unique view on time

St. Petersburg’s Konstantin Chaykin’s brand name gloves could cover the hands of a performer or a craftsman or a creator… or perhaps every one of them wrapped-up into one?  Let’s see!

There is a tremendous and noteworthy rundown of Russian masters who have added to the universe of human expressions and humanities. There are names like Prokofiev, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, who composed excellent and testing music! There are names like Horowitz and Ashkenazy who PERFORMED those difficult works. There are names like Chagall, Guro and Kandinsky who painted moving and complex themes. There are names like Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Nabokov and Solzhenitsyn who utilized words to show us new universes and better approaches for thinking. Presently there is another name to add to that rundown. A virtuoso who utilizes his hands to compose testing and delightful horological works of art – his name is Konstantin Chaykin.

I met Chaykin at the AHCI appearing in Shanghai this previous October. While we couldn’t communicate straightforwardly without the guide of translators – unfortunately my Russian isn’t exactly up to similar level as his English – I could tell that he is an exceptionally modest person. In any case, WHY?  Chaykin doesn’t simply take a gander at watches in an unexpected way – he takes a gander at time itself in an unexpected way! Since setting out all alone in 2003, Chaykin has pioneered a path creating fine and lovely watches in a country that has been referred to generally as a shopper of very good quality horology! The sign of three of his significant plans are that every one of them present time in an absolutely special manner – every more in fact testing than the next!

The Lunokhod model, named for the Soviet Moon Rover is from the start an astounding looking, modern watch. The 50mm watch, formed to give proper respect to the wanderer it is named for, was appeared at the 2011 Basel reasonable. The Lunokhod utilizes a unimaginably cool material called ‘Wootz’ steel – which looks somewhat unpredictable on a superficial level is utilized to imitate the damaged surface of the Earth’s dance partner.

By building a moving, blinking eye-top over a 12mm Wootz steel circle, Chaykin impeccably copies the fluctuating of the Moon three dimensionally!  You can in a real sense envision the divine body illuminating as it the Sun’s center enlightens each half in turn. This is a gigantic takeoff from the standard lunar circles that have turned around dials for quite a long time, showing the surly confronted Man on the Moon as he went from unrefined sickle to half to full phase.

Oh, before it slips my mind, there is additionally a 24-hour twofold retrograde time show! For me the feature is the utilization of a little sun and moon as time pointers. As the light hours blur, the moon pointer takes unmistakable quality and as the night offers path to the sunrise, the sun shows up again to check the time! It is an incredibly, expressive method of portraying a watch – however it is an extremely, melodious watch! Indeed, even the manner in which the hours are set out around the lunar circle is reminiscent of a magnificent dawn over an overshadowing planetary object!

The Levitas assortment features another type of Chaykin’s virtuoso – scaled down movements!  The principal thing you notice when you see the Levitas is that the hands are drifting in a void. The dial is straightforward – that isn’t new – there have been tickers and watches with straightforward dials previously. What’s happening is the creative style in the general plan that discretely shows the time in an offset window looking through the watch.

By setting the showcase off aside, Chaykin is saying that the way that the dial is straightforward is NOT the key element.  Indeed that the time isn’t the key component. Look through the dial and through an opportunity to perceive what the key component truly is. (Clue – it’s the individual wearing the watch!)  A 44mm case is for the most part enormous enough for a watchmaker to make any sort of proclamation that they need – creative – innovative – whichever… the purpose of the 44mm Levitas is that the ‘situation’, anyway finely itemized, should simply be a focal point to concentrate on what we use time for.

The most recent bunny to spring from Chaykin’s cap is the Quartime!  Once again – an absolutely new glance at time! Since the principal sundials, time has been a round item. 12 Hours for AM and afterward again for PM or 24 hours, dials consistently portray the day, be it in equal parts or in general a similar way. Things being what they are, the reason not portray the day as we truly identify with it?  Is 10AM actually ‘equivalent to’ 10PM? (No, scarcely!) So for what reason do we treat them a similar path on the dial???

Chaykin’s Quartime separates the day into 4 separate portions and tells the time as far as day or night as well as far as morning, evening, evening and night!  Morning starts at 6(AM) and closes at 11(AM). Evening then scales 12(PM) to 5(PM). Night gets comfortable somewhere in the range of 6(PM) and 11(PM), after which night continues it’s hold over us all of us 12(AM) until the finish of the 5(AM) cycle!  It’s virtuoso! It helps me to remember Alain Silberstein’s portrayal of the times of the week with outward appearances; it shows us that each different fragment of the day is distinctive just like our relationship to that specific time.

I was adequately blessed to be one of the primary individuals to see this system direct in Shanghai – what an advantage! From the external it has the entirety of the attributes of a traditionally styled dress watch; 40mm case in valuable metal. The clous de Paris guilloche dial has blued hands and plated diagrams for every one of the different windows. The development is done in Côtes de Genève design. From a distance it very well may be some other high horology dress watch. Yet, then you hold it and you see the dial and understand that this is something else – something extraordinary! It’s a generally basic ‘turn’ on the hour of day – however a significant one. It’s like Konstantin Chaykin has utilized his mastery and his keenness to completely rewrite time with only six numbers! I’m glad to consider this man my companion and I am in every case acutely anticipating his next masterpiece!

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit Konstantin Chaykin’s site here .

This article is composed by Mario Squillacioti, contributing essayist for  Monochrome-Watches .