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Introducing w&w’s Four Newest Contributors!

A couple of months prior, we put a call out for new benefactors. The reaction was, basically, overpowering, and we imply that in the best way that could be available. We got many entries from individuals all over the world and from all strolls of life—from bookkeepers and specialists to columnists and cops. Despite age, calling, or area, there was one completely evident commonality among each one of the individuals who applied—an unbridled love and appreciation for watches. We can wholeheartedly say it was a joy to experience the entirety of your entries, and we’d like to by and by thank every individual who took the time and exertion to apply.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go with everybody (wish we could), yet we limited it down to four astounding individuals who will help bring more incredible watch content to worn&wound and to our crowd. We’re eager to present the four newest individuals from the worn&wound family!

Christian Alexandersen

Christian found his affection for watches around a similar time he found he could earn enough to pay the rent as an author. An honor winning columnist, Christian has covered everything from official missions to princess casual get-togethers. Now, he combines his energy for vintage watches with his enthusiasm for composing. Christian lives and works out of focal Pennsylvania.

ZQ Chia

ZQ’s a fanatic Seiko darling, a fixation initially started by the acquisition of a Seiko Orange Monster, the first 7S exemplary. ZQ still can’t seem to get himself away from the Seiko bunny opening, fiddling with both vintage and present day, yet his adoration reaches out to watches, everything being equal. This isn’t ZQ’s initial attack into the expounding on watches, and he’s eager to carry his bank of knowledge to worn&wound. ZQ presently dwells in Singapore with his family.

Hung Doan

As a gatherer who spent too much during the heavenly dotcom 1.0 days, Hung gained a sizable assortment of Swiss watches. Now wedded with two children and a home loan, his watch tastes and pursuits are more practical. His different advantages include plan history, technology, and gathering Star Wars Action figures. He carries a prepared point of view to the worn&wound group. Hung grew up and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Blake Z. Rong

Hailing from the center shoreline of Austin, Texas, Blake Z. Rong is an independent essayist, specialist, once digital recording host, and periodic car writer. At the point when he was 13, he dismantled a quartz watch and failed to remember how to assemble it back once more. His affection for watches has waited from that point forward. He can typically be found on his cruiser speeding across Texas Hill Country.