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Kees Engelbarts newest Pièce Unique

Kees Engelbarts just showed me his most recent piece of workmanship, that I need to impart to you. His etching has arrived at a degree of wonderful craftsman craftsmanship that appears to be unmatched in the watch industry.

His great etching, as could be found in the Dragon Gate Watch and the Tourbillon Dragon , effectively highlighted in our Weekly Watch Photo previously. Kees Also did a stunning ‘Aquarius’ etching for Dutch watch brand Christiaan van der Klaauw. Kees Engelbarts’ most current ‘intuitive art’ piece has a dial made of oxidized Damast steel. However, let’s see first we take a gander at the back…

The platinum case has a width of 42 mm and measures 11 mm in stature. Both in the front and the back is a sapphire precious stone with against intelligent treatment on the two sides, that permits you to completely appreciate the superb etching/forming work of Kees.

The development Kees utilized is a Technotime type 718, with 2 heart barrels giving approximately 120 hours of force hold. It is really a comparative development, albeit not a programmed but rather a physically twisted variant, as Peter Speake-Marin utilizes in his most current Piccadilly Serpent . On the photograph beneath you can see the two fountainhead barrels held set up by two X-formed scaffolds and on the left you can see the equilibrium wheel.

When I got some information about his most recent watch, he disclosed to me he didn’t have a particular drawings or plan, which he generally has prior to beginning to process a development. Possibly that’s the explanation this piece novel doesn’t have a name. Kees disclosed to me that he instinctively processed out the development, taking extraordinary consideration that the movement’s uprightness and strength aren’t compromised. He adored working on the development along these lines and it seemed like carving.

From the front you can see a significant number of the movement’s parts, including the two origin barrels, the equilibrium haggle gears. What’s more, obviously the leftover pieces of the principle plate and extensions. The dial is made of oxidized Damast steel and due to the oxidation it hued blue, violet and even yellow. Under various points or diverse light, it can even appear as though how a treated steel fumes of a games vehicle that has seen some activity, can change in color.

The hands are blued (obviously no blue painted hands) and all etching, processing and completing is finished by hand. Etching a development like this costs a ton of time. It’s hard to precisely decide how long has been spent on all the work, yet it’s protected to say that Kees has worked many, numerous weeks on this piece.

The result is a development that has been processed and engraved as far as possible, leaving a little piece of mechanical workmanship left. It would appear that a metal fantasy and when you begin looking at it all the more intently, there are in every case new shapes that draw consideration and never stop to amaze.

You can get more data by means of Kees Engelbarts’ site . All photographs are made by Guy Lucas De Peslouan.

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader proofreader for Monochrome Watches .