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Kees Engelbarts – unique hand-made watches

Kees Engelbarts is a Dutch hand-etcher, who makes remarkable hand made watches. He uses an antiquated Japanese procedure called “MOKUME GANE”, which in a real sense implies “wood grain metal”. Simply investigate the astonishing dials on his watches.

Since he had been etching dials, development and cases for a few top of the line Swiss watch brands he felt the time had come to make his own watches. In 1997 Kees Engelbarts began making his own watches.

Kees makes a couple of pieces each year, for which he for the most part uses new old stock developments from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. His dial… unadulterated workmanship. Whether the dial is engraved or includes the craft of Mokume Gane . Kees does something amazing for the dial, yet additionally the development and hands.

I’m completely overwhelmed with the staggering excellence of Kees’s watches, anyway I understand i’m just looking at photos. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see a couple of Kees’s watches very close. Since web doesn’t satisfy these cravings i’ll show a couple of more watches 😀

Here is the Jumping Hours Dragon. It has a strong 18Kt. pink gold instance of 42mm in measurement and just 11mm thick. Through the sapphire gem (against reflection covering on different sides) the strong Mokume Gane dial and hands can be appreciated. The dragon theme is hand engraved obviously. Oooh… and if you’re intrigued, this magnificence additionally tells the time.

Inside ticks a vintage A.Schild type 2072 with 21,600 beat each hour. Like with all n.o.s. developments, Kees saves an extra development for parts, so adjusting won’t ever be a problem.

OK… one more… the Mokume Gane Unicorn. The 42mm case is made of strong 950 platinum. Under the bended sapphire gem is the Mokume Gane dial of white gold and silver, completely hand engraved. The hands are hand made of turned Mokume Gane in a similar style as the corn of the unicorn.

Through the straightforward case back with sapphire precious stone the development can be seen. It’s an extremely uncommon vintage manual injury Universal Caliber 1200 with 17 gems. The development is likewise embellished with Mokume Gane (white gold and silver).